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  • Nutrovape Relax | Aromatherapy Inhaler for Relaxation | Helps Reduce Stress & Anxiety, Promotes Calmness | All Natural Lemon Balm, Chamomile & Passion Flower Extract (1 Pack)

    Nutrovape delivers, inhalable nutrients effectively into the lungs. We offer a variety of different devices that let you choose the way you want to feel, provide great health benefits and taste simply amazing. Plus, all of Nutrovape's oils are alcohol-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, and they contain absolutely NO NICOTINE. Although you might get addicted to feeling great all the time!
    Best Tasting E Cig Juice

    • ASIN: B077FD7JRZ
    • Brand: NutroVape
    • UPC: 856715007151

  • LorAnn Oils Gourmet Super Strength Fruit Flavors (No Oils) 1 Dram Variety Bundle #2 (Pack of 12)

    A little goes a long way. LorAnns super strength flavors (also known as candy oils or flavoring oils) are three to four times the strength of water or alcohol-based flavorings or extracts. Note: When substituting this flavors for an extract, use one fourth to one half teaspoon for 1 teaspoon of extract. Use Fruit Natural Flavors In: Hard candy, general candy making, cakes, cookies, frosting, ice cream and a wide variety of other baking and confectionery applications. Kosher certified Gluten-free Soluble in water Appropriate for use in chocolates and coatings...
    Best Tasting E Cig Juice

    • ASIN: B00XRQ2N8G
    • Color: Multi-colored
    • Brand: LorAnn
    • UPC: 778894459807

  • Smooth Vitamin B12 Vape for Energy: All Natural, Vegan-Friendly Vitamin B12 Inhalable Aromatherapy | Great Taste, No Calories, Nicotine Free | Cool Mint Flavor (4 Pack)

    The inhalation science and research behind Smooth Vapes technology goes back a half century and is proven to effectively convert vitamin B12 into vapor. 10-20 puffs is equal to the amount of B12 found in a typical B12 shot. Save yourself money and time compared to B12 injections.
    Best Tasting E Cig Juice

    • ASIN: B07L55WG7X
    • Brand: Smooth B12 Vape
    • UPC: 707129201249

  • One Pack Made in USA Since 1998 Smoke Free(Cocoa Bean Sticks) Menthol Flavor

    Smoke Free Selected from the tender outer layer of the Cocoa Bean.100% tobacco and nicotine free
    Best Tasting E Cig Juice

    • ASIN: B06XG8P623
    • Brand: SMOKE FREE
    • UPC: 713179908816

  • Smokey Mountain Herbal Snuff Pouches - Arctic Mint - 10-Can Box - Nicotine-Free and Tobacco - Great Tasting & Refreshing Tobacco Alternative

    Is Smokey Mountain Safe? Smokey Mountain is considered a safe alternative to smokeless tobacco. Smokey Mountain follows FDA guidelines, and only uses FDA approved "food grade" ingredients. Smokey Mountain is manufactured in an inspected food grade manufacturing facility. What are the Ingredients? Smokey Mountain Snuff - Molasses, corn silk, water , glycerine, salt, flavor/oil (e.g., wintergreen), red clover, sodium bicarbonate, propylene glycol (food grade), ginseng, guarana, food color, methyl & propyl paraban (preservatives) cayenne pepper. Smokey Mountain Pouches - Semolina (wheat), flavor (e.g., peppermint), menthol, chocolate (milk), cor...
    Best Tasting E Cig Juice

    • ASIN: B007T8XNLE
    • Brand: Smokey Mountain
    • UPC: 785923117287

  • American Billy - Green Tea Herbal Cigarettes, 4 Pack Sampler -Non Tobacco - Non Nicotine Cigarette Alternatives - (All 4 Packs of Regular Flavor)

    The BILLY is the first Herbal green cigarette in the United States with No Tobacco and No Nicotine. Developed to help with nicotine addiction, but can be smoked even if not ready to quit. The BILLY is the only herbal non tobacco green tea cigarette on the market, carefully produced, it smokes, lights, flicks like a traditional cigarette. Pioneer + authentic, at a cost 60% lower than the national average of a carton of tobacco cigarettes. Tea Cigarettes contain tar and carbon monoxide.
    Best Tasting E Cig Juice

    • ASIN: B01D5TBAPQ
    • Color: Green
    • Brand: BILLY 55 LLC, USA
    • UPC: 863307000100

  • Nutriair B-Complex B12 Inhaler - Nutritional Aromatherapy Pen with CoQ10 - Essential B Vitamin/Energy Supplement - B12, B6, B2, B1 - Nicotine Free, Great Tasting Flavor with NO Calories - (1 Pack)

    - What is Nutriair? It is a nutritional supplement inhaler filled with vitamins and nutrients that can be used daily or whenever it is needed! Know this is NOT an e-cigarette. There is absolutely ZERO nicotine and our technology allows us to deliver nutritional supplement via a nano mist. - Nutriair B-Complex with CoQ10 is a combination of essential B vitamins and antioxidants that help support the production of cellular energy. Our invigorating blend consists of natural Vitamin B-12, natural Vitamin B-6, natural Vitamin B-2, natural Vitamin B-1, and natural CoQ10. - Nutriair will not only be absorbed into your body faster through inhalat...
    Best Tasting E Cig Juice

    • ASIN: B0789T9QR5
    • Color: Gray
    • Brand: Nutriair
    • UPC: 856715007526

  • One Pack Made in USA Since 1998 100% Nicotine Free(Cocoa Bean Cigarettes) Regular Flavor

    Smoke Free Selected from the tender outer layer of the Cocoa Bean.100% tobacco and nicotine free
    Best Tasting E Cig Juice

    • ASIN: B00IJILE9Q
    • Color: Brown
    • Brand: SMOKE FREE
    • UPC: 713001478944

  • LorAnn Super strength Flavors YOU Pick the Flavors (12 Pack) plus 1 dram dropper

    1 dram = .125 fluid ounces. These super strength flavors are 3-4 times stronger than grocery store extracts. A little bit of LorAnn flavorings goes a long way. They are not diluted and do not contain vegetable oil. They are gluten free, certified kosher and all are sugar free except for the maple. Perfect for hard candy making, fondants, frosting, chocolate and baked goods. The following are the flavors we offer: Almond - Amaretto -Anise Oil - Apple - Apricot - Banana Cream - Bavarian Creme - Blackberry - Black Cherry-Black Walnut - Blueberry -Bourbon-Brandy - Bubble Gum - Butter - Butter Rum - Buttered Popcorn - Butterscotch - Cake Batter-Ca...
    Best Tasting E Cig Juice

    • ASIN: B007HSDNS4
    • Brand: LorAnn

  • Liquid Calm Juice | for Stress Relief, Mild Relaxation, and Anxiety | 30Ml | with Benefits of Orange, Lavender, and Chamomile Essential Oils

    WHAT IS LIQUID CALM? It is a Stress Management and Relaxation juice designed to promote mental clarity and relaxation while melting away stress, anxiety and body tension.WHY IT IS IMPORTANT TO REDUCE STRESS AND ANXIETY: Reducing stress and anxiety improves sleep, reduces irritability, improves interpersonal relationships with co-workers and family members, and increases an individual's productivity. Liquid Calm stress management formula will help you stay centered, calm and relaxed. Liquid Calm combines Chamomile, Lavender and Orange essential oils known for their relaxation properties. Chamomile is widely regarded as a mild tranquilizer an...
    Best Tasting E Cig Juice

    • ASIN: B07SQHX1GL
    • Brand: Smart Sellics
    • UPC: 762444620021

  • E-Juice Recipes & Cookbook: How to Make the Best Tasting e-Liquid Ever! - eBook

    Even though the e cigarettes were invented in the 60’s, they are considered relatively new technology because it did not take off until a decade ago. However, it is catching on fast. This book will give you an inside look at the world of vaping and e-liquid in particular. It will answer your questions on the ingredients of e-liquids and why they are safer than tobacco. It will even give you tips on saving money by making your own juice and nicotine. You will learn: • How to get started • What equipment you need • What ingredients you need
    Best Tasting E Cig Juice
    E-Juice Recipes & Cookbook: How to Make the Best Tasting e-Liquid Ever! - eBook

    • UPC: 990242834


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