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  • Riceland Turkey Fry Oil - 3 Gallon

    Turkey Fry Oil from Riceland is their highest-in-class 490 degree smoke point allowing Riceland Turkey Fry Oil to get hotter without smoking, producing crispier, lighter, tastier turkey. This oil has zero cholesterol and is packaged in 3 gallon containers to fill outdoor fryers. Made of 100% rice bran oil. 100% rice bran oil 490 degree smoke point Produces crispier, lighter turkey Zero cholesterol 3 Gallon container
    Best Peanut Oil For Turkey Frying

    • ASIN: B00SQ1GVIK
    • Brand: Riceland
    • UPC: 035200218948

  • Snappy Popcorn 1 Gallon Snappy Pure Peanut Oil No Color Added, 128 Fl Oz

    Clear oil and always pour able / pump-able. Enhances popped corn with a natural nutty flavor. Perfect for popcorn, fried foods, and turkey fryers! No trans fat.
    Best Peanut Oil For Turkey Frying

    • ASIN: B00A2A7LBE
    • Brand: Snappy Popcorn
    • UPC: 025788020736

  • Crisco Frying Oil Blend, 1 Gallon

    From Fish to French fries, Crisco Frying Oil Blend is ideal for all your frying needs.
    Best Peanut Oil For Turkey Frying

    • ASIN: B018KQX36I
    • Brand: Crisco
    • UPC: 051500026502

  • LouAna (3.0 GAL)

    LouAna Peanut Oil. This peanut oil can be used to make deep-fry crispy, flavorful turkey, chicken, onion rings, seafood & fries. Specially formulated for high-heat cooking. A non-GMO derived food.
    Best Peanut Oil For Turkey Frying

    • ASIN: B079D9NJ85
    • Brand: LouAna
    • UPC: 705833713072

  • LouAna 100% Pure Peanut Oil, 128 Oz by LouAna

    Great for frying turkeys
    Best Peanut Oil For Turkey Frying

    • Brand: LouAna

  • Great Value Peanut Oil Perfect For Frying, 128 oz (Pack of 2)

    Great Value Peanut Oil Perfect For Frying, 128 oz (Pack of 2) With so many ways to use Great Value Peanut Oil is a great item to have in your home. Peanut oil is the perfect oil for frying foods because it has a high smoke point and a neutral taste. The Great Value 2-gallon container has an easy to open and close top that comes with a handle making it stress-free to carry. The gallon of peanut oil assures that you will have plenty of oil for whatever you are cooking up at home. This Peanut Oil can be used for a variety of things from deep frying a turkey on Thanksgiving or hot fries any given night. Great Value Peanut Oil is a great essenti...
    Best Peanut Oil For Turkey Frying

    • ASIN: B07BSTKSS2
    • Brand: Great Value
    • UPC: 631907747158


    LouAna Pure Peanut Oil is the oil of choice among many experienced turkey fryers. LouAna® Peanut Oil is the leading brand of peanut oil in the nation. LouAna® Peanut Oil is 100% pure peanut oil with no additives. Perfect for deep frying chicken, turkey or fish. Also great for fries, onion rings and seafood. According to Chef Mould, "LouAna® Peanut Oil offers the best flavor for fried turkey, and it doesn't deteriorate as quickly as other oils. That allows you to get multiple uses out of each batch, saving you money." He adds, "LouAna® Peanut Oil not only adds flavor during the cooking process, but it sears the outside of the turkey qui...
    Best Peanut Oil For Turkey Frying

    • ASIN: B0050O90ES
    • Brand: LouAna
    • UPC: 026700101564

  • Bakers and Chefs 100% Peanut Oil, 35 Pound

    This cholesterol-free oil has great high-heat stability. Perfect for sauteing, pan frying and deep frying.
    Best Peanut Oil For Turkey Frying

    • ASIN: B00F9WQ9JA
    • Brand: Bakers and Chefs
    • UPC: 681131793940

  • Crisco Pure Peanut Oil, 32 Ounce (Pack of 9)

    Best Peanut Oil For Turkey Frying

    • ASIN: B009LI2WPS
    • Brand: Crisco

  • pack of 3 - LouAna Peanut Oil, 128.0 FL OZ

    pLouAna Peanut Oil. Non GMO derived food product. Specially formulated for high-heat cooking./p
    Best Peanut Oil For Turkey Frying

    • ASIN: B079DBB7H3
    • Brand: LouAna
    • UPC: 705833713089

  • LouAna Peanut Oil, 3 Gallon

    Lou Ana Pure Peanut Oil is known to be very good for sauteing or deep frying your favorite foods. Lou Ana Oil is naturally cholesterol free. This 3-gallon container of Lou Ana cholesterol-free oil can be used to prepare turkey, chicken or fish to
    Best Peanut Oil For Turkey Frying

    • UPC: 10294990
    • Model: 0002670010156
    • Size: 33 gal
    • Rating: 4.731

  • Chosen Foods 100% Pure Avocado Oil 25.3 oz., Non-GMO, for High-Heat Cooking, Frying, Baking, Homemade Sauces, Dressings and Marinades

    Cold-pressed and naturally refined, Chosen Foods 100% Pure Avocado Oil is high in heart healthy, monounsaturated fats and antioxidants. With a smoke point of 500°F, our Avocado Oil is the safest choice for high heat cooking. Its mild, buttery flavor makes it perfect for baking, broiling, barbecuing, searing, sautéing, stir-frying, salad dressings, marinades and
    Best Peanut Oil For Turkey Frying
    100% Pure Avocado OilCold Pressed & Naturally Refined500F Smoke Point

    • UPC: 147046935
    • Model: AV750ML
    • Size: 25.4 fl oz
    • Rating: 4.773

  • Great Value Peanut Oil, 1 gal

    Best Peanut Oil For Turkey Frying
    Gallon-sized bottleHandle for easy useGood for high-heat cookingPerfect for deep fryingNeutral

    • UPC: 44391266
    • Model: 545000S%
    • Size: 1 gal1
    • Rating: 4.778

  • LouAna Peanut Oil, 128.0 FL OZ

    Best Peanut Oil For Turkey Frying
    LouAna Peanut Oil.LouAna® Peanut Oil.100% pure.0g trans fat per serving.See nutrition information for fat and saturated fat content.Peanut oil is a non-GMO derived food.1 gal (128 fl oz) 3.79 L.Specially formulated for high-heat cooking.Please recycle.LouAna is a registered trademark of Ventura Foods, LLC.Questions or comments: 1-800-379-1041.Get recipes & discover our other oils at

    • UPC: 10293013
    • Model: 12522-LOU
    • Size: 1 gal1
    • Rating: 4.9

  • La Tourangelle, Roasted Peanut Oil, 16.9 fl oz (500 ml)

    If you enjoy the complex flavor of finishing oils and the full-bodied, natural enhancements they provide in all your cooking, baking and other culinary efforts, La Tourangelle Roasted Peanut Oil may be the missing ingredient from your kitchen. Roasted Peanut Oil is unrefined, first-pressed, and handcrafted in USA. The result is a spectacularly fragrant amber oil with a headed perfume of roasted peanuts. Used in many countries in Asia and Africa, Roasted Peanut Oil brings a delightful nuttiness to any meal and is one of our favorites for baking, cooking Thai dishes, marinating meats and as a dipping
    Best Peanut Oil For Turkey Frying
     QUALITY YOU CAN TASTE: La Tourangelle brings artisan excellence to your kitchen and home. The mainstay of all La Tourangelle’s natural, artisanal oils is premium taste derived from the best quality ingredients. Add the flavor of La Tourangelle to any meal.BOLD AND FLAVORFUL: Roasted Peanut Oil brings a deep nutty flavor to every meal. Delightfully bold in taste, it makes an excellent finishing oil for Asian and African style recipes, and the perfect culinary accessory for peanut afficionados.DELICIOUS & VERSATILE: La Tourangelle oils make it easy to create distinctive dishes for professional chefs, novice cooks and foodies alike. Great for salads,

    • UPC: 147476586
    • Rating: 5.0

  • The Best Way To Deep Fry A Turkey In Peanut Oil For Any Holiday.

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    Deep frying a turkey! Actual cooking time is 45 minutes, NOT 30 minutes as I stated in the video. 45-50 minutes depending on the weight of the turkey at 300°F. I apologize for telling you the wrong...
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