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  • Febreze FHT170W HEPA-Type Tabletop Air Purifier

    Febreze HEPA-Type tabletop air purifier captures up to 99% of airborne particles such as dust, pollen, smoke & pet dander. Adds Febreze fresh scent to the filtered air. Febreze freshness scent control dial. HEPA-Type filter w/ integrated pre-filter.
    Best Tabletop Air Purifier

    • ASIN: B00OE7P5CI
    • Color: white
    • Brand: Febreze
    • UPC: 784331809876

  • Honeywell HEPAClean Tabletop 13' x 13' Room Air Purifier

    Honeywell HEPA Clean Air Purifier captures up to 99% of microscopic particles from the air that passes through the filter, as small as 2 microns. The convenient countertop size is perfect for small rooms, such as a home office, small bedroom or nursery. Filters and circulates air up to 5x per hour in rooms up to 85 sq. ft. Only one Dual-action filter required for airborne pollutants and odor reduction.cfmTobacco Smoke: 55,Dust: 68,Pollen: 65
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    • ASIN: B06ZXT139R
    • Color: White
    • Brand: Honeywell
    • UPC: 092926102708

  • Honeywell HPA020B Tabletop Air Purifier, Black

    Honeywell air purifiers are often recommended by physicians as part of an overall allergy treatment program. Our highly effective air purifiers capture 99.97Percent of the microscopic particles (0.3 microns and larger) that pass through their filters. Honeywell true HEPA air purifiers are efficient at capturing airborne pollutants like dust, pollen, pet dander, mold spores, and tobacco, cooking and fireplace smoke particles. This HPA020B also captures certain bacteria and virus from the air passing through the filters. Compact size is perfect for small rooms like home office or nursery. This air purifier uses a mechanical filtration process -...
    Best Tabletop Air Purifier

    • ASIN: B076X18PGC
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Honeywell
    • UPC: 092926020019

  • Germ Guardian AC4100 11" 3-in-1 True HEPA Filter Small Air Purifier for Home, Small Rooms, UV-C Light Kills Germs, Filters Allergies, Dust, Pet Dander, & Odors, 1-Yr Wty, GermGuardian, Silver

    BREATHE FRESH AND CLEANER AIR GermGuardian air purifiers kill germs and viruses, filter odors, and trap allergens with a True HEPA filter and optional UV-C light to deliver crisp, refreshing air to your home. POWERFUL AND CUSTOMIZABLE Your at-home comfort can be customized with 3 speed settings and an optional UV-C light on an easy-to-use knob. Made for small rooms up to 78 sq. feet. WHY USE GENUINE GERMGUARDIAN FILTER REPLACEMENTS Your purifier is only as powerful and effective as the filter you put inside, and our Genuine GermGuardian replacement parts are essential for maintaining product performance. Each filter or bulb is designed specif...
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    • ASIN: B00G7VNO86
    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: Guardian Technologies
    • UPC: 817624010274

  • Pure Enrichment PureZone 3-in-1 True HEPA Air Purifier - 3 Speeds Plus UV-C Air Sanitizer - Eliminates Dust, Pollen, Smoke, Household Odors and More - with Whisper-Quiet Operation and Auto Off Timer

    Pure Zone safely sanitizes the air in your home or office in a few short hours making it more breathable, enjoyable, and even healthier. The sleek, modern design complements any decor and is fully customizable with three speed settings and an automatic timer to conserve energy and extend the life of the 3-in-1 air filter. Thanks to True HEPA filtration–which is proven to eliminate 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns–Pure Zone provides a perfect solution for making the air more comfortable for people who suffer from allergies, asthma or other breathing issues. Pure Zone is backed by Pure Enrichment's industry-leading 5-Year Warrant...
    Best Tabletop Air Purifier

    • ASIN: B01JKDAN2M
    • Color: White
    • Brand: Pure Enrichment
    • UPC: 853975005569

  • Febreze FHT190W HEPA-Type Tower Air Purifier

    Febreze HEPA-Type tower air purifier captures up to 99% of airborne particles such as dust, pollen, smoke & pet dander. Adds Febreze fresh scent to the filtered air. Frebreze freshness scent control dial. HEPA-Type filter w/ integrated pre-filter.
    Best Tabletop Air Purifier

    • ASIN: B00OP292QC
    • Color: White
    • Brand: Febreze
    • UPC: 092926001902

  • SilverOnyx Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter, Air Quality Monitor, UVC Sanitizer, Ionizer, Home Air Cleaner for Allergies, Pets, Smoke, Dust, Mold. Carbon Filter for Large Room 500 sq ft. Black

    The all new SilverOnyx HEPA Air Cleaner with Powerful H13 HEPA Filtration and Ionizer captures 99.97% of dust and allergens up to 0.3 microns including ultra-fine dust, smoke, pet dander, mold spores, allergens, plant pollens, cooking, and other household odors.Five Powerful Filtration Stages:1 > Mesh 'pre-filter' captures larger particles such as hair and pet dander2 > H13 HEPA filter removes 99.97% of ultra fine particles, dust, and allergens3 > Activated carbon filter removes odors, chemicals, and contaminants to provide fresh, clean air4 > Anion generator releases negatively charged molecules that attach to/inactivate airborne allergens a...
    Best Tabletop Air Purifier

    • ASIN: B06XG4Z87P
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: SilverOnyx

  • VEVA 8000 Elite Pro Series Air Purifier HEPA Filter & 4 Premium Activated Carbon Pre Filters Removes Allergens, Smoke, Dust, Pet Dander & Odor Complete Tower Air Cleaner Home & Office, 325 Sq Ft.

    Keep the air in your home fresh, clean and safe using the VEVA 8000 Elite Pro Series Air Purifier with HEPA Filter and Premium Activated Carbon Pre-filters! Pet owners, smokers, people suffering from asthma or allergies trust VEVA for their needs, whether to remove odors, smells, allergens, pet hair, dust or smoke from their household. ► HEPA Filter - The VEVA 8000 offers the most affordable & longest lasting replacement HEPA filter of any full-size air purifier which captures airborne particles, as small as 0. 3 microns in size including pollen, bacteria, mold spores, dust, pet dander, and smoke. ► Eliminate Odor - Premium activated carb...
    Best Tabletop Air Purifier

    • ASIN: B01N4IRIWK
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: VEVA
    • UPC: 616010960991

  • LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home Smokers Allergies and Pets Hair, True HEPA Filter, Quiet in Bedroom, Filtration System Cleaner Eliminators, Odor Smoke Dust Mold, Night Light, Black, 2-Yr Warranty,LV-H132

    Love fresh air? Bring it inside Whether in your living room, atop a small nightstand, or right next to you at your work, let the LEVOIT LV-H132 Air Purifier do its work, choose from low, medium, or high fan speed settings. Three stages of filtration (Fine Preliminary, True HEPA, Activated Carbon filters) tackle 99.97% of particles and odors. Enjoy a cleaned-up breathing space all around it, and sit back knowing there’s a 2-year warranty that comes with lifetime support from Levoit customer service. When to change the filter On average, the filter should be replaced every 6 months and is available for purchase (Search for: LV-H132-RF); the a...
    Best Tabletop Air Purifier

    • ASIN: B0788GPZPB
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: LEVOIT
    • UPC: 817915022511

  • Honeywell HFD-120-Q QuietClean Oscillating Air Purifier with Permanent Washable Filters

    Best Tabletop Air Purifier

    • ASIN: B000ANEPYO
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Honeywell
    • UPC: 090271001202

  • Febreze Tabletop Air Purifier, White, FHT170W Solution Bundle

    Febreze Air Purifiers are the only air purifiers specially designed to powerfully clean the air, eliminate odors and add freshening with Febreze scent. Breathe cleaner air, breathe
    Best Tabletop Air Purifier
    Febreze Tabletop Air Purifier, White, FHT170W:Specially designed to powerfully clean the airEliminates odorsAdds freshening with Febreze scentBreathe cleaner

    • UPC: 39176131
    • Rating: 4.27

  • Febreze Tabletop Air Purifier with Scent Cartridge and Filter Value Bundle

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    • UPC: 47210783
    • Color: White
    • Rating: 4.24

  • GermGuardian AC5250PT 3-in-1 Air Purifier with Pet Pure True HEPA Filter, UVC Sanitizer, Captures Allergens, Smoke, Odors, Mold, Dust, Germs, Pets, Smokers, 28" Digital Germ Guardian Home Air Purifier

    More than an air filter, the Germ Guardian 3 in 1 Air Purifier with 28" Pet Pure Filter will help keep the air in your home clean and fresh. This unit includes a specially-treated, multi-layer, complete filter that captures allergens, controls odors and fungi on the surface of the filter. The gray Germ Guardian 3-in-1 Air Purifier can also help to remove common home odors like smoke and more. Meanwhile the UV-C light in kills viruses as they pass through the system, leaving the air in your home safer and free from harmful bacteria. The Germ Guardian Digital Air Purifier
    Best Tabletop Air Purifier
    Germ Guardian 3-in-1 Digital HEPA Air Purifier with 28" Pet Pure Filter, Gray:TrueHEPA + Pet Pure? Treatment: True HEPA captures 99.97% of allergens includingpet dander, dust mites and pollen. The Pet Pure? is an antimicrobial agentadded to the filter to inhibit the growth of mold, mildew and odor-causingbacteria on the surface of the filter.Charcoalfilter reduces common odors from pets, smoking and cookingUV-Clight technology works with Titanium Dioxide to kill airborne bacteria,viruses, germs and mold spores28 inch digital tower with 5 speeds isbest used for medium to large rooms and CADR rated 125+Only onesingle filter needs to be replaced every 6-8

    • UPC: 22638736
    • Model: AC5250PT
    • Color: Black
    • Size: 0002.000002.000
    • Rating: 4.361

  • Febreze Tabletop Air Purifier with Replacement Filter 2 pack

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    • UPC: 47210762
    • Color: White
    • Rating: 4.26

  • Air Purifier for Home with True HEPA Filter, Odor Allergies Eliminator for Smokers, Smoke, Dust, Mold, Pets, Air Cleaner with Optional Night Light, US-120V, White, 2-Year Warranty

    This Morpilot High Efficiency Air Purifier will help clean the air you breathe. It constantly absorbs pollutants and captures up to 99.97% of air particles less than 0.3 microns, including bacteria, allergens, fungi, pollen, smoke, dandruff and dust. It can absorb volatile organic compounds, gases and odors, capture larger particles, and last for three months to obtain the best performance. This black air purifier has a quiet operation. It can circulate indoor air five times an hour. It has five air cleanliness levels and turbine cleanliness settings. The Energy Star Certification Equipment is recommended for very large rooms, which can
    Best Tabletop Air Purifier
    100% ozone free, does not use UV or ions which produce trace amounts of measurable ozone, a harmful air pollutant5 Speed Settings provide options for various conditions1-year buyer assurance (with a free option to extend it by 1 more year) and lifetime support; CARB, ETL&FCC-approved. Note: please remove the plastic bag of the HEPA filter and charcoal filter before running the air

    • UPC: 570126665
    • Model: w02038
    • Color: WhiteBlack
    • Size: 10*10*1710
    • Rating: 4.563

  • PurATron Best Air YD-705 Air Purifier Cleaner

    • UPC: 153546818930
    • Category: Air Purifiers
    • Price: 74 USD

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    Sign up for massdrop through my link and get a $10 off coupon to use right away: The Germ Guardian AC4100 offers a 3-in-1 filter system which incorporates 3...
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