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  • MaxMoxie Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Humane Mice Control Newest Electronic Insect Repellent Easiest Way to Reject Rodent Bed Bug Mosquito Fly Cockroach Spider Rat Home Animal No Kill Plug in 2 Pack

    MaxMoxie is the perfect Pest Repeller for Home Pest Control: simple to use and safe around family and most reject household pets: no messy traps to empty, no disease-ridden dead rodents to dispose. Just plug it in - effectively chases away pests in home or office. Effective on rodent pests like mice and also insects like spiders, ants and cockroaches. Safe for use around children and pets such as cats, dogs, birds and fish. It's kinder than mouse traps, safer than poisons, and there are no dead rodents to dispose of so it minimizes human contact with mice, rats, and other disease-bearing pest. Use anywhere pests are seen. Ideal for basements, garages, attics, crawl spaces, barns, sheds. Covers average size rooms; use more units for large spaces. Pest Control Ultrasonic Repellent Week1: qui... [Read More]
    Best Way To Kill Rats Outside

    • ASIN: B079J32ZRH
    • UPC: 669591153696
    • ASIN: B079J32ZRH
    • Brand: MaxMoxie
    • Size: 2 Pack
    • Manufacturer: MaxMoxie

  • Ortho Snake B Gon Snake Repellent Granules, 2-Pound (Not Sold in AK)

    Prevent snakes from entering, nesting and foraging in your yard and garden areas with the long‐lasting, easy‐to‐use, no‐stink formula in Ortho Snake B Gon Snake Repellent Granules. The rain resistant formula is safe for use around people, plants, and pets when used as directed. Re‐apply as needed, or approximately every 30 days.
    Best Way To Kill Rats Outside

    • ASIN: B009QAPKL4
    • UPC: 716080053682
    • ASIN: B009QAPKL4
    • Brand: Ortho
    • Size: 2 LB
    • Manufacturer: Ortho

  • CLEANRTH CR008 Advanced Ultrasonic Rodent Repelling System | Superior Rodent Repeller

    Looking for a simple, easy-to-use electronic rodent repeller that is unmatched for rodent control for your house or business? EASY TO USE The Cleanrth Advanced Rodent Repeller simply plugs into any 120v outlet and immediately begins electronic rodent repelling with its unmatched High Intensity Ultrasonic Generating Technology. DEEP PENETRATION The Digitally Processed electromagnetic waves generated by this device automatically go deep into the walls throughout your home or office. These electromagnetic waves cause slight vibrations that disturb the communication and living of pests, irritate their nervous system, and ultimately drive them away. UNMATCHED RODENT CONTROL Our Turbulent Storm Technique makes each speaker emit ultrasonic sounds at a different set frequency. This improved acoust... [Read More]
    Best Way To Kill Rats Outside

    • ASIN: B01D3S2YW2
    • UPC: 728028398779
    • ASIN: B01D3S2YW2
    • Brand: CLEANRTH
    • Manufacturer: Cleanrth Products

  • Peppermint Spray Oil Use to Naturally Repel Mice, Ants, Spiders, Mosquitoes, Roaches and Other Insects; 8.2oz

    100% PURE PEPPERMINT ESSENTIAL OIL Includes One, 8.2oz PET Plastic Bottle with 1 Trigger Sprayer and Travel Cap. IMPORTANT: This Peppermint oil ships 100% pure. To avoid skin irritation, we strongly suggest diluting your oil for all external skin applications using the 2% dilution guideline; which is 2% of pure peppermint oil to 98% carrier oil, or about 12 drops of peppermint oil to 1 oz of carrier oil. For other than external skin applications (i.e. bug sprays), we recommend a 50/50% dilution.A safe and natural repellent to many home invading insects such as ants, spiders, scorpions, mice, mosquitoes, etc. (EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE).CAUTIONS: Do not apply to or near the face of infants, children and elderly. Avoid during pregnancy.This oil ships 100% pure; to avoid skin irritation & sensitiza... [Read More]
    Best Way To Kill Rats Outside

    • ASIN: B0771QK6D5
    • UPC: 728072517409
    • ASIN: B0771QK6D5
    • Brand: Natura Bona
    • Size: 8.2 Oz
    • Manufacturer: Natura Bona

  • JT Eaton 709-PN Bait Block Rodenticide Anticoagulant Bait, Peanut Butter Flavor, for Mice and Rats (9 lb Pail of 144)

    The JT Eaton Bait Block peanut butter flavor rodenticide is a first generation anticoagulant bait with specially formulated blocks that have a peanut butter flavor to attract and eliminate mice and rats. The active ingredient is Diphacinone 0.005-percent which efficiently eliminates smaller rodents and pests a few days after feeding. This product includes 144 packs of 1-ounce rodenticide blocks in a tamper evident resealable pail. It is perfect for garages or basements to keep those rodents away. It. comes with a 1-year limited warranty to protect against defects in material and workmanship. JT Eaton's mission is to manufacture and distribute products designed to eradicate pests. We continually seek out new ways to provide consumers with the knowledge and products they need to create a hea... [Read More]
    Best Way To Kill Rats Outside

    • ASIN: B007ICK5RG
    • UPC: 705526149966
    • ASIN: B007ICK5RG
    • Brand: J T Eaton
    • Size: 9_pound
    • Manufacturer: JT Eaton

  • Tomcat Rat & Mouse Killer Refillable Bait Station - Child and Dog Resistant (1 Station, with 15 Baits), Each Bait Block Kills Up to 3 Rats (Based on No-Choice Laboratory Testing)

    The Tomcat Rat & Mouse Killer Child & Dog Resistant Refillable Station effectively kills up to 3 rats* with one bait block while providing Tomcat's highest level of station security. Effectively kills rats and mice. Resistant to tampering by children and dogs, the reusable station gives mice easy access to bait and keeps fingers and dog paws out. The bait station is also weather-resistant, making it the ideal station for indoor and outdoor use. Also includes a see-through window for easy monitoring of bait, so you always know when you need to re-fill your station. Bait stations are easy to use, allowing placement in small places like entry and garage doors, below windows, near utilities and any other areas where rats and mice tend to hide. *Based on no-choice laboratory testing.
    Best Way To Kill Rats Outside

    • ASIN: B01N6O3IB3
    • UPC: 888603037094
    • ASIN: B01N6O3IB3
    • Brand: Tomcat
    • Size: 1 Pack
    • Manufacturer: Tomcat

  • Eco Defense Mice Repellent - Humane Mouse Trap Substitute - Organic Spray - Guaranteed Effective - Works for All Types of Mice & Rats (16 oz)

    Eco Defense. Complete. Mice. Eliminator. ✓ ERADICATE MICE IN YOUR HOME - Eco Defense uses ALL Organic and Natural ingredients to keep mice out of home and attics. Great for getting rid of mice and rodents without resorting to an inhumane mouse trap or rat poison. Use any and everywhere you are experiencing a mice problem.✓ ELIMINATE MICE AROUND YOUR HOUSE AND YARD - House Mice, Field Mice, Deer Mice, Country Mice and Much More will leave and never come back once you start using Eco Defense. The taste and scent deterrent will send them packing and keep them away for good. ✓ 100% HUMANE & SAFE FOR YOU AND YOUR PETS - Eco Defense does not use Chemicals, Pesticides, or Poisonous Ingredients. You can be rest assured that when using Eco Defense your pets and family will not be exposed to... [Read More]
    Best Way To Kill Rats Outside

    • ASIN: B01A9TZPCY
    • UPC: 603658200350
    • ASIN: B01A9TZPCY
    • Brand: Eco Defense
    • Size: 16 oz
    • Manufacturer: Eco Defense

  • Natural Oust Peppermint Oil Mouse Repellent Spray - Roach Ant Spider Bug Insect Killer - Eco Friendly Pest Control to Repel Mice - Humane Repeller Alternative to Trap

    Protect your home, barn, car, truck, RV and living areas from mice and insects with an all-natural peppermint oil - based spray from Natural Oust. Whether it's warm and sunny or the temperature starts to drop, pests can always find a way to make themselves comfortable in your home. And while traditional poisons, chemicals, and traps might work, they're messy, unsafe, and often cause more problems than than household pests. That's why we developed Natural Oust All-Natural Repellant Spray, a safe, modern, effective peppermint and essential oils solution that can be used indoors and out to help deter mice and kill unwanted insects. More importantly, it's cruelty-free, safe for pets and kids, and offers long-lasting results that you can trust. Product Details: All-Natural Repellent Spray ... [Read More]
    Best Way To Kill Rats Outside

    • UPC: 687077565863
    • Brand: Natural Oust
    • Manufacturer: JGK Holdings

  • MDXconcepts Mice Repellent - Humane Mouse Trap Substitute - 16 oz Organic Spray - Guaranteed Effective - Works For All Types of Mice & Rats

    Is "how to get rid of mice" the most searched thing on your Google? The Rodent Repellent Spray by MDXconcepts is your answer then. It bids farewell to all kinds of rodents, indoors/outdoors without harming humans. Its extensively effective blend of essential oils provides a pleasant scent immediately after usage. Rodents are a group of mammals who not only have a strong liking for gnawing non-food items like clothes or shoes but can also cause fatal diseases like leptospirosis, rat bite fever or black-death. This product with its strong and effective impact, helps you get rid of chemical rat killing poisons and gruesome manual traps. The mice killer spray, made from a tested blend of essential oils, unlike other rodenticides is 100% organic and is safe around children and pets.
    Best Way To Kill Rats Outside

    • ASIN: B07KCRRPS8
    • UPC: 696302736268
    • ASIN: B07KCRRPS8
    • Brand: mdxconcepts

  • RODENT SHERIFF Pest Control Spray - Ultra-Pure Mint Spray - Repels Mice, Raccoons, Ants, and More - Made in USA (2)

    A powerful spray made in the USA from a handcrafted peppermint formula. You'll love its long-lasting minty fresh scent, but mice, roaches, raccoons and other rodents hate it. So the minute they get a whiff, they head for the hills. And since it's a natural formula, you can even spray it around your garden, around trash cans, vehicles, garages, storage areas, attics, entry points around your house... or anywhere these unwanted critters hang out. Each 8oz bottle contains 1,000 sprays!
    Best Way To Kill Rats Outside

    • ASIN: B01HEHE28W
    • UPC: 688168515200
    • ASIN: B01HEHE28W
    • Manufacturer: Rodent Sheriff

  • Electronic Rat Trap – High Voltage Rodent Trap Rat Zapper Killer Rat Catcher - Safe and Easy Way to Kill Rats, Mice and Squirrels

    Aspectek Electronic Rat Trap is the best product for Rat management. We carry a variety of Rattraps,ultrasonic pest repellers, and pest exterminators. This reusable rat trap was designed for indoor use or anywherethat is not exposed to outdoor elements, providing years of effective rodent control - perfect for attics,garages,basements, sheds and so on. The rat trap does not use any poisons or chemicals - our two exclusive patentedtechnologies ensure the instant kill and zero accidences.About our product: EXCLUSIVE PATENTED ACCIDENT AVOIDENCE TECHNOLOGY - The patented combination of the electronic rattrap and intelligent MCU grants the most precise targeting system in
    Best Way To Kill Rats Outside
    Electronic Rat Trap – High Voltage Rodent Trap Rat Zapper Killer Rat Catcher - Safe and Easy Way to Kill Rats, Mice and

    • UPC: 195902666
    • Rating: 4.84

  • Amdro Rat Trap, Chemical Free, Kills 12 Rats

    AMDRO Rat Trap is an innovative product that has significant benefits over other devices. Attracted by lure, the rodent enters the trap thus releasing a powerful rubber latex ring onto the neck/chest area. The rodent is expelled from the trap being crushed by the ring and dies quickly next to the trap. No blood, no mess, no maimed animal and no contaminated trap to clean. The AMDRO reusable rodent trap is easy and safer to use and will give a lifetime of a rodent free
    Best Way To Kill Rats Outside
    Kills quickly!No poisonNo blood, no messNo snapped fingersKills 12 rats

    • UPC: 247518594
    • Model: 1357600447
    • Rating: 3.875

  • Giant Destroyer 00333 Gas Bomb - Gopher, Mole and Rat Killer - Pack of 2 4packs (8 total), Kills Gophers, Moles, Woodchucks, Rats, Skunks, and.., By Atlas Chemical Corp

    From USA,ItWalmartes to you in New and Fresh state Rapid gas killer for tunneling and burrowing rodents and animals in their holes, tunnels and burrows. Gas cartridge kills rats, gophers, ground hogs, skunks, ground squirrels and moles. 4 tubes per card. Cartridge can be instantly extinguished with water. Pack of 2 cards. Active Ingredients: 50 percent Sodium Nitrate, 38 percent Sulfer, 9 percent Charcoal, 3 percent other ingredients. The title you see is what you will
    Best Way To Kill Rats Outside
    Giant Destroyer 00333 Gas Bomb, Gopher, Mole and Rat Killer, Two 4-packs (8 total) by Atlas Chemical Corp:Kills gophers, moles, woodchucks, rats, skunks and ground squirrelsCartridge size: 2 oz each4 cartridges per card, 2 cards per pack for 8 total tubesGiant Destroyer gas bomb cartridge can be instantly extinguished with waterSince

    • UPC: 251801671

  • d-CON Refillable Corner Fit Mouse Poison Bait Station, 1 Trap + 10 Bait Refills

    NEW from d-CON! Our new formula is 10X tastier* to mice because it is made with 99% food grade ingredients. It is so d-LICIOUS that mice will risk their lives for it. The formula does not contain neurotoxins or anti-coagulants. If you have signs of mice (droppings, footprints, gnawing or scampering noises in your walls), you'll want to try this d-CON Refillable Bait Station. Place the station where you notice signs of mice activity. You'll be able to see the bait through the station to gauge if mice are eating it or not. Once you notice signs of mice feeding
    Best Way To Kill Rats Outside
    d-Con bait is tastier and helps reduce house mice problemsThis bait may be considered safer because it contains no neurotoxins or anti-coagulantsThis is our newest bait station, and is resistant to tampering by children & dogsCompact & low profile weather-resistant station can be used indoors or outdoorsIdeal for your: attic, kitchen/pantry, basement, bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, laundry room, garage and

    • UPC: 324394362
    • Color: Green
    • Rating: 3.667

  • Mouse Trap, Knifun Rat Animal Live Trap Stainless Steel Reusable No Kill Feral Mice Chipmunk Trap Humane Rodent Cage for Squirrel, Mole, Gopher, Chicken, Opossum, Skunk, 10.3 x 5.5 x 4.5

    Description:This tool is with high sensitivity, and the effect is good. You just need to place the cage naturally and place the bait in it, when the mouse steps in, the cage door closes and mouse can not escape after being caught.Features:Made from galvanized iron wire, rust resistant, durable in use.Installation is very convenient, easy to use, safe of both animals and users.With automatic locking mechanism, the prey can not escape after being caught.Ideal for houses, restaurants, shopping malls, food factories and other places for deratting.Perfect for removing small pest animals and capturing pest alive.Specification:Condition: 100% Brand NewMaterial: Iron +
    Best Way To Kill Rats Outside
    Food factories and other places for derattingPerfect for removing small pest animals and capturing pest alive, easy to use, durable in useInstallation is very

    • UPC: 538414723
    • Model: Knifun mice trap
    • Color: Silver
    • Size: 10.3" x 5.5" x 4.5"10.3\" x 5.5\" x 4.5\"
    • Rating: 3.5

  • How to Get Rid of Rats, How to Kill Rats, How to Kill a Rat, How to Best Get Rid of Rats in House

    How to Get Rid of Rats: These are *All the Real Proven Ways to Get Rid of Rats You Actually Need to Know Right Now Today... 1. 0:40 How to Kill Rats: Sometimes there is nothing we can do about a p...
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    Killing rats with baking soda is the fast acting With Home Remedy

    Baking soda is an efficient home remedy to kill rats in your house. With hydrogen carbonate and few unit ingredients, you'll be able to prepare home-brewed mouse/rat poison. This remedy is quick ac...
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    Best way to catch rats get rid of rat quickest method

    One of the most reliable and proven methods to get rid of rats. poisoning them doesn't always work because some rats are immune to it and sometimes poisoned rats will die in the walls and stink up ...