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  • How To Determine Baby Gender Plus Best Ways To Conceive a Boy or Girl

    Learn exactly how you can discover the sex of your unborn child or how to conceive a child with the gender of your choice. This book looks at all of the facts and myths surrounding gender selection both before conception and afterwards.Discover which techniques work and which ones are purely myth based rubbish! Turn your gender selection dream into a reality by learning which methods can successfully achieve this goal for you.Are you pregnant and keen to know whether you are carrying a baby boy or perhaps a girl? Perhaps you are looking at falling pregnant and are desperate for either a boy or a girl. This book will help you determine your ba...
    Best Way To Conceive A Baby Girl

    • ASIN: B006E5IURA

  • How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby: Fully revised and updated

    For almost forty years, How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby has been the standard reference for couples trying to increase their chances of having the son or daughter they hope for. In this new edition of their classic book, Dr. Shettles and David Rorvik provide authoritative scientific studies and compelling anecdotal evidence demonstrating that the Shettles method continues to produce results unmatched by any other method. Dozens of testimonials confirm its ease of use and rate of success.How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby explains the simple, at-home, noninvasive Shettles method and presents detailed steps to take to conceive a child of a s...
    Best Way To Conceive A Baby Girl

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    • Brand: Landrum B Shettles

  • I Prayed for You

    “Even before you were born, I prayed for you.”Every day Mama Bear prays for Baby Bear—she always has and she always will. Cuddle up and share how your little one is covered in prayer and surrounded by love.
    Best Way To Conceive A Baby Girl

    • ASIN: 071804987X
    • Brand: HarperCollins Christian Pub.

  • Pink Bump Method: Your baby girl at your wish

    Dream of having a little princess?Most people find it difficult to conceive a baby girl, while some people just get them without stress. The truth is that the ones that conceive baby girls when they want to are those who know how to master the process of female gender conception.With just 3 steps, Yes 3 steps, properly laid down in this book, you can conceive your desired baby girl! And NO, you won't have to spend a penny on IVF that costs about $15,000. Or sperm rounding which cost about $1,600, you don't even need to lose weight or go on a diet plan.This is girl child gender selection at its best. The science-based and medically proven step...
    Best Way To Conceive A Baby Girl

    • ASIN: B07RBC4F9D

  • The Babydust Method: A Guide to Conceiving a Girl or a Boy

    What if you could choose the sex of your baby? There are many existing sex-selection methods out there, but parents have come to find out that these methods are confusing and unreliable.Kathryn Taylor introduces a natural sex-selection approach known as *The Babydust Method,* which is based on the latest scientific evidence. This book details the science behind the method, and explains how you can dramatically increase your chances of conceiving the sex of your choice.This book reveals the flaws in the Shettles method, O+12, egg polarity, pH, and acidic/alkaline/ion diets, and offers a brand new approach involving a combination of precise tim...
    Best Way To Conceive A Baby Girl

    • ASIN: B01DTLXL3O

  • Taking Charge of Your Fertility, 20th Anniversary Edition: The Definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control, Pregnancy Achievement, and Reproductive Health

    In celebration of its 20th anniversary, a thoroughly revised and expanded edition of the leading book on fertility and women’s reproductive health.Since the publication of Taking Charge of your Fertility two decades ago, Toni Weschler has taught a whole new generation of women how to become pregnant, avoid pregnancy naturally and gain better control of their gynecological and sexual health by taking just a couple minutes a day using the proven Fertility Awareness Method.Now, this 20th Anniversary Edition has been thoroughly revised and fully updated with: the latest medical advances in assisted reproductive technologies (ART)more in-depth ...
    Best Way To Conceive A Baby Girl

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    • Brand: William Morrow Company

  • Adult Coloring Books: Relaxing Coloring Book For Pregnant Women - Inner Soul Journey

    Good news everyone!, NEW EDITION - High-Quality Thick and Heavy Paper Book.Pregnancy Gifts \ Pregnancy Books : Relaxing Coloring Book for Pregnant Women: Inner Soul JourneyWhether this is the first child or the twelfth one, having a baby is stressful and time-consuming. Each day is a roller coaster of emotions, joys, fear, and unique experiences that only a mother can understand. This calming, charming adult coloring book is for pregnant women who want and need to sit back, relax, take a deep breath, and let their creativity show from their inner soul. Inviting the soon-to-be-mother to explore their inner journey of relaxing remembrance and ...
    Best Way To Conceive A Baby Girl

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  • Labor Force: Winning Strategies During Pregnancy, Maternity Leave and Return to Work

    "In Labor Force, Vivienne Wei shares her powerful story of navigating the workplace through pregnancy, maternity leave and returning to work. Her book is full of authentic, inspiring stories like hers from amazing professional women, and offers essential advice for successfully integrating family and career." - Cindy Robbins, President and Chief People Officer, Salesforce"Labor Force makes one of the most stressful periods of a professional woman's life a little easier and a little less lonely. Packed with practical advice and empathy, it's the kind of guide I hope all pregnant women use." - Georgene Huang, CEO and Co-Founder, Fairygodbos...
    Best Way To Conceive A Baby Girl

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  • Not Your Grandma's Sewing Guide

    Learn the how, where, when, and 'What the f**k?!' of sewing basic garments. This is not sewing like grandma used to do. Grab a bottle of wine and get ready to cut corners and curse your way through this beginner’s guide to stitchery. You’ll find the basics of using a sewing machine, insight into patterns and pattern-making, and all of the easiest odds and ends to include in your own garment creations. This guide provides concise, step-by-step instructions to help you conquer your creativity without the Xanax and crying in the corner. Time-saving tips and where to cut corners make this a great guide for people with a wide range of f***s to...
    Best Way To Conceive A Baby Girl

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  • The Secrets Between Sisters

    ‘A story about love, betrayal, family’ - Bookaholic ConfessionsIf you could see me now…Lizzie and Bea Harris were always very close. They were sisters and nothing could tear them apart. Until Bea dies, leaving her sister twelve letters, one for every month.Alone for the first time Lizzie is left trying to pull together the pieces of a life she has for so long ignored and find a place for herself…out from under the shadow of her sister.But the letters are revealing a sister Lizzie isn’t sure she recognises, and she’s beginning to wonder if she ever really knew Bea? As Lizzie delves deeper into her sister’s life she begins to unc...
    Best Way To Conceive A Baby Girl

    • ASIN: B00IRD7FR8

  • Bestway - SWIM SAFE Girls' Skilled Swimmer Aid, Pink-SM/MED

    Bestway - SWIM SAFE Girls' Skilled Swimmer Aid, Pink-SM/MED - Designed to help children master the basics of swimming, the Swim Safe Girls Skilled Swimmer Aid by Bestway is quality-tested and puts the focus back on fun and safety. The Skilled Swimmer Aid is constructed of a comfortable, knitted fabric and has 50 plus UPF for protection against the suns harmful rays. This Swimmer Aid is pink with mermaids and has an adjustable buckle and straps. Designed for ages 2-4, the Swim Safe Girls Skilled Swimmer Aid will help your child gain swimming confidence this summer. Splashing in the sun
    Best Way To Conceive A Baby Girl
    Bestway - SWIM SAFE Girls' Skilled Swimmer Aid, Pink-SM/MED

    • UPC: 820166243
    • Model: 10208
    • Color: Pink
    • Size: Small/Medium

  • Bestway - H2OGO!UV Careful 31.5 Inches x 33.5 Inches Baby Care Seat, Blue

    Bestway - H2OGO!UV Careful 31.5 Inches x 33.5 Inches Baby Care Seat, Blue - Designed to get kids moving, grooving and out of the house, this H2OGO! UV Careful Baby Care Seat puts the focus back on fun! The Baby Care Seat has a detachable sunshade and smooth leg holes to keep your baby protected from the sun and comfortable in the water. Protect your children with sun shade, sunscreen and specially designed UV Careful products. It’s all in the name – UV Careful! Designed for ages 1-2 years old weight up to 33
    Best Way To Conceive A Baby Girl
    Bestway - H2OGO!UV Careful 31.5 Inches x 33.5 Inches Baby Care Seat, Blue

    • UPC: 895495795
    • Model: 10171
    • Color: Blue

  • Bestway Inflatable Children's Bouncer

    This Bestway Children's Bouncer has a soft inflatable floor that provides indoor or outdoor fun on any flat surface. It features removable walls and sets up in just minutes. The inflatable bouncer is a colorful addition to your home and is recommended for ages 3 to 6, with a maximum weight capacity of 188 lbs. This item folds effortlessly, which allows for easy storage and convenient
    Best Way To Conceive A Baby Girl
    Bestway Inflatable Children's Bouncer:Soft inflatable floor and removable wallsJumping bouncer recommended for ages 3 to 6Easy to set-up, take down and moveWeight capacity: 188 lbsDimensions: 62" x 58" x

    • UPC: 35494523
    • Model: 52182
    • Color: RedBlueGreen
    • Size: 1
    • Rating: 2.0

  • Bestway 12V Sidewinder AC/DC Air Pump

    The Bestway 12V Sidewinder AC/DC Air Pump is good for inflation on the go. Take it anywhere to fill small to medium inflatables quickly and easily. This portable air pump comes with two different power adapters for use with a standard 110V wall outlet or a 12V DC power source like the ones available in a vehicle or on a boat. Three different air valve adapters are also included giving you the ability to blow up a variety of inflatables
    Best Way To Conceive A Baby Girl
    Bestway 12V Sidewinder AC/DC Air Pump:Three valve adaptors includedAir pump includes two power adapters for use with either 12V DC vehicle power supply or 110V standard AC power socketsLightweight 12V air pump for

    • UPC: 35584045
    • Model: 62077
    • Size: Regular
    • Rating: 4.5

  • Bestway CoolerZ Tropical Breeze 6 Person Floating Island Pool Lake Raft Lounge

    Have a fun, relaxing day on the lake with family and friends using the Bestway CoolerZ Tropical Breeze. Its spacious design accommodates up to six people and also has six cup holders to keep everyone's beverages within easy reach. An included cooler bag offers a convenient place to store drinks and food and keep them chilled and fresh. The removable sunshade sits over a mesh bottom where passengers can sit with their feet dipped in the water. There are also a pair of backrests with extra-wide pillows for comfortable support. Pull this inflatable lake float to shore with ease or
    Best Way To Conceive A Baby Girl
    Bestway CoolerZ Tropical Breeze:Extra-wide pillow backrests6 cup holdersCooler bagRemovable sun shadeMesh bottomDesigned for up to 6 passengers with a combined weight capacity of 1,190 lbs1 heavy-duty repair patch is included with Bestway Tropical BreezeApproximate dimensions are 153" x 108"Multiple interconnecting nozzles for faster inflationAge range: 18 years and upGrab lines and handles around

    • UPC: 45270044
    • Model: 43105e
    • Color: WhiteWhite,Multi-Color,Blue
    • Rating: 4.2

  • How To Conceive a Baby Girl Naturally - Successful Shettles Method Explained

    UPDATE* IT WORKED! BABY GIRL BORN DECEMBER 2016* We tried the Shettles Method to get pregnant with a Baby Girl! It's a natural method for conception and I explain how it works in a few minutes t...

    How to conceive a baby girl NATURALLY | TanaB

    Hi guys! I hope this video helps some of you out! Feel free to leave comments down below! +HOW TO CONCEIVE A BABY BOY Follow us on Snapchat & Instagram! @ tanaaaab @ ...
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    How to Conceive a Baby Girl / Brit Dunnell

    Hey Luvs, thank you so much for watching, this video gives a Big Announcement and few tips about how I could possibly conceive a baby girl. I mentioned a few tips on how to eat and the correct timi...
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