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  • SNOWCREST Pocket Scratch Box Turkey Hunting Call With Finest Cedar Available SC541

    This handy, pocket-size scratch box in hand-made and tuned, made of the finest cedar available. It is incredibly easy to use and it does the same quality job as the big boys. The call was developed and field tested over time to provide a quality "small" call with big-box call sound that you can easily carry in your shirt or jacket pocket. It will make every turkey call you need except the gobble. So easy to use that you'll make turkey sounds immediately and then "practice makes perfect." Comes with instructions to make yelps, clucks, purrs and cackles. An excellent call for a beginner or pro....
    Best Scratch Box Turkey Call

    • Brand: SNOWCREST
    • UPC: 852664406601

  • Lynch World Champion Turkey Box Call

    Make turkeys come running with the Lynch World Champion 102F turkey call. This mahogany wood box call has a center pivot lid that allows you to produce hen calls on one side and gobbler calls on the other. This call has been a favorite for more than 75 years and is great for beginners as well as seasoned veterans.
    Best Scratch Box Turkey Call

    • ASIN: B0000AVYZE
    • Color: Brown
    • Brand: Lynch
    • UPC: 089797010263

  • Tom Gaskins Turkey Call "The Classic One Piece Hand Tuned Box Call

    For true turkey hunters, this great American classic was invented by Tom Gaskins, Sr. in 1946. This one piece box call, often called "The Classic," is still being made in south Florida by the Gaskins family and will not disappoint. It is more like an instrument than any other call on the market. It is easy to use and the call you are least likely to make a mistake on. As with any instrument, they're even better with time and practice. "The bottom line, IT HAS TONE. This call has VERSATILITY OF TONE like no other we know of. The relationship of the striker to the box is not fixed as with many calls. Toward the end of the tone board, and also t...
    Best Scratch Box Turkey Call

    • ASIN: B01BJYRY72
    • Brand: Tom Gaskins Turkey Call
    • UPC: 792382302383

  • FOXPRO Osage Slate Hickory Osage Slate Pot Turkey Call with Hickory Striker

    FOXPRO osage pot call is a great addition to any serious turkey Hunter's arsenal. The osage pot call is capable of superior sound quality, volume, and realism, the osage slate pot call is available with a one-piece Hickory striker or a Diamondwood striker. The osage crystal pot call is only available with a two-piece Purple heart striker. Both the osage slate and crystal pot calls feature a glass tone board underneath the calling surface. The osage pot call is able to produce soft and subtle purrs, putts, and Tree yelps, yet still offers incredible volume for cuts, clucks, and loud yelps to locate gobblers. The osage pot call features sound p...
    Best Scratch Box Turkey Call

    • ASIN: B0789FP34W
    • Brand: FOXPRO
    • UPC: 831621006344

  • FOXPRO Ghost Spur Combo Pack Ghost Spur Turkey Call Combo Pack

    FOXPRO crooked spur Series mouth calls offer a wide range of tone, pitch, and realism and are easy to use. Turkey hunters know when prophylactic is stretched properly it can produce the most realistic sounds available in a diaphragm call. Our crooked spur Series calls offer a combination of prophylactic and latex to give you the best advantage in the woods. They feature a pad printed design on each call and are offered in their own unique color for quickly choosing the right call. Each crooked spur Series mouth call is individually stretched and hand made to ensure a perfect call every time. The crooked spur Series is proudly made in the USA....
    Best Scratch Box Turkey Call

    • ASIN: B0789696CG
    • Brand: FOXPRO
    • UPC: 831621006399

  • FOXPRO Dagger Spur Glass/Slate Turkey Call

    FOXPRO dagger spur glass pot call is a two-in-one call which offers versatility and realistic sound. The dagger spur is offered in glass over slate and comes with a two-piece Purple heart striker. The dagger spur is a tip-over call, meaning you are able to make a sound on each surface of the call. This gives you a slate call and a glass call all in one. The FOXPRO dagger spur is proudly made in the USA.
    Best Scratch Box Turkey Call

    • ASIN: B078954MM4
    • Brand: FOXPRO
    • UPC: 831621006306

  • FOXPRO The Mighty Box Osage Turkey Box Call

    The mighty box call offers incredible volume with high-quality sound. The osage paddle mighty box call features a cut-out bottom for increased volume and range. The osage paddle features a laser engraved design. The mighty box call is lightweight and compact, yet still offers incredible volume and long-range capabilities. The FOXPRO mighty box call is proudly made in the USA.
    Best Scratch Box Turkey Call

    • ASIN: B0789R3NF3
    • Brand: FOXPRO
    • UPC: 831621006320

  • Blue Hunter Chalk for Scratch Box Calls Sc512 Made in USA

    Approximately 2.25 inches round and 1 oz. This specially-selected Carpenter's Chalk will give you the very best results with your box call. Simply apply liberally to the surface of the striker on your box call. And remember to keep it handy in your hunting kit so you;ve got it with you when you need it. (Depending on variety, this item will be white or blue)
    Best Scratch Box Turkey Call

    • ASIN: B012TLSVVC
    • Color: Blue

  • Hunters Specialties H.S. Strut Dead Hooks Glass Pan Turkey Call

    The H.S. Strut® Dead Hooks Glass Pan Call produces exceptional high pitch quality hen sounds with excellent volume to make a gobbler respond. Includes two (2) H.S. Strut® strikers: both Carbon and wood. Create versatile and authentic turkey sounds by changing-up these Surface Grabbing strikers to attract those love struck toms. Made in the U.S.A.
    Best Scratch Box Turkey Call

    • Brand: Hunters Specialties
    • UPC: 021291070534

  • STRUT COMMANDER Tempest Turkey Box Call

    Our calls are inspired by pros with one goal — enticing a Tom into the range of the hunter. The Strut Commander Pros chase all species of turkeys across America, tricking the long beards into looking for that hen. Strut Commander incorporates what we learn from our hunts back into these calls for all to use in their neck of the woods. We pride ourselves on making products that can be used by rookies, weekend warriors and seasoned pros alike. We know that if properly used, the combination of our calls and a steady aim will help you successfully fill your tags and your dinner plates....
    Best Scratch Box Turkey Call

    • ASIN: B07P91Y1GK
    • Color: Multi
    • UPC: 040444514152


    The Primos Turkey Call Starter Pak is great for beginners and advanced hunters. There are several Primos mouth calls included in the pack that make it easier to lure in wild turkeys during hunts. There is a different turkey hunting call for each situation. A double-sided box turkey hunting call is ideal for mid-range
    Best Scratch Box Turkey Call

    • UPC: 22081565
    • Model: 272
    • Color: NAOther
    • Size: standard
    • Rating: 4.714

  • Quaker boy the box turkey call

    Lure prey directly into your line of sight with the Quaker Boy The Box Call. This powerful, pocket-sized tool draws game out into direct view by producing realistic sounds. The game call is made from wood, with a compact size for effortless transport in the field. The tool is ideal for both novice and veteran turkey
    Best Scratch Box Turkey Call
    Quaker Boy The Box Call:Compact and easy to useConvenient and productiveIdeal for any hunterPocket-sized hunting

    • UPC: 37334369
    • Model: 13603
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Rating: 5.0

  • Flextone Freak Nasty Diaphram Turkey Call

    The Flextone Turkey Call takes the work out of finding your prey. It is a must for calling in the big gobblers. This turkey hunting call features a diaphragm with a double batwing cut that has plenty of backbone for super and aggressive calling. It also has enough versatility to sweet talk birds with soft yelps and clucks. This package contains one diaphragm with three latex
    Best Scratch Box Turkey Call
    Triple reed with double batwing cutLoud, super raspy cuts, yelps and cacklesDeep tones for soft clucks and

    • UPC: 20450333
    • Model: FG-TURK-00022
    • Color: White
    • Rating: 1.0

  • Flextone Spur Collector Diaphram Turkey Call

    Make hunting trips more successful with Flextone Michael Waddell Turkey Calls. This powerful device draws the birds directly to you. The Flextone turkey call is constructed of sturdy, durable latex. Its slim cut makes it easy and comfortable to use. It's small and fits in your pocket for easy carrying. The volume can be increased with simple
    Best Scratch Box Turkey Call
    Triple reed with V-cutLoud, super raspy cuts, yelps and cacklesDeep tones during soft clucks and purrsVersatile and

    • UPC: 21345827
    • Model: FG-TURK-00023
    • Color: BlankOther
    • Rating: 4.0

  • Hunters Specialties H.S. Strut Turkey Box Call Chalk

    Box Call Chalk is one four-inch stick that is easy to use and locate when tuning your favorite traditional box call lid and side(s) for purrrfect turkey yelps, clucks and
    Best Scratch Box Turkey Call
    Hunters Specialties started in 1977 with a dream and one product - No-Mar Camo Gun & Bow Tape. Today the company produces over 500 different products and reaches markets all over the world. Hunters Specialties created the highly successful Camo-Compact concept in 1984, which put multi-color camouflage makeup in a pocket-size compact with a built-in mirror. It instantly became a must-have for hunters, television and movie producers and all branches of the military. A custom-designed compact was even used in Operation Desert Storm. Hunters Specialties entered the rapidly growing wild turkey call business in 1985. In 1988 H.S. designed a

    • UPC: 13228592
    • Model: 06864W
    • Color: nonspecificOther

  • Slate Call Instructional Video

    This is an Instructional video about how to use a Flextone Glass or Slate Turkey Call. Although the Flextone call used in the video may not be your exact call, the technique used to produce the sou...
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    Scratch box turkey call

    These are my scratch boxes I make. I have them available about all the time. Price is $30.00 with $ 8.00 Shipping. Contact me at [email protected] or a FB message is good to.
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    How to use a scratch box turkey call

    Russell Beard from Beard Hunter Calls dimonstrates how to use a scratch box turkey call. He demonstrates how to cluck, purr and yelp on the call.