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  • Harris Bed Bug Killer, Liquid Spray with Odorless and Non-Staining Formula (Gallon)

    Harris Bed Bug Killer, Liquid Spray with Odorless and Non-Staining Extended Residual Kill Formula (Gallon)
    Best Powder To Kill Bed Bugs

    • ASIN: B003YHKY9I
    • Color: Yellow
    • Brand: Harris
    • UPC: 072725000238

  • Harris Bed Bug Killer, Diatomaceous Earth (4lb with Duster)

    Best Powder To Kill Bed Bugs

    • ASIN: B06WD7RL6L
    • Brand: Harris
    • UPC: 072725002676

  • BED BUG, LICE & MITE KILLER SPRAY - 24 oz - Natural Non Toxic - Child & Pet Friendly - Fast Acting - Stain & Odor Free - Best Extended Protection - Industry Approved - Satisfaction Guarantee

    Premo Bed Lice and Mite Killer is a natural, effect, safe bug spray that can be used around your whole house. The bug spray can be used on a large number of different bugs and insects. Dust mites, mite, bird mites, bed bugs, carpet bugs, and scabies. Use on your mattresses, box spring, clothing, laundry, carpets, furniture, luggage, backpacks, garden, yard, safe for the entire home and family. Time, tested, and proven our your money back. I we confident you will agree that our Premo Guard Spray the best on the market. Stop the bleeding and get relief, you deserve peace. To say thanks to our customers, make sure you use the coupon codes for di...
    Best Powder To Kill Bed Bugs

    • ASIN: B072YVN9XW
    • Brand: Premo Guard
    • UPC: 027132216017

  • Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer, Natural Organic Formula Fastest, 16 oz.

    Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer. Kills Bed Bugs. ON CONTACT ✓ ERADICATE BED BUGS IN YOUR HOME - Eco Defense uses a proprietary blend of Natural, Organic, and non-toxic ingredients to Kill Bed Bugs on Contact. Don't let Bed Bugs infest your home and put you and your family at risk. Eco Defense Kills adults, eggs, and nymphs FAST before they have a chance to invade your home or property.✓ ELIMINATE BED BUGS COST EFFECTIVELY - No need to hire an Exterminator using dangerous chemicals and pesticides around your family (** University research has noted that some insects have developed a resistance to widely used insecticides** ). Eco Defense Bed B...
    Best Powder To Kill Bed Bugs

    • ASIN: B00UVZXL2I
    • Brand: Eco Defense
    • UPC: 701385380151

  • $averPak Single - 1 One Quart (32oz) Bottle of JT Eaton Kills Bedbugs, Ticks & Mosquitoes Permethrin Clothing & Gear Treatment Trigger Spray

    Best Powder To Kill Bed Bugs

    • ASIN: B00CZC27UW
    • Brand: $averPak
    • UPC: 852792004779

  • Ortho Home Defense Dual-Action Bed Bug Killer Aerosol Spray, 18-Ounce (Kills Bed Bugs, Fleas, Dust Mites & Stink Bugs)

    Did you know bed bugs are not only classified as a public health pest, but they are also one of the most difficult insects to kill? Over time, bed bugs have developed a resistance to pyrethroids, the most common type of pesticide used for treatment. Have no fear - with Ortho Home Defense Dual-Action Bed Bug Killer, you have a formula that kills even pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs!
    Best Powder To Kill Bed Bugs

    • ASIN: B00F0LFNO2
    • Color: N/A
    • Brand: Ortho
    • UPC: 071549019297

  • Harris Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade, 2lb with Powder Duster Included in The Bag

    It is a naturally occurring mineral that has several industrial & Domestic uses. Natural product - safe for human or animal consumption. This product is manufactured in United States.
    Best Powder To Kill Bed Bugs

    • ASIN: B0728JL9SQ
    • Color: White
    • Brand: Harris
    • UPC: 072725004076

  • Harris 5 Minute Bed Bug Killer Value Bundle Kit - 32oz Liquid Spray, 16oz Foaming Aerosol, 8oz Bed Bug Powder

    All products have been registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
    Best Powder To Kill Bed Bugs

    • ASIN: B07MG39TL4
    • Brand: Harris

  • Harris Bed Bug and Egg Killer, 16oz Aerosol Spray

    Utilizing an epa-approved formula that contains mgk 264 synergist, this spray is specially designed to kill all stages of bed bugs, including the eggs. Simply apply the spray to infested areas, such as Luggage, garments, furniture, drapes, behind wall hangings, & baseboards, & allow it to dry before coming in contact with it again. Designed for indoor use, the spray is safe for use just about anywhere, including homes & non-food areas of restaurants, schools, Nursing homes, hotels, offices, apartments, motels, & hospitals.
    Best Powder To Kill Bed Bugs

    • ASIN: B00634G47K
    • Color: White
    • UPC: 072725000559

  • Ortho 0202510 Home Defense Max Bed Bug, Flea and Tick Killer 0.5 Gal/1.89L

    Defend you home against bed bugs with Ortho home defense bed bug, flea & Tick Killer. It is great for large areas & kills even the toughest parathyroid resistant bed bugs. The formula is non-staining, unscented & dries fast. Use with confidence in bedrooms, closets & family Rooms to kill bed bugs, fleas & brown dog ticks. The continuous spray wand saves time & energy while also allowing you to control bed bugs forup to 2 weeks on carpeted surfaces.
    Best Powder To Kill Bed Bugs

    • ASIN: B01JYT16AA
    • Color: -
    • Brand: Ortho
    • UPC: 071549020255

  • EcoRaider Bed Bug Killer 16OZ Twin-Pack, 100% Efficacy Kills on Contact, Including Eggs and Resistant Type, Residual Protection, Green and Non-Toxic, Children and Pets Safe

    EcoRaider kills bed bug adults and eggs fast and provides extended protection after treatment. It does not compromise on super bugs that have developed resistance against conventional pesticides. It provides a complete solution for bed bug eradication that is green and safe. EcoRaider is not a pesticide. It is a botanical-based safe insect killer that kills tough pests including bed bugs like you have never experienced before. It is easy to use, lethal to insects, but safe for children and pets. It has become the #1 tool preferred by leading pest management professionals and recommended by the USDS IR4 Public
    Best Powder To Kill Bed Bugs
    THE MOST EFFECTIVE BED BUG KILLER - Journal of Economic Entomology published university study confirmed that EcoRaider is the only natural product that kills bed bugs with 100% efficacy; PROVEN THROUGH USDA IR4 PHP PROGRAM - field tested by research entomologists for eradicating bed bug infestations in public housing buildings and recommend for sensitive environment; KILL ALL STAGES INCLUSIVE & EVEN RESISTANT BED BUGS - Kills adults, nymphs fast on contact with 100% efficacy, kills bed bugs that are resistant to traditional pesticides. Highest performance in eliminating bed bug eggs; EXTENDED DRY RESIDUAL PROTECTION - University study shows EcoRaider residual

    • UPC: 983255126
    • Size: 16 OZ Twin-Pack16 fl oz

  • Hot Shot Bed Bug Killer Dust With Diatomaceous Earth, 8-oz

    Keep your sheets free from unwanted pests with Hot Shot Bed Bug Powder. It is very simple to use and kills instantly. This bed bug killer powder works on walls as well as the carpet. No matter where your pest problem rears its ugly head, Hot Shot insecticides are the answer to what’s Bugging you! Hot Shot insecticides offer a Complete lineup of indoor & outdoor solutions to keep unwanted pests out of your home, & out of your life. Hot shot bed bug Killer dust with Diatomaceous earth kills bed bugs by contact. This product also kills fleas, ants,
    Best Powder To Kill Bed Bugs
    Hot Shot Bed Bug Killer Dust With Diatomaceous Earth, 8-ozBED BUG TREATMENT: This dust kills bed bugs, fleas and other listed insects by contactWHERE TO USE: Apply around bed frames, mattresses and box springs, and within cracks and crevices in the sleeping area to kill bed bugs – do not apply to bedding, stuffed animals or toysKILLS A RANGE OF INSECTS: Also kills fleas, cockroaches, ants, earwigs, millipedes, centipedes, crickets, silverfish and other crawling insectsAPPLICATION: Lightly coat in areas where listed pests are found and may hide – keep dryTREAT BED BUGS AS PART OF A CYCLE: For best results,

    • UPC: 103860869
    • Model: HG-96549
    • Color: N/AOther
    • Rating: 5.0

  • EcoRaider All Purpose Insect Killer (16oz) , Fast Kill & Lasting Prevention, Natural & Non-Toxic

    EcoRaider All Purpose Insect Killer is made by Reneotech Inc as a solution for different type of invasive home insects. As a leading innovator in the industry, Reneotech is known for their highly efficacious bio-insecticide line for consumers and professionals to solve the toughest insect problems such as bed bugs, mosquitos, ants and roaches. EcoRaider All Purpose Insect Killer effectively kills ants, beetles, crickets, dermestids, fleas, flies, gnats, lice, midges, mites, moths, silver fish, spiders, springtails, stink bugs, ticks and other insects. Due to repeated use of pesticides over the years, many common insects developed high resistance to multiple classes
    Best Powder To Kill Bed Bugs
    KILLS MULTIPLE TYPES: A broad spectrum botanical bio-insecticide that kills all types of insects including bed bugs.ALL PURPOSE HOME PROTECTION: kills adults insects on contacts and repels many species effectively.HIGH PERFORMANCE AND FAST ACTION: Quickly neutralize the insect’s neuron system and inhibit their mobilityKILL ALL STAGES INCLUSIVE: Kills adults, nymphs and larvae all inclusively!GREEN, NATURAL & NON-TOXIC: Safe to use around children and

    • UPC: 685166679

  • Hot Shot Bed Bug Killer With Egg Kill, Ready-To-Use, 1-gal

    Between the carpool and the couch cushions, you’re the CEO of the home front. Take care of your family – and take care of business, no matter where household pests rear their ugly heads. Show bugs who’s boss with Hot Shot® insecticides. They’re your weapon of choice, giving you the clear advantage within your walls and at the bank. Save the day. Hot Shot Bed Bug Killer With Egg Kill kills bed bugs and bed bug eggs by contact and also offers control of fleas and dust mites. This non-staining, no odor formula can be used for spot treatment of
    Best Powder To Kill Bed Bugs
    BED BUG TREATMENT: Hot Shot Bed Bug Killer With Egg Kill kills bed bugs and bed bug eggs, adult and pre-adult (larvae) fleas and dust mites.USE INDOORS: Spot treat mattress tufts, folds, vent holes, buttons, creases, indentations and seams – do not use on pets.WATER-BASED FORMULA: This non-staining formula leaves no odor.APPLICATION: Spray intended use areas until damp, but do not saturate – inspect the area and apply every two weeks while bed bugs are present.TREAT BED BUGS AS PART OF A CYCLE: For best results, use this product as part of a comprehensive bed bug treatment plan — treating

    • UPC: 303354617
    • Model: HG-96442
    • Color: MulticolorMulti
    • Size: 1 gal1
    • Rating: 2.5

  • Spectracide Bug Stop Indoor Fogger, 6-2-ct

    Spectracide Bug Stop Indoor Fogger kills on contact and controls heavy insect infestations. This aerosol fogger kills crawling, flying and biting insects, including roaches, fleas, ants, brown dog ticks, mosquitoes, houseflies, silverfish, spiders and other listed insects. Spectracide Bug Stop Indoor Fogger dispenses a fine, penetrating mist that reaches deep into cracks and crevices to flush out and kill hidden bugs on contact. This multi-purpose fogger leaves no lingering odor or wet residue. Value pack with 6-2 ounce fogger cans per carton. When used as directed, the clear, non-staining formula will not harm drapes, upholstery, fabrics, carpeting, bedspreads, floor tiles,
    Best Powder To Kill Bed Bugs
    Spectracide Bug Stop Indoor Fogger, 6-2-ozINDOOR FOGGER: Formulated to control heavy infestations – kills crawling, flying and biting insectsKILLS ON CONTACT: Kills roaches, fleas, ants, brown dog ticks, mosquitoes, houseflies, silverfish, spiders and other listed insectsNON-STAINING: Water-based, clear formula leaves no lingering odor or wet residue when used as directed – will not harm furniture, floors, walls or fabricsFINE MIST: Penetrates deep into cracks and crevices to kill hidden bugs on

    • UPC: 16630893
    • Model: HG-67759
    • Color: N/AOther
    • Size: 1 Case(12 oz)12 fl oz
    • Rating: 3.091

  • Best Insect Repellent Powder to Kill Bedbug & Crawling Insect Cockroaches - 4lbs

    • UPC: 254245728513
    • Category: Insecticides
    • Price: 33 USD

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