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  • Principles of Risk Management and Insurance (12th Edition) (Pearson Series in Finance)

    Intended primarily for undergraduate courses in Risk Management and Insurance, this text also provides practical content to current and aspiring industry professionals. Principles of Risk Management and Insurance is the market-leading text, focusing primarily on the consumers of insurance, and blending basic risk management and insurance principles with consumer considerations. The twelfth edition provides an in-depth treatment of major risk management and insurance topics. Coverage includes a discussion of basic concepts of risk and insurance, introductory and advanced topics in risk management, functional and financial operations of insure...
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    • ASIN: 0132992914
    • Brand: Pearson

  • The Intelligent Investor, Rev. Ed

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  • Managing Project Risk: Best Practices for Architects and Related Professionals

    Discover the benefits of effective risk management practices Risk management may not be a standard course in architecture school, but it is an essential concern for architects and related professionals working today. Managing Project Risk is a key resource for integrating good risk management into professional practice. Based on a popular series of articles in AIArchitect, this accessible volume offers an on-the-ground perspective of what can happen on the job and what architects can do to prevent or mitigate threatening conditions and events. With an engaging, non-legalistic style, authors Atkins and Simpson draw upon their considerable ex...
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    • ASIN: 047027381X

  • Risk Management Handbook: (FAA-H-8083-2 Change 1) (FAA Handbooks Series)

    This Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) handbook provides tools to help pilots determine and assess each situation for the safest possible flight with the least amount of risk.
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    • ASIN: 1619545071
    • Brand: Brand: Aviation Supplies and Academics, Inc.

  • Loonshots: How to Nurture the Crazy Ideas That Win Wars, Cure Diseases, and Transform Industries

    * Recommended by Bill Gates, Daniel Kahneman, and Tim Ferriss * A Wall Street Journal bestseller * Next Big Idea Club selection—chosen by Malcolm Gladwell, Susan Cain, Dan Pink, and Adam Grant as one of the "two most groundbreaking new nonfiction reads of the season" What do James Bond and Lipitor have in common? What can we learn about human nature and world history from a glass of water?In Loonshots, physicist and entrepreneur Safi Bahcall reveals a surprising new way of thinking about the mysteries of group behavior that challenges everything we thought we knew about nurturing radical breakthroughs.Drawing on the science of phase transit...
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    • ASIN: B07D2BKVQR

  • Merger Masters: Tales of Arbitrage (Columbia Business School Publishing)

    Merger Masters presents revealing profiles of monumentally successful merger investors based on exclusive interviews with some of the greatest minds to practice the art of arbitrage. Michael Price, John Paulson, Paul Singer, and others offer practical perspectives on how their backgrounds in the risk-conscious world of merger arbitrage helped them make their biggest deals. They share their insights on the discipline that underlies their fortunes, whether they practice the “plain vanilla” strategy of announced deals, the aggressive strategy of activist investment, or any strategy in between on the risk spectrum.Merger Masters delves into t...
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  • Risk Management for Health/Fitness Professionals: Legal Issues and Strategies

    Laws and legal issues in the health and fitness arena become clear with this well-organized text. You will learn invaluable risk management strategies to promote safer programs and environments. You will discover and expand your knowledge of many legal concerns related to emergency procedures, employment, equipment, and facility issues, pre-activity health screening, fitness testing and prescription, and instruction and supervision. Real-life health/fitness case law examples provide practical and useful illustrations of negligence to help you understand and minimize your legal liability.Features Include :A first-time-ever summary of important...
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    • ASIN: 078178364X
    • Brand: Brand: Lippincott Williams Wilkins

  • Emotional Intelligence 2.0

    In today's fast-paced world of competitive workplaces and turbulent economic conditions, each of us is searching for effective tools that can help us to manage, adapt, and strike out ahead of the pack. By now, emotional intelligence (EQ) needs little introduction—it’s no secret that EQ is critical to your success. But knowing what EQ is and knowing how to use it to improve your life are two very different things.Emotional Intelligence 2.0 delivers a step-by-step program for increasing your EQ via four, core EQ skills that enable you to achieve your fullest potential:1) Self-Awareness2) Self-Management3) Social Awareness4) Relationship Man...
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    • ASIN: 0974320625
    • Brand: TalentSmart

  • Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World

    The #1 New York Times bestseller that examines how people can champion new ideas—and how leaders can fight groupthink, from the author of Give and Take and co-author of Option B“Reading Originals made me feel like I was seated across from Adam Grant at a dinner party, as one of my favorite thinkers thrilled me with his insights and his wonderfully new take on the world.” —Malcolm Gladwell, author of Outliers and The Tipping Point“Originals is one of the most important and captivating books I have ever read, full of surprising and powerful ideas. It will not only change the way you see the world; it might just change the way you ...
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  • The New Trading for a Living : Psychology, Discipline, Trading Tools and Systems, Risk Control, Trade Management

    "Updates a modern classic, popular worldwide among both private and institutional traders. This revised and expanded book brings time-tested concepts in gear with today's fast-moving markets, adding new studies and techniques for the modern trader"--Back of
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    The best-selling trading book of all time--updated for the new eraThe New Trading for a Living updates a modern classic, popular worldwide among both private and institutional traders. This revised and expanded edition brings time-tested concepts in gear with today's fast-moving markets, adding new studies and techniques for the modern trader.This classic guide teaches a calm and disciplined approach to the markets. It emphasizes risk management along with self-management and provides clear rules for both. The New Trading for a Living includes templates for rating stock picks, creating trade plans, and rating your own readiness to trade. It provides the

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  • How to Day Trade : A Detailed Guide to Day Trading Strategies, Risk Management, and Trader Psychology

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    Success as a day trader will only come to 10 percent of those who try. Its important to understand why most traders fail so that you can avoid those mistakes. The day traders who lose money in the market are losing because of a failure to either choose the right stocks, manage risk, and find proper entries or follow the rules of a proven strategy. In this book, I will teach you trading techniques that I personally use to profit from the market. Before diving into the trading strategies, we will first build your foundation for success as a trader

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  • How to Not Blow Up Your Trading Account : Definitive Guide to Money and Risk Management for Forex Traders

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    How much are you willing to risk per trade? How much money can you hand to the markets and not lose your sleep, your house and your wife? This is a pretty serious game. Whenever money is involved you will find professionals. These professionals are waiting to take your money, they often are a lot more patient than you. Although sometimes very well regulated, there is no ethic whatsoever in this business where every participant is in it to make money. It is a zero sum game, meaning that there is a loser for every winner. Think about that. Learning

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  • Supply Chain Risk Management : Understanding Emerging Threats to Global Supply Chains

    Get a comprehensive overview of how to identify, analyse and respond to risk, and develop resilience in the supply
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    With increased outsourcing, globalisation, and just-in-time production, the ability to effectively identify, assess and manage risks in the supply chain is more important than ever. Supply Chain Risk Management is a practical learning resource which explores a wide range of external threats to the supply chain such as natural disasters, economic risk, terrorism and piracy. An ideal companion to academic and professional training courses, it presents a robust set of strategies which can minimise and mitigate supply chain risk.Supply Chain Risk Management includes numerous best practice case studies, with each case documenting the company's supply chain or production strategy and

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  • The Art of Preventing Stupid : How to Build a Stronger Business Strategy through Better Risk Management

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    In a world where most businesses fail, The Art of Preventing Stupid offers a system for leaders to solve common business problems before they happen. Author Matthew Neill Davis introduces the Preventing Stupid Method to running a business, a method that guides readers in identifying, categorizing, and prioritizing threats to and weaknesses in their business. This book details how to efficiently prevent and manage potential and present problems and helps business owners and managers learn how to create leads for a more profitable business. You will learn how to seize opportunities rather than wallow in problems that should never have

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  • 164. How to choose a good risk masters program? Alex Sidorenko

    Alex Sidorenko from RISK-ACADEMY talks about various criteria for selecting risk management master programs. What are your top 3 criteria? How do you select risk management education? - - - - - -...
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    Risk Management for Schools

    The Bradley Group's MD Jan Mills discusses the help we can provide for schools and others operating in Education. Music Groundwork Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: ...

    Risk Management for Schools

    VML Insurance Programs provides total risk management for Virginia schools.