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  • Guidance for Change Management: According to ISO/IEC 20000 & 9001 Standards, Six Sigma and ITSM Best Practices

    There are numerous books on change management from different best practices, but none providing proper guidance on elements like implementation, improvement and execution of operational activities. Hence this book has been written focusing on those elements which were not covered by any best practice frameworks or by any author. Guidance for Change Management is a fresh book with practical knowledge on change management (with respect to ITSM discipline). This book has been written considering the challenges faced by the change management staff like change manager, change analysts, and IT consultants. This inventive book focuses on niche and e...
    Itil Change Management Best Practices

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  • The ITSM Iron Triangle - Incidents, changes and problems (Stories in transforming ITIL® best practice into operational success Book 1)

    This innovative work of fiction demonstrates how ITIL® best practice can ensure the success of your IT process implementation projects. It is based on real-life, up-to-date situations and offers vital strategies to implement the most important aspects of ITIL into your business and to tailor them to your organisation's particular needs.
    Itil Change Management Best Practices

    • ASIN: B00HEM7YRE

  • ITIL Service Operation: 2011 (Best Management Practice)

    The ITIL Editions 2011 has been updated for clarity, consistency, correctness, and completeness. By focusing on delivery and control process activities, ITIL Service Operation describes how a highly desirable steady state of managing services can be achieved on a day-to-day basis.
    Itil Change Management Best Practices

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  • The Visible Ops Handbook: Implementing ITIL in 4 Practical and Auditable Steps

    The Core of Visible Ops Visible Ops is a methodology designed to jumpstart implementation of controls and process improvement in IT organizations needing to increase service levels, security, and auditability while managing costs. Visible Ops is comprised of four prescriptive and self-fueling steps that take an organization from any starting point to a continually improving process. Making ITIL Actionable Although the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) provides a wealth of best practices, it lacks prescriptive guidance: What do you implement first, and how do you do it? Moreover, the ITIL books remain relatively expensive to...
    Itil Change Management Best Practices

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  • ITIL and Organizational Change

    As you read this book, you will see how you can benefit from:minimizing and overcoming resistance to change, as you understand the reasons behind employees' apprehensionshigher staff morale and improved relationships across the organization, as you obtain buy-in to the changeincreased productivity, as time is focused on the right projects and tasksknowing how to measure and publicize your successes, thereby further improving morale and productivitylearning how to manage the 'human aspect' of your project, which will enable the best possible outcome for customers, employees and the organization as a wholelower costs and a higher return on your...
    Itil Change Management Best Practices


  • ITIL® V3 Foundation Exam: The Study Guide

    • Covers all Foundation Exam Content • Contains Official Sample Exams • Contains Official Glossary of terms • Great fold-flat format for class training • Processes explained separately to support post exam implementation • 230 pages means fantastic value for money This new title covers all the material found in the ITIL® Foundations Exam. Its 230 pages cover everything you need to know to pass the exam and in addition the Official OGC sample exams are included at the end of each chapter. The title separates out the processes within each lifecycle stage making this a handy and convenient title to take back to the work place and to...
    Itil Change Management Best Practices

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  • Problem Management: A practical guide

    The IT Service Management process known as Problem Management is more than simply restoring services and applying permanent fixes to incidents; it is about providing a stable and available infrastructure that supports business processes and enables the success of the business.
    Itil Change Management Best Practices

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  • Newbies Exam Study Handbook: Expert Guidance for Beginners

    Pass Your ITIL® Foundation Exam First Time!Covering ITIL versions V2, V3 and the latest rewrite of V3 (i.e. ITIL 2011) this guide is fully up-to-date and is excellent exam prep material for anyone looking to study for the ITIL® Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management.A handbook that includes the full text of the following works …IT Service Management for NewbiesA top quality introduction to the ITIL framework and the IT Service Management discipline, descriptions of all 26 ITIL processes and a full service lifecycle description. In addition, there are helpful illustrations and tips to assist the reader with the understanding of im...
    Itil Change Management Best Practices

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    This book is about handling Release Management Process. If anyone who are new to the world of ITIL and want to handle Release Management process efficiently can take the help of these best practices followed in real time environment.
    Itil Change Management Best Practices

    • ASIN: B01CQHF2E8

  • Problem Management For I.T. Departments

    Effective Problem Management is the key driver to increased stability, less downtime and overall higher customer satisfaction in the I.T. environment. In this book the author shares "real world" experience, taking you beyond ITIL theory and into topics that will save you countless hours as you build your Problem Management program.
    Itil Change Management Best Practices

    • ASIN: 1512113611

  • Foundations of IT Service Management Based on ITIL V3

    The industry classic guide on the topic of ITIL. This looks at Best Practices described in the ITIL V3 upgrade. Focusing on the Lifecycle approach, this covers Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Operation, Service Transition, and Continual Service
    Itil Change Management Best Practices
    Foundations of IT Service Management based on ITIL has become the industry classic guide on the topic of ITIL. Over the years this authoritative itSMF guide has earned its place on the bookshelves and in the briefcases of industry experts as they implement best practices within their organizations. This 2007 version has now been upgraded to reflect ITIL V3. Written in the same concise way and covering all the facts, readers will find that this title succinctly covers the key aspects of the ITIL V3 upgrade. The new ITIL V3 approach covering the ITIL Lifecycle is fully covered. In addition

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  • Purchase Order Management Best Practices : Process, Technology, and Change Management

    Companies with effective procurement strategies, processes, and technology are beginning to separate themselves from the competition and purchase order management has become a new critical core competency. This book offers detailed guidance into every aspect of state-of-the-art POM processes and redesign including leveraging new technologies, strategies for strengthening supplier relationships, and
    Itil Change Management Best Practices
    In today's competitive business climate, companies with effective procurement strategies are beginning to separate themselves from the competition. Successful purchase order management (POM) is now a critical core competency and organizations in all industries have started investigating tools and techniques to help them succeed. Purchase Order Management Best Practices brings together the field's latest advances and gives business professionals a comprehensive framework for lowering costs, improving efficiency, eliminating non-value added activities, and optimizing the transformation program for the POM process. It offers practical, proven tactics and detailed guidance into every aspect of POM process redesign: mapping the existing process, intelligently

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  • The Human Change Management Body of Knowledge (HCMBOK�) - eBook

    "I am happy to recommend this work. I believe in the principles presented in it and identify with its context. Due to the lack of knowledge on the subject in the market, it is a topic that must be made known. The book should be in the library of all project and change managers."— Paul Dinsmore, PMI Fellow"Every manager should integrate HCMBOK® practices into their project management methodology in order to fully develop their work. This book addresses a simple and practical way that the critical component in organizational change management can be applied to projects of all kinds: the
    Itil Change Management Best Practices
    The Human Change Management Body of Knowledge (HCMBOK�) - eBook

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  • Culturally Tuning Change Management - eBook

    Managing change across cultures can be tricky, and universal approaches to change management may not serve their purpose in every cultural setting. This book examines the cultural dimensions that can influence the perceptions of and reactions to change in different cultural contexts and highlights the benefits of developing and applying cultural mindfulness when planning and running cross-cultural change initiatives. It offers practical advice to project and change management teams and leaders for developing Cultural Intelligence, tailoring plans to consider any cultural variables that could be barriers to (or catalysts for) effective change, and applying facilitating
    Itil Change Management Best Practices
    Culturally Tuning Change Management - eBook

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  • Best Practices for Change Management

    Details Coming Soon
    Itil Change Management Best Practices
    Best Practices for Change Management

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  • ITSM Change Management Best Practices

    ITSM Change Management Best Practices presentation video by Troy DuMoulin, VP of Pink Elephant at ITSM Meetup, NYC. Technology trends and their impact on IT management by Rajesh Ganesan,VP, Manage...
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    ITIL - Change Management

    This is a video for Change management, made by: Jarrod Wilbur Emilie Knecht Trevor Harmon Troy Bradshaw Sources for this information:
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    ITIL Change Management Do's and Don'ts

    In this video, Anthony Orr, ITIL author and examiner, discusses best practices and pitfalls to avoid when implementing IT Change Management within your organization.
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