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  • Veronica Mars (2): An Original Mystery by Rob Thomas: Mr. Kiss and Tell

    In the second book in the New York Times bestselling mystery series, Veronica Mars is back with a case that will expose the hidden workings of one of Neptune’s most murderous locations.The Neptune Grand has always been the seaside town’s ritziest hotel, despite the shady dealings and high-profile scandals that seem to follow its elite guests. When a woman claims that she was brutally assaulted in one of its rooms and left for dead by a staff member, the owners know that they have a potential powder keg on their hands. They turn to Veronica to disprove—or prove—the woman's story. The case is a complicated mix of hard facts, mysterious...
    Best Tv Series Last Decade

    • ASIN: B00KAFX8HM

  • Persepolis Rising (The Expanse Book 7)

    The seventh book in the NYT bestselling Expanse series, Persepolis Rising finds an old enemy returning home with more power and technology than anyone thought possible, and the crew of the aging gunship Rocinante tries to rally forces against the new invasion. Now a Prime Original series.An old enemy returns.In the thousand-sun network of humanity's expansion, new colony worlds are struggling to find their way. Every new planet lives on a knife edge between collapse and wonder, and the crew of the aging gunship Rocinante have their hands more than full keeping the fragile peace. In the vast space between Earth and Jupiter, the inner planets a...
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    • ASIN: B06XKN9G27

  • X-Men: The Dark Phoenix Saga (Uncanny X-Men (1963-2011))

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  • The Last Coyote (A Harry Bosch Novel Book 4)

    Best Tv Series Last Decade

    • ASIN: B000FC1MM8

  • The Story of the Lost Child: Neapolitan Novels, Book Four

    Best Tv Series Last Decade

    • ASIN: B079MHR4RT

  • Maisie Dobbs

    "A female investigator every bit as brainy and battle-hardened as Lisbeth Salander." —Maureen Corrigan, NPR's Fresh Air, on Maisie DobbsMaisie Dobbs got her start as a maid in an aristocratic London household when she was thirteen. Her employer, suffragette Lady Rowan Compton, soon became her patron, taking the remarkably bright youngster under her wing. Lady Rowan's friend, Maurice Blanche, often retained as an investigator by the European elite, recognized Maisie’s intuitive gifts and helped her earn admission to the prestigious Girton College in Cambridge, where Maisie planned to complete her education. The outbreak of war changed ev...
    Best Tv Series Last Decade

    • ASIN: 1616954078
    • Brand: Winspear Jacqueline

  • Y: The Last Man Book One

    Y: The Last Man, winner of three Eisner Awards and one of the most critically acclaimed, best-selling comic books series of the last decade, is that rare example of a page-turner that is at once humorous, socially relevant and endlessly surprising.Written by Brian K. Vaughan (Lost, Pride of Baghdad, Ex Machina) and with art by Pia Guerra, this is the saga of Yorick Brown—the only human survivor of a planet-wide plague that instantly kills every mammal possessing a Y chromosome. Accompanied by a mysterious government agent, a brilliant young geneticist and his pet monkey, Ampersand, Yorick travels the world in search of his lost love and th...
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    • ASIN: 140125151X
    • Brand: Vaughan, Brian K./ Guerra, Pia (ILT)/ Marzan, Jose

  • Hunt for the Skinwalker: Science Confronts the Unexplained at a Remote Ranch in Utah

    The author of the controversial bestseller Brain Trust brings his scientific expertise to the chilling true story of unexplained phenomena on Utah's Skinwalker Ranch -- and challenges us with a new vision of reality.For more than fifty years, the bizarre events at a remote Utah ranch have ranged from the perplexing to the wholly terrifying. Vanishing and mutilated cattle. Unidentified Flying Objects. The appearance of huge, otherworldly creatures. Invisible objects emitting magnetic fields with the power to spark a cattle stampede. Flying orbs of light with dazzling maneuverability and lethal consequences. For one family, life on the Skinwalk...
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    • ASIN: 1416505210
    • Brand: Unknown

  • STORY MAPS: TV Drama: The Structure of the One-Hour Television Pilot (Volume 4)

    Daniel Calvisi brings his Story Maps screenwriting method to television as he breaks down the structure of the TV drama pilot, citing case studies from the most popular, ground-breaking series of recent years, including THE WALKING DEAD, GAME OF THRONES, HOUSE OF CARDS, TRUE DETECTIVE, BREAKING BAD, MR. ROBOT, SCANDAL and MAD MEN. Story Maps: TV Drama offers the first beat sheet for television screenwriters ("Save the Cat" for TV). This is the structural template that aspiring and professional TV writers have been looking for. A clear, practical, step-by-step method to write a pilot that adheres to Hollywood standards. How to write a TV pilot...
    Best Tv Series Last Decade

    • ASIN: 0983626685

  • The Last Town (Wayward Pines)

    The third book in the internationally bestselling series that inspired the Fox TV show.Secret Service agent Ethan Burke arrived in Wayward Pines, Idaho, three weeks ago. In this town, people are told who to marry, where to live, where to work. Their children are taught that David Pilcher, the town’s creator, is god. No one is allowed to leave; even asking questions can get you killed.But Ethan has discovered the astonishing secret of what lies beyond the electrified fence that surrounds Wayward Pines and protects it from the terrifying world beyond. It is a secret that has the entire population completely under the control of a madman and h...
    Best Tv Series Last Decade

    • ASIN: 1477822585
    • Brand: imusti

  • Avatar - The Last Airbender: The Complete Series (DVD)

    Go back to the beginning to experience the epic saga of Avatar: The Last Airbender again with this complete collection! From the discovery of Avatar Aang in the frozen iceberg to the mastery of all four elements, from the battle at Ba Sing Se to the final showdown with the Fire Nation, your destiny awaits as you relive all the powerful bending that will blow you away once
    Best Tv Series Last Decade
    The Last Airbender complete series features 61 episodes on 16 discs

    • UPC: 46071596
    • Model: PARD59172274D
    • Color: YOther
    • Rating: 3.829

  • The Office: The Complete Series (DVD)

    A favorite of critics and audiences alike, The Office is a hilarious documentary-style look at the humorous and sometimes poignant foolishness that plagues the 9-to-5 world. Relive every one of your favorite moments, including Michaels (Steve Carell) infamous encounter with a breakfast grill, Dwights (Rainn Wilson) power plays, Jims (John Krasinksi) pranks, Andys (Ed Helms) struggles with anger management, and of course, Pam (Jenna Fischer) and Jims evolving romance. Developed for American television by Primetime Emmy-award winner Greg Daniels, The Office: The Complete Series includes all 201 episodes on 38 discs, plus bonus commentaries, webisodes, blooper reels and over 15
    Best Tv Series Last Decade
    The Office: The Complete Series (DVD)

    • UPC: 894173627
    • Model: MCAD61196411D
    • Rating: 5.0

  • Friends: The Complete Series Collection (DVD)

    All the laughs, all the loves, all the lattes - all yours! Settle in with the hilarious and acclaimed series about a family based on friendship. Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross were always there for each other. Now they're here for you in the complete 10-season set of
    Best Tv Series Last Decade
    Coming soon. 

    • UPC: 28805989
    • Color: YOther
    • Rating: 4.605

  • The Andy Griffith Show: Complete Series Collection (DVD)

    Down-home humor and an endearing cast of characters helped to make The Andy Griffith Show one of the most beloved comedies in the history of television. Introduced as a spinoff from The Danny Thomas Show in 1960, The Andy Griffith Show ran for eight seasons in prime time. Widower Andy Taylor divides his time between raising his young son, Opie, and his job as sheriff (and Justice of the Peace) of the sleepy North Carolina town, Mayberry. Andy and Opie live with Andy's Aunt Bee, who serves as a surrogate mother to both father and son. Andy's nervous cousin, Barney
    Best Tv Series Last Decade
    The Andy Griffith Show: Complete Series Collection (DVD)

    • UPC: 48680521
    • Model: 29206629
    • Color: YOther
    • Rating: 4.75

  • Justified: The Complete Series (DVD)

    Details Coming Soon
    Best Tv Series Last Decade
    Justified: The Complete Series (DVD)

    • UPC: 46943553
    • Model: COLD46115D
    • Color: YOther
    • Rating: 4.438

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