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Memorial Day

Memorial Day in USA is a special national holiday event. CHECKED INTO THE ENTIRE MILITARY MAY EVERY DAY. This day is dedicated to those US servicemen, who are apt for the software, for the support of the service and for the rest of the conflict in the United States and for other conflicts, for the protection to the questions for the questions for the questions for the Mary and for the mar. But not all know the history of the emergence of this holiday.

The day of commemoration of the fledgling of the Civil War in the United States and in fact was consecrated only to the confederates of the contingent of the troops, who were crushed by war. Then the holiday was another name - the Day of Decoration, because on this day it was taken to decorate the mercenaries of florists with flowers and flames. Memorial Day was called in 1866. First days of commemoration were officially marked in the small town of Battalion (New York) on May 5, 1866.

The place was not chosen by chance. The building of the general daily rally on the advance of the mighty warriors. This day was an official non-working day, therefore the introduction of the holiday was not distracted in ordinary life. However, with the time of the holiday, the festival was very popular and even family-friendly. On May 5, 1868, the day was officially called for by the General Secretary John Logom, the Commander of the Central Asia and the Republic. It was marked Z0 May 1868 by the repulsing of colors on the trunk of the Union and Confederate soldiers on Aplington's national secretary.