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  • Raspberry Leaf Cut 2oz

    Uses include pregnancy/childbirth; kidneys; diarrhea; nausea/vomiting; calming; promotes sleep; visions; healing; protection; love.
    The Best K2 To Smoke

    • ASIN: B000WS8ZWA
    • Brand: New Age

  • Sacred Eagle Herbal Smoking Blend with Pure Hemp Rolling Papers (1 oz Refill Bag)

    New and improved! Package includes a booklet of 50 Unbleached Pure Hemp Rolling Papers.
    The Best K2 To Smoke

    • ASIN: B017WGLX4Q
    • Brand: Jade & Pearl
    • UPC: 786035049404

  • Organic Herbal Natural Smoking Mixture 30g 100% Nicotine & Tobacco Free, Rich, Aromatic, Delicate Aroma and Smooth natural taste Real Leaf Substitute

    The Real-leaf Tobacco Substitutemade of rich mixture of organic leaves provides a different smoking experience. brimming with delicate aroma and smooth taste.for people who smoke (greengo) its the best offer much more soft and delicate.for those of you,who are already familiar with tobacco substitutes, you will find in Real-Leaf everything you hoped for: finely, chopped mixture of leave,mild and natural taste.There are no additions to this product.
    The Best K2 To Smoke

    • ASIN: B079VJHFH3
    • Brand: Real - Leaf
    • UPC: 782752985261

  • MellowGnosis Relaxing Herbal Smoking Blend

    For a limited time: Save 15% when you buy more than 1! 20% off when you buy 5 or more pouches of MellowGnosis. 100% All Natural Relaxing Herbal Smoking (or Tea) Blend Size is 1 ounce. A potent mix of organically grown flower petals and herbs, in addition to carefully wildcrafted exotics. No tobacco or cannabinoids, no THC or CBD. No synthetic plant compounds. 100% Chemical, Additive and Fragrance Free! Ingredients: Turnera diffusa (Damiana), Melissa officinalis (Lemon Balm), Nymphaea rubra (Red Lotus), Nymphaea caerulea (Blue Lotus), Pedicularis racemosa (Indian Warrior), Pedicularis groenlandica (Elephant's Head), Verbascum thapsus...
    The Best K2 To Smoke

    • ASIN: B07KV5SX6H
    • Brand: MellowGnosis
    • UPC: 722301535523

  • White Lung by NutraPro - Lung Cleanse & Detox. Support Lung Health After Years of Smoking. Supports Respiratory Health. 60 Capsules - Made in GMP Certified Facility.

    White Lung is a respiratory formula that was designed specifically to help support the respiratory system of whom suffering years of smoking damage and support COPD lung diseases breathing problems. White Lung has an amazing blend of superb ingredients. - Vitamin C: Vitamin C is an essential nutrient required for overall health. - Cordyceps: used to treat coughs, chronic bronchitis, respiratory disorders, kidney disorders. - Vitamin K-2: low levels of vitamin K2 are associated with an increased risk of heart disease and atherosclerosis. - Butterbur: Butterbur is used for pain, upset stomach, stomach ulcers, migraine and other headaches, ongoi...
    The Best K2 To Smoke

    • ASIN: B077CQP7Z1
    • Brand: NutraPro
    • UPC: 092617963397

  • steelplant Purple Kush Stash - Baggie of Cannabis Weed Pillowcase

    Hit the hay with your own simulated sack of Purple Kush cannabis. The Giant Stash pillowcase, (Which funded on Kickstarter) is a great way to goof, casually come out of the closet, or out a family member at christmas time. Pillowcase has a zipper top, internal pocket, and black interior lining. Full color printed polyester pillowcase can be loaded with the insert of your choice for epic weed aromatherapy sessions.
    The Best K2 To Smoke

    • ASIN: B015WMOYPM
    • Color: Green, Purple
    • Brand: steelplant
    • UPC: 748252686534

  • Organic Mullein Leaf Dried ~ 1 Ounce ~ Verbascum spp.

    Our fresh Dried Mullein Leaf is 100% Organic ( ** BUYER BEWARE ** The information above only applies to your purchase when you buy from Ecstatic Earth. Any alternative sellers are NOT selling the item detailed above and will not provide you with the customer guarantees nor the lifetime support that Ecstatic Earth provides. There are NO authorized resellers of our exclusive products.
    The Best K2 To Smoke

    • ASIN: B007GQLNE8
    • Brand: Ecstatic Earth
    • UPC: 608641950588

  • 4 Winds Herbal Blend

    This Non-tobacco ritual blend consists of three seperate herbs, each known for their ability to aid in transformative or visionary work. The Four Winds Herbal Blend consists of: Coltsfoot (wisdom, relaxation, visions, and animal magic) Mullein (courage, exorcism, nightmare protection) and Mugwort (strength, psychic power, healing, astral travel, and protection) These herbs are also good for clearing the respiratory system and purifying the body. The four winds blend comes in a 1lb ziplock bag.
    The Best K2 To Smoke

    • ASIN: B006MQLEGK
    • Brand: The Enchanted Wilderness...Catey13
    • UPC: 785923315799

  • Name ID Labels Set for Travel Travel ID Bag Tag in Many Pattern,Cheetah Rainbow Colored Smokescreen Camouflage Realsitic Animal Safari Wildlife 1 PCS Multicolor,With Full Privacy Cover w/Steel Loops

    Use our custom template for your information, or give it your own personal touch with your business card, perfect for unexpected networking opportunities! These versatile, customizable tags are also perfect for carry on luggage, golf bags, flight cases, music cases, executive briefcases, ski equipment, baby car seats and strollers, ski gear, bikes, photographic film equipment, sports bags, medical equipment and any other items that require a secure label. Made from PU leather with a sturdy steel cable screw attachment, these distinctive tags are a proven leader over leather or plastic types that can become unreadable from moisture damage and ...
    The Best K2 To Smoke

    • ASIN: B07WYHCY6L
    • Color: color10
    • Brand: RWNFA

  • Jack Link's Beef Sticks, Original, 1 oz., 20 Count - Great Protein Snack, Meat Stick with 5g of Protein, Made with 100% Premium Beef, No Added MSG

    Jack Link’s Original Beef Sticks: a recipe from the old country, fed to early American settlers and present-day happy-campers. We start with 100% beef and add our signature blend of Original spices and smoke it real slow for that classic flavor America loves. Plus, with 5g of protein, Jack Link’s Beef Sticks are the protein snack you need to help you power thru your day. They’re portable, too, and go where you go: One-handed snacking is the way to go when you and your family are on the move. Jack Link’s Beef Sticks are a tasty, epic snack the whole family loves and will crave. Jack Link’s is the America’s #1 selling jerky brand, a...
    The Best K2 To Smoke

    • ASIN: B00649MYJG
    • Color: N/a
    • Brand: Jack Links

  • Best Buy Bones USA Smoked Bones

    Our smoked bones are smoked with real wood, not liquid smoke. They are smoked at a low temperature for a long time which makes for a heartier bone. All of our bones are from USDA inspected facilities. Our beef bones come from northern cattle, which are much larger due to the colder
    The Best K2 To Smoke
    Perfect for training and satisfies your pet eating needsFulfills your pooch's characteristic sense to bite and consume

    • UPC: 148538450
    • Model: 7686
    • Size: 10 INCH

  • What's the K2 drug like? Synthetic marijuana, one of the most dangerous drugs and legal highs

    What does synthetic marijuana feel like and why is it one of the most dangerous drugs that happens to be one of the legal highs available? Watch this before considering smoking K2 Help Homer get o...
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    The synthetic drug K2, also known as Spice or ‘fake weed,’ is wreaking havoc on cities around the United States — turning some neighborhoods into so-called ‘zombielands.’ Users of the drug have exh...
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