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  • Small Talk: How to Talk to People, Improve Your Charisma, Social Skills, Conversation Starters & Lessen Social Anxiety

    Never feel awkward in a small talk conversation again!If you’ve ever felt awkward when you meet new people, worrying about social anxiety, how to talk to people, and how to be interesting, this quick-read small talk guide will make you someone who people love to talk to.*New 2nd Edition: Updated & Expanded! Includes new chapter: Small Talk for Dating and expanded chapter on Reading Body Language As seen on Buzzfeed.Recommended in “31 Ways To Help Cancel Any Fear You Have About Your First Job” and “23 Ways To Be A Better Adult In April.”If you’ve ever felt nervous before a work party, blind date, or friend’s dinner, worry no more...
    Conversation Starters With Your Best Friend

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  • Love Talk Starters: 275 Questions to Get Your Conversations Going

    Love Talk Starters is the perfect tool for better understanding each other. Each page offers creative, surprising, fun, and deep questions designed to engage couples in the romance-building conversations every thriving marriage needs. Every couple wants to connect through meaningful conversations, yet when you finally find time to talk, it's often hard to know where to start. In this helpful little book, bestselling authors and respected marriage coaches Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott present 275 intriguing questions to kickstart meaningful conversations that will inspire strong and intimate connection in your relationship.Whether engaged, newly...
    Conversation Starters With Your Best Friend

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  • The Care and Keeping of You: The Body Book for Younger Girls, Revised Edition (American Girl Library)

    Our best-selling body book for girls just got even better! With all-new illustrations and updated content for girls ages 8 and up, it features tips, how-tos, and facts from the experts. (Medical consultant: Cara Natterson, MD.) You'll find answers to questions about your changing body, from hair care to healthy eating, bad breath to bras, periods to pimples, and everything in between. Once you feel comfortable with what's happening, you'll be ready to move on to the The Care & Keeping of You 2!
    Conversation Starters With Your Best Friend

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  • Game Night Trivia: 2,000 Trivia Questions to Stump Your Friends

    (Newly Updated & Edited in December, 2016) Preparing to host a trivia game, or simply want to stump your friends with awesome trivia questions? Game Night Trivia provides the reader with 2,000 trivia questions across such topics as History, Sports, Inventions, Math, Science, Television, Animals, Geography, Acronyms, U.S. Presidents, Mythology, Science, Anatomy, Films, Literature, Famous Nicknames, Music, and Famous Quotes. Each question and answer has been thoroughly checked by the author. Questions are both fun and challenging with something for all ages to enjoy. So do you think you know your trivia or want to stump your friends? There's on...
    Conversation Starters With Your Best Friend

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  • Dinner Talk: 365 Engaging Conversation Starters to Help You and Your Family Connect

    Chew on these one-of-a-kind conversation starters! Pass the salt? Eat your peas? You can do better than that! This book provides you with 365 ways to spark conversation and engage your youngsters while you gather around the table. Make dinnertime a lively experience the whole family looks forward to, as kids share their ideas, explore their creativity, and let you in on their wildest dreams with fun (and thought-provoking) questions like: If you could adopt a single trait from a wild animal, such as horns or a poisonous bite, what would it be If you could invite any character from a book or movie to do something with you, who would you invite...
    Conversation Starters With Your Best Friend

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  • Just Between Us: Mother & Daughter: A No-Stress, No-Rules Journal (Activity Journal for Teen Girls and Moms, Diary for Tween Girls)

    Looking for tween gifts for girls or the perfect mother gift?A journal for girls or girl's diary—Just Between Us: Mother and Daughter: "Packed with writing prompts, it's the perfect gift for Mother's Day."— Girl's Life magazineHave you ever wondered...What your mom thought the moment you were born?Or where your daughter would go if she could go anywhere in the universe?Just Between US—The mother daughter journal: Thoughtful writing prompts and entertaining mini quizzes in this beautiful mom and daughter journal pave the way to discussing everything from friends and school to crushes and growing up. Just Between Us provides plenty of fre...
    Conversation Starters With Your Best Friend

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  • What to Do When You Worry Too Much: A Kid's Guide to Overcoming Anxiety (What-to-Do Guides for Kids)

    A Gold NAPPA (National Parenting Publications Awards) winnerDid you know that worries are like tomatoes? No, you can't eat them, but you can make them grow, simply by paying attention to them. If your worries have grown so big that they bother you almost every day, this book is for you.What to Do When You Worry Too Much guides children and parents through the cognitive-behavioral techniques most often used in the treatment of anxiety. Lively metaphors and humorous illustrations make the concepts and strategies easy to understand, while clear how-to steps and prompts to draw and write help children to master new skills related to reducing a...
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  • The Care and Keeping of You 2: The Body Book for Older Girls

    This thoughtful advice book will guide you through the next steps of growing up. With illustrations and expert contributors, this book covers new questions about periods, your growing body, peer pressure, personal care, and more! Written by Dr. Cara Natterson for girls 10 and up, The Care & Keeping of You 2 follows up the original bestseller with even more in-depth details about the physical and emotional changes you're going through.
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  • All My Friends Are Dead (Funny Books, Children's Book for Adults, Interesting Finds, Animal Books)

    "Laugh out loud funny, and a tiny bit disturbing. In other words, perfect." - The Huffington Post   An amusing and captivating tale that’s a delightful primer for laughing at the inevitable: If you're a dinosaur, all of your friends are dead. If you're a pirate, all of your friends have scurvy. If you're a tree, all of your friends are end tables. Each page of this laugh-out-loud, illustrated humor book showcases the downside of being everything from a clown to a cassette tape to a zombie. Cute and dark all at once, this hilarious children's book for adults teaches valuable lessons about life.   From the sock whose only friends have gone ...
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  • It's Not the Stork!: A Book About Girls, Boys, Babies, Bodies, Families and Friends (The Family Library)

    "In their previous landmark volumes . . . Harris and Emberley established themselves as the purveyors of reader-friendly, straightforward information on human sexuality for readers as young as seven. Here they successfully tackle the big questions . . . for even younger kids." — The Horn Book (starred review)Young children are curious about almost everything, especially their bodies. And young children are not afraid to ask questions. What makes me a girl? What makes me a boy? Why are some parts of girls' and boys' bodies the same and why are some parts different? How was I made? Where do babies come from? Is it true that a stork brings b...
    Conversation Starters With Your Best Friend

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  • 117 Questions to Ask Your Kids Instead of Asking "how Was Your Day" : Conversation Starters to Get Kids to Open Up about School & Friends

    117 Questions to Ask Your Kids Instead of Asking "how Was Your Day": Conversation Starters to Get Kids to Open Up about School &
    Conversation Starters With Your Best Friend
    117 Questions to Ask Your Kids Instead of Asking "how Was Your Day": Conversation Starters to Get Kids to Open Up about School &

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  • 10 Easy Conversation Starters That ALWAYS Work

    Here are 10 easy conversation starters that will always work. So, a lot of my subscribers have been asking me how to talk to their crush or just know how to talk to people. I know this can be extre...
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    How to Keep a Conversation Going | Have Endless Topics to Talk About

    How to keep a conversation going: Don't you hate not knowing how to keep a conversation going? Most people don't know how to extend a conversation from more than its original topic and end up bea...
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    7 Greatest Conversation Starters That Actually Work

    Being a great conversationalist can be challenging. I have struggled with it myself prior to meeting Dorian, and the absolute hardest part and often overlooked is the way to get INTO a conversation...
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