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  • MICROSOFT ACCESS 2010 Quick Reference Guide - Learning Access Part 1: Database Design Best Practices & Creating Database Tables (202)

    8-page bifold quick reference guide, one of several quick reference guides for Access 2010. Use this guide as the starting point to learn Access the right way, the efficient way. Then consider the remaining quick reference guides in this series when you want to learn more. There are four remaining guides that discuss Queries, Reports, Forms and Macros. This topic focuses on database design best practices as well as designing and enhancing tables. Topics include: database design recommendations, table relationships, referential integrity, table design elements, fields and field types, how table relationships impact data entry, using lo...
    Database One To One Relationship Best Practice

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  • Java Database Best Practices - eBook

    When creating complex Java enterprise applications, do you spend a lot of time thumbing through a myriad of books and other resources searching for what you hope will be the API that's right for the project at hand?Java Database Best Practices rescues you from having to wade through books on each of the various APIs before figuring out which method to use! This comprehensive guide introduces each of the dominant APIs (Enterprise JavaBeans, Java Data Objects, the Java Database Connectivity API (JDBC) as well as other, lesser-known options), explores the methodology and design components that use those APIs, and then
    Database One To One Relationship Best Practice
    Java Database Best Practices - eBook

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  • Android Database Best Practices - eBook

    Battle-Tested Strategies for Storing, Managing, and Sharing Android Data“Android™ Database Best Practices goes well beyond API documentation to offer strategic advice about how to handle data in an Android application and the tools needed to develop productively. This arms the developer with a trove of solutions to nearly any problem an application may face involving data. Mastering the concepts in this book are therefore essential for any developer who wants to create professional Android applications.”–Greg Milette, Android developer, Gradison Technologies, Inc.This is the first guide to focus on one of the most critical aspects of Android development: how to efficiently
    Database One To One Relationship Best Practice
    Android Database Best Practices - eBook

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  • Big Data : Principles and Best Practices of Scalable Realtime Data Systems

    Teaches readers how to build big data systems using Lambda Architecture, an architecture designed specifically to capture and analyze web-scale
    Database One To One Relationship Best Practice
    Big Data

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  • Java Database Best Practices

    Database One To One Relationship Best Practice
    Java Database Best Practices 1ST Edition

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  • Oracle PL/SQL Best Practices - eBook

    In this book, Steven Feuerstein, widely recognized as one of the world's experts on the Oracle PL/SQL language, distills his many years of programming, writing, and teaching about PL/SQL into a set of PL/SQL language "best practices"--rules for writing code that is readable, maintainable, and efficient. Too often, developers focus on simply writing programs that run without errors--and ignore the impact of poorly written code upon both system performance and their ability (and their colleagues' ability) to maintain that code over time. Oracle PL/SQL Best Practices is a concise, easy-to-use reference to Feuerstein's recommendations for excellent PL/SQL coding. It answers
    Database One To One Relationship Best Practice
    Oracle PL/SQL Best Practices - eBook

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  • Best Practices for Many-To-One and One-To-Many Association Mappings

    Today, I want to talk about best practices for many-to-one and one-to-many association mappings. When you model your database, you will most likely define several of these associations. And it’s, o...
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    Access 2016 - Relationships - How To Create One To Many Relationship in Database Between Two Tables

    This tutorial shows you how to create a one to many relationship between two or more tables. Creating relationships and enforcing referential integrity, and enabling cascade options are all covered...
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    MySQL 7 - One-to-One Relationship

    This video introduces the concept of designing relationships. Now, when we have data that is somehow related, we have a relationship. There are three kinds of relationships: One-to-one One-to-man...
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