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  • Asian Dumplings: Mastering Gyoza, Spring Rolls, Samosas, and More [A Cookbook]

    Is there anything more satisfying than a well-made Asian dumpling? Wrapped, rolled, or filled; steamed, fried, or baked–asian dumplings are also surprisingly easy to prepare and enjoy at home, as Andrea Nguyen demonstrates with more than 75 recipes. Nguyen is a celebrated food writer and teacher with a unique ability to interpret authentic Asian cooking styles for a Western audience. Her crystal-clear recipes for Asia’s most popular savory and sweet parcels, pockets, packages, and pastries range from Lumpia (the addictive fried spring rolls from the Philippines) to Shanghai Soup Dumplings (delicate thin-skinned dumplings filled with hot ...
    The Best Samosa Recipe

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  • 660 Curries

    Curry is Salmon with Garlic and Turmeric. Curry is Grilled Chicken with Cashew-Tomato Sauce. Curry is Asparagus with Tomato and Crumbled Paneer. Curry is Lamb with Yellow Split Peas, Chunky Potatoes with Spinach, Tamarind Shrimp with Coconut Milk, Baby Back Ribs with a Sweet-Sour Glaze and Vinegar Sauce, Basmati Rice with Fragrant Curry Leaves. Curry is vivid flavors, seasonal ingredients, a kaleidoscope of spices and unexpected combinations. And 660 Curries is the gateway to the world of Indian cooking, demystifying one of the world's great cuisines. Presented by the IACP award–winning Cooking Teacher of the Year (2004), Raghavan Iyer, 660...
    The Best Samosa Recipe

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  • Tiffin: 500 Authentic Recipes Celebrating India's Regional Cuisine

    Open a continent of flavors with Tiffin, an extraordinarily beautiful cookbook that focuses on India's regional diversity. Named a New York Times 'Best Cookbook' of the year, it won three Gourmand World Cookbook Awards including 'Best Indian Cookbook.' Packed with gorgeous photographs and illustrations to make your mouth water, Tiffin unlocks the rich diversity of regional Indian cuisine for the home cook. Featuring more than 500 recipes are organized by region and then by course, Tiffin includes: hearty meat-filled dinners 10-minute dazzling appetizers exotic desserts ...
    The Best Samosa Recipe

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  • East Meets Vegan: The Best of Asian Home Cooking, Plant-Based and Delicious

    A vibrant tour of Asia in 90 vegan recipes When Sasha Gill went vegan, she wasn’t about to leave her family’s home-cooked favorites behind. Pad thai without fish sauce? Curry without ghee? In East Meets Vegan, Sasha proves that Asian cooking can be plant-based—as well as easy, affordable, and delicious! Here are: Veganized favorites: Spring rolls, red bean pancakes, shiitake ramen, mango lassisCan’t-believe-it’s-vegan twists: Tandoori cauliflower “wings,” pineapple fried rice, jackfruit biryani, “butter chicken,” a sushi feast to feed a crowdMix-and-match pairings: Combine leftovers for your own take on Asian fusion. Bursti...
    The Best Samosa Recipe

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  • Prepworks by Progressive Dough Press, Set of 3

    Make hand pies, dumplings, empanadas and more with Prepworks by Progressive Dough Press Set. The once labor-intensive process has been reduced to four simple steps: cut, fill, fold and press to seal. These set of 3 dough presses have approximate diameters are 4", 5" and 6". They feature a decorative crimped edge design and the dough cutter on the back of the press cuts dough to perfectly fit the press. It is great for ravioli, calzones, piroshkies, pirogis and pastries and is dishwasher safe. For over 40 years, our mission has been to create innovative kitchen tools and gadgets that make food preparation fun and fast while inspiring culinary ...
    The Best Samosa Recipe

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  • An Invitation to Indian Cooking

    The Best Samosa Recipe

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  • Samosas: The Top 50 Most Delicious Samosa Recipes - Tasty Little Indian Snacks (Recipe Top 50's Book 33)

    A samosa is a deep-fried or baked pastry with yummy fillings, such as spiced potatoes, vegetables, onions, cottage cheese for vegetarians and minced mutton or chicken for non-vegetarians. For those with a sweet tooth, there are sweet fillings such as dates, chocolate, bananas, peaches, apples and so on. Its size and fillings may vary according to the region, but it is popular in India for its triangular shape. Indian samosas are mostly vegetarian, and often accompanied by a spicy mint sauce or chutney. Easy to follow steps!Each of the recipes has easy to follow steps allowing anyone to make and enjoy them in notime at all. Tried, Tested and S...
    The Best Samosa Recipe

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  • The Samosa Cookbook: 30 Crispy and Crunchy Samosa Recipes

    With time evolving fast, people now prefer trying out new meals. They seek a mysterious pleasure in cooking and trying out new dishes. This samosa cookbook is a guideline for amateur’s cooks who are trying to make samosas for the very first time. The filling of samosas is not a great deal but the entire trick lies in the folding and binding the filling together. This cookbook covers 30 types of samosa recipes made from various vegetables and blended with spices. The recipes in this cookbook will provide you with the room to show your own creativity and play with the ingredients according to your taste. In a matter of no time you will become...
    The Best Samosa Recipe

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  • The Moosewood Cookbook: 40th Anniversary Edition

    The Moosewood Cookbook has inspired generations to cook simple, healthy, and seasonal food. A classic listed as one of the top ten best-selling cookbooks of all time by the New York Times, this 40th anniversary edition of Mollie Katzen's seminal book will be a treasured addition to the cookbook libraries of fans young and old. In 1974, Mollie Katzen hand-wrote, illustrated, and locally published a spiral-bound notebook of recipes for vegetarian dishes inspired by those she and fellow cooks served at their small restaurant co-op in Ithaca, NY. Several iterations and millions of copies later, the Moosewood Cookbook has become one of the most...
    The Best Samosa Recipe

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  • Air Fryer : Your Easy to Follow Air Fryer Cookbook - Quick & Delicious Recipes to Satisfy All Your Cravings

    Are you looking for a crispy fried taste without the extra fat?Want to reduce calories without giving up your favorite foods?Need recipes for delicious, low-fat options?Learn to cook delicious, low-fat alternatives to all your favorites treats withAir Fryer: Your Easy to Follow Air Fryer Cookbook—Quick & Delicious Recipes to Satisfy All Your Cravings by Denise Brooks. This short guidebook walks you through all the ins and out of air frying and offers dozens of recipes for all your favorite foods including muffins, breakfast sandwiches, onion rings, Indian samosas, Chinese egg rolls, Asian chicken wings, melts, and more. You’re sure to fin...
    The Best Samosa Recipe

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  • 300 Best Taco Recipes : From Tantalizing Tacos to Authentic Tortillas, Sauces, Cocktails and Salsas

    The most extensive collection of taco recipes, with perfect pairings for salsas, relishes and
    The Best Samosa Recipe
    The most extensive collection of taco recipes, with perfect pairings for salsas, relishes and beverages.A spectacular taco bible, this cookbook delivers the best recipes ever. From the crucial choice of the right tortilla to the correct preparation of ingredients and toppings, Kelley Cleary Coffeen's recipes are fun, simple, delicious and economical.She has included a taco for every member of the family and any and every guest, from authentic Mexican tacos to traditional Americanized tacos as well as an array of creative culinary tacos that have never been done before. Here is a sample of the offerings:Chicken and turkey tacos, such

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  • 150 Best Dips and Salsas : Plus Recipes for Chips, Flatbreads and More

    The Best Samosa Recipe
    150 Best Dips & Salsas

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  • Samosa Recipe-Chatpata and Spicy Samosa-How to Make Samosa Step by Step-Punjabi Samosa-Aloo Samosa

    Ingredients: For Dough- All purpose flour-200 gm (you may use combination of wheat flour and all purpose flour) Carom seeds(ajwain)-1/2 tsp Salt-1/2 tsp Cooking oil-4 tbsp For Stuffing/Masala- Po...
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    How to make Samosa

    These crispy samosas with spiced potatoes filling are perfect for your tea party or movie time snack. Samosas are a popular snack in the local cuisines of the Indian subcontinent, Western Asia, So...

    Samosa | घर पर हलवाई जैसे खस्ता समोसे बनाये। Samosa Recipe | Perfect Samosa with all tips and tricks

    hello friends I am back with one more popular recipe on your demand ....Here I am revealing all the secrets of making best halwai style samosa ....Easy and quick recipe for all the viewers ...Ple...
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