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  • Bandai Robot Soul Side MS RX-78NT-1FA Gundam NT-1 ver. A. N. I. M. E.- Full Armor Equipment-

    Commodity explanation ■ Gundam NT-1 equipped with additional armor "Chobam ・ Armor". A multi-armored aircraft developed as part of a full-arm operation at the end of the one-year war. Chobam Armor can be removed from the product as well as the setting. In addition, damaged parts that reproduce the battle with "MS-18E Kempfer ver. A.N.I.M.E." released in April 2019 Effect parts are included. 【set content】 ・ Figure body · Replacement wrist left and right four each -Wrist storage deck ・ New head ・ Damage antenna ・ Chobam ・ Armor set ・ A set of Chobam explosion effects ・ Complete leg vernier effect set ・ Beam ・ rifle ...
    Best Pg Gundam 2019

    • Brand: Bandai Hobby

  • Nanoblock NBCC 059 Godzilla 2016"Shin Godzilla

    Product explanation ■ Godzilla fourth form finally appearing in "Shin · Godzilla" appears in nano-block !! I express the fourth form of Godzilla appearing in the play in detail. There are many movable parts, and it seems to start moving at any moment. It is a satisfying set of arrangements even from the light user to the core one. 【Product Details】 Difficulty: 5/5 Number of pieces: 630 pcs Target age: 12 years old and over
    Best Pg Gundam 2019

    • ASIN: B07K4NNNP5
    • Brand: Kawada

  • Plarail DXS 12 E 3 Tsubasa Iron Wing Shinkansen Deformed Robo Sincarion

    Sinkallion E 3 Tsubasa Iron Wing appears at Plarail! With three-car train specification, it will transform from Shinkansen to a robot! change! Sincarion! ● Shinkallion E3 Iron wing by Tsubasa appeared in Plarail! ● Shinkansen E3 system From Tsubasa, Shinkallion E3 Tsubasa Iron Wing will transform. ● With [some new molds], you are more likely to reproduce the cool appearance as anime. ● The leading car and the tail car are transformed into a robot. You can deploy intermediate cars and store weapons. ● Optional 3-piece single item Gimmick, which can be combined with upper and lower recombination with Shinkallion, "Link joint" installe...
    Best Pg Gundam 2019

    • ASIN: B07KX5TPMQ
    • Brand: Takara Tomy

  • Teal Grad - Best is Yet to Come - Glasses - Turquoise 2019 Paper Card Stock Graduation Photo Booth Props Kit - 10 Ct

    Styling the excellent photo booth for your Teal Grad Glasses - Best is Yet to Come - Turquoise 2019 Paper Graduation party begins with awesome photo booth prop glasses. These printed and cut kit will help you establish fun party photos at your Turquoise Grad party. Each party glasses photo booth props kit come with 10 cute Teal Grad Glasses. Assembly is easy - Simply attach the glasses photo booth props to the wooden dowels with included reinforcing stickers. Professionally printed on thick card stock paper, your photo booth will be a hit with these glasses!PERFECT FOR ANY CROWD! Photo
    Best Pg Gundam 2019
    10-Piece Teal Grad Glasses - Best is Yet to Come Photo Booth Props INCLUDES 10 fun photo Teal Grad photo booth props to the wooden dowels sticks for assembly. EASY ASSEMBLY: Simply attach the printed Teal Grad - Best is Yet to Come Glasses photo booth props to the wooden dowels with included reinforcing

    • UPC: 138745698
    • Color: Teal,Black,WhiteBlack

  • 2019 NEW UPGRADED Ultrasonic Electromagnetic Pest Repeller WITH LED - Electronic Plug -In Pest Control Ultrasonic - Best Repellent for Cockroach, Rodents, Flies, Roaches, Ants, Mice,Spiders, Fleas

    Best Pg Gundam 2019
    Latest innovative technologies: The ultrasonic electronic pest repellent is adopted combination of ultrasound,electromagnetic waves and optical deworming fuction,It has more penetration than other pet repellent,and can interference auditory nervous system of the mosquito,mice and other Insect & Rodent to make them uncomfortable,and drive them from home-NO KILL!Safely and Environmental Protection: Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is safe to pregnant women,children and pets,No radiation and toxic-free,unlike many creams and sprays on the market.Easy to Use: Just plug it into the socket, hold down the power button for 3 seconds, the pest repellent will work automatically.the controller can provide constant frequency and variable frequency

    • UPC: 423615996

  • Awesome Upcoming Gundam Kits in 2019 - MECHA GAIKOTSU

    Checking out some of the awesome upcoming gunpla on the horizon in 2019 Find me on Social Media: Subscribe here: Instagram https://www.insta...
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    New 2019 Gundam Perfect Grade Revealed!

    Looks like we are getting a new Perfect Grade Kit for 2019 and it's going to be......*drumroll*....... #gundam #perfectgrade #gunpla
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    New 2018 Gundam Perfect Grade Revealed!

    We saw some rumours on the interweb that a new Perfect Grade will be released for late 2017/18 while we recap on all the Perfect Grade Gundam since RX78-2!
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