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  • Terminal Cool (Singles Classic)

    Cool had a lot to do with sex, sex appeal, and sex roles. Girls have never received enough credit for the fantastic leap of the mind they took in the sixties when they turned their backs to the audience. In these post-women’s-power days, we’ve come to take a lot for granted. But when the seventeen-year-old girl from the comfortable home started adopting some of the attitudes of the black jazz musician, the lessons of centuries of class and gender indoctrination were dumped in the trash along with the pink plastic curlers. And gladly, too.Yet boys were always cooler.Terminal Cool, Marcelle Clements’s funny, profound requiem for Sixties style and substance, unpacks what cool was (see Miles Davis), how mass culture co-opted it, and how sex destroyed it.Terminal Cool was originally publi... [Read More]
    Eulogy For Best Friend Sample

    • ASIN: B01IALGHW0
    • ASIN: B01IALGHW0

  • Eulogy for Murder - eBook

    A sudden death in the family takes Jim and Penny back to their roots in Michigan. Jim invites Trapper, Earl and Buck to go along to visit with their families. Jim and Penny prepare for the funeral and while they are there, Jim finds an old acquaintance from his early days working as a private investigator. Barry Becker, now a police detective and he’s in Jim’s town to investigate a murder. Seems someone wanted to reveal damaging evidence about corrupt dealings within a mob run construction company. The owner recently died and the man who was going to tell all
    Eulogy For Best Friend Sample
    Eulogy for Murder - eBook

    • UPC: 797236771

  • Eulogy for the Living - eBook

    A Gothic Political Thriller Serial in a Victorian Vampire Horror Setting.The impoverished people of New Babylon's Pall go missing all the time. Some are never found, while others are found in pieces. So when Inspector Montgomery insists on finding out what became of a missing Pall girl, turned experiment at the University of Uppsala, it becomes clear that a mysterious party is none-to-pleased with his determination. And when William Willoughby Houldsworth, son of the Duke Houldsworth, offers to fund the investigation, uncomfortable questions are raised. Who is Victoria Campbell, and why would anyone care about a missing
    Eulogy For Best Friend Sample
    Eulogy for the Living - eBook

    • UPC: 370350974

  • Eulogy for America - eBook

    I live in North Carolina with my lovely wife of 27 years Sandy. I am retired from AT&T. During my tenure with AT&T. I was president of CWA local union for three years. I also did voluntary work with several Charities, and was chairman of the United Cerebral Palsy Telethon for two years, for the district of Winston Salem., North Carolina. Over the years I have been very active in our churches, holding many positions. I did much voluntary work such as giving out Bibles, building free homes for the poor in the mountains of Kentucky, build a church, etc.
    Eulogy For Best Friend Sample
    Eulogy for America - eBook

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  • Eulogies to Die For - eBook

    When death strikes words often fail us. This book helps honor ones for whom the alphabet seems inadequate.The first eulogy the author ever heard was for her aunt when she was 12; appalled that the minister knew so little about the deceased he never once mentioned her by name, she became determined that such thoughtlessness and lack of recognition would never happen to anyone she loved in the future. Consequently, she wrote eulogies for her infant son, her mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, father, and various friends and relatives upon their deaths.In this book, she has made it possible to mix-and-match by
    Eulogy For Best Friend Sample
    Eulogies to Die For - eBook

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  • Eulogies, Introductions and Special Occasion Speeches: Tips for When You Are Asked to Speak Well of Another - eBook

    If you are called upon to offer a eulogy, introduce a speaker or make any special occasion speech, this book will guide you with tips and valuable direction. Sections on content and delivery in public speaking show how to connect well with your listeners. Includes 24 readings, stories and scriptures for use with
    Eulogy For Best Friend Sample
    Eulogies, Introductions and Special Occasion Speeches: Tips for When You Are Asked to Speak Well of Another -

    • UPC: 689517313

  • Adam Levine Vigil Close Friend Eulogy

    Adam Levine's close friend Oren Katz gives a eulogy on Adam's unique personality and their experiences aboard in Australia at the candlelight vigil in his honor on March 23, 2016.

    A Life Remembered: My Best Friend’s Eulogy


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