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  • Logical Chess: Move By Move: Every Move Explained New Algebraic Edition

    "The novice who plays through Logical Chess can learn an ocean of basic chess wisdom."—Leonard Barden, Engilsh chess master and broadcaster “Entertains . . . as it reinforces strategic lessons gleaned from chess titans. Illustrates effective middle-game plans.”—Library Journal Having learned the basic moves, how exactly should a player improve? In this popular classic, the author explains 33 complete games, in detail, move by move, including the reason for each one. Playing through these games and explanations gives real insight into the power of the pieces and how to post them most effectively....
    Best Opening Chess Moves

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    • Brand: US Chess Federation

  • Chess: Chess for Beginners to Intermediate Level; Learn Creative Openings, Quick Finishes, Brilliant Sacrifices, and a Solid End Game!

    ★★★FREE BONUS BOOK INSIDE★★★ ★★Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device★★ ★Read this book for FREE on Kindle unlimited - Download Now!★ Use the Knowledge from this Book to Take Your Chess Game to the Next Level This book has actionable steps, proven tactics, and superb strategies on how to play chess well. You will learn how to implement Creative Openings, Quick Finishes, Brilliant Sacrifices, and have a Solid End Game. These steps and strategies will make you a better player all around, starting with your opening move and taking you all the way to the end game. The lessons from this book will help ch...
    Best Opening Chess Moves

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  • CHESS: The Ultimate Chess Tactics and Strategies!

    ★★ Buy the Paperback version of this book, and get the Kindle eBook version for FREE ★★There are more possible games of chess than atoms in the universe. Discover how to rule the universe of chess. “Many have become chess masters, no one has become the master of chess.”-Siegbert Tarrasch Chess is 1500 years old and still going strong. That's older than any game ever invented. Do you want to know why it's still a trend? After the second pair of turns, there are 197,742 possible games, and after three moves, 121 million. …The highest number of possible chess games is INFINITE.You’re far more likely to win the lottery than ever p...
    Best Opening Chess Moves

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  • Birds' Opening: Move by Move

    This series provides an ideal platform to study chess openings. By continually challenging the reader to answer probing questions throughout the book, the Move by Move format greatly encourages the learning and practicing of vital skills just as much as the traditional assimilation of opening knowledge. Carefully selected questions and answers are designed to keep you actively involved and allow you to monitor your progress as you learn. This is an excellent way to study any chess opening and at the same time improve your general chess skills and knowledge.Bird’s Opening, 1 f4, is an ideal choice for freethinking chess players who prefer to...
    Best Opening Chess Moves

    • ASIN: 178194248X
    • Brand: The House of Staunton

  • Chess: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners: A Comprehensive and Simplified Introduction to the Game of Chess (openings, tactics, strategy)

    The Truth About ChessFrom the outside, chess seems like a complicated and esoteric game that only a few people with special abilities can play. This is not true. In fact, chess is accessible and can be played by anyone with a brain, a pair of eyes, and imagination. The Ultimate Illustrated Guide for BeginnersIf you have never played the game of chess or are still discovering it, this book is for you. It is a basic and comprehensive guide that will introduce you to the game and teach you everything you need to know, from the setup of a chess board to the delivery of checkmate. It is filled with advice for beginners, basic tactics, strategies, ...
    Best Opening Chess Moves

    • ASIN: 1977895794

  • Ruy Lopez: Move by Move (Everyman Chess)

    Grandmaster Neil McDonald examines one of the most important openings of all, the Ruy Lopez. He shares his experience and knowledge, and continually challenges the reader to answer probing questions, thereby encouraging the learning and practising of vital opening skills.
    Best Opening Chess Moves

    • ASIN: 1857446690
    • Brand: Everyman Chess

  • Understanding Chess Move by Move

    John Nunn is one of the most highly regarded chess writers in the world. He has carefully selected thirty modern games to help the reader understand the most important aspects of chess and to illustrate modern chess principles in action. Virtually every move is explained using words that everyone can understand. Jargon is avoided as far as possible. Almost all the examples are taken from the recent years and show how key ideas are handled by the grandmasters of today. The emphasis is on general principles that readers will be able to use in their own games, and detailed analysis is only given where it is necessary. Each game contains many l...
    Best Opening Chess Moves

    • ASIN: 1901983412
    • Brand: Brand: Gambit Publications

  • FCO: Fundamental Chess Openings

    * The perfect survival guide to the chess openings* All openings covered* Detailed verbal explanations of plans for both sides* Up-to-date and featuring many tips and recommendations* Insights into the 'character' of each opening* Written by one of the world's foremost opening experts The first moves of a chess game define the nature of the whole struggle, as both players stake their claim to the critical squares and start to develop their plans. It is essential to play purposefully and to avoid falling into traps or reaching a position that you don't understand. This is not a book that provides masses of variations to memorize. Paul van der...
    Best Opening Chess Moves

    • ASIN: 1906454132
    • Brand: Gambit Publications

  • Winning in the Chess Opening: 700 Ways to Ambush Your Opponent

    Every chess player loves to win early in the opening. However you should never lose sight of the most important objective of your opening play: the proper development of your pawns and pieces. That is why this book is more than just an enjoyable collection of traps and tricks. Prolific Russian chess author Nikolai Kalinichenko has collected 700 brilliant miniatures, topical games from a wide variety of players, from World Champions to amateurs. They are selected for their instructional value, and not merely to highlight blunders or accidents. In his notes Kalinichenko always explains the ideas and plans behind the opening and how play could h...
    Best Opening Chess Moves

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  • Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess

    Learn the art of the checkmate from Bobby Fischer, chess grandmaster.Through practice problems and exercises, you'll learn tactics and strategies to master the art of the checkmate. Perfect for all chess players beginner to advanced; from those just learning the game to experienced players trying to improve, every chess student will learn more about the game. This book is the definitive way to learn how to play chess, or to master more complex chess strategies. It's a must-have for any chess library.This book teaches through a programmed learning method: It asks you a question. If you give the right answer, it goes on to the next question. If...
    Best Opening Chess Moves

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    • Brand: Fischer, Bobby

  • Tournament Chess Set with Vinyl Board

    Take the game on the road with ease. The Tournament Chess Set with Vinyl Board is meant to make traveling with your chess set easy, whether you're going down the street or across the country. The set includes durable, high quality plastic chess pieces, carved in traditional-style and triple-weighted for optimum comfort and control. Kings stand 3.75 inches tall, with a 1.5-inch base width and 2-ounce weight. Also included with this set is a roll-up vinyl chess board with high-visibility green and white squares. The board surface is made from dyed cloth, and is securely attached to a backing made
    Best Opening Chess Moves
    Tournament Men and Mat Chess Set

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    • Color: N/AGreen
    • Rating: 4.8

  • Chess Board - Standard Vinyl Roll-up in Green

    You will love this lightweight, quality roll-up chessboard! It is easy to take to tournaments, clubs, or next door. Made of tear resistant vinyl. Clear and legible algebraic notation. Measures 20 x
    Best Opening Chess Moves
    Need an inexpensive chess board of top quality that will last despite everyday use? Looking for durability at a low price in your chess board? We have the solution. This vinyl chess board is made to resist tears, spills, and daily abuse. The ChessCentral vinyl chess board comes in dark green, with buff squares for contrast and visibility. You will love this lightweight, roll-up chessboard! It is easy to take to tournaments, clubs, or next door. Clear and legible algebraic notation, 20"x 20", with 2.25" square size meets all chess tournament

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  • Point Games Classic Chess Board Game, with Super Durable Board, Best Folding Board Game for the Entire Family.

    Product Features: Point Games invents exciting, original, quality games and toys to spark imaginations, banish boredom, and open up a world of immense fun.  Because having fun never gets old! let the games begin! Challenge a worthy competitor and let the tournament commence!  Test your skills of strategy and memory with this Point Games Classic Checkers folding family board game.  Enjoy this classic board game using your focus and wisdom, to have an all-out family game night!  Just bring this classic game home for any family fun night, gathering of friends, or party. This Chess Set includes:  -32 x Chess Pieces  -1 x Super Durable
    Best Opening Chess Moves
    FAMILY TIME - Bring this classic chess board game home for any family fun night, gathering of friends, or party.FUN TIME - Chess Board Game is a fun family activity, strengthens the bond of family and friendship through playing together with this Chess Set.STRATEGY - Teach the little ones about strategy, help them develop their motor skills with every piece moved and watch them grow into mini board game masters.GREAT GAME - This chess game is for two players, and recommended for ages 8 and up.SUPER DURABLE - Folding Chess board for easy compact storage when not in

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    • Color: Black

  • Tournament Chess Set - 34 Chess Pieces - Black Chess Board (20" x 20" Vinyl Rollup) - DGT Black Easy Chess Timer Game Clock ChessCentral's "Play Chess - Have Fun!" E-Book-

    This Tournament Chess Set comes with a Staunton design, full tournament-size, felt padded plastic chess set. Get the durability of impact resistant plastic along with the classic Staunton look. This chess set features a full 3.75" King with a stable base of 1.5" diameter. You get 34 chess pieces, including 2 extra Queens, to make pawn promotion simple. You will love this lightweight, roll-up chessboard! It is easy to take to tournaments, clubs, or next door. Clear and legible algebraic notation, 20"x 20", with 2.25" square size meets all chess tournament standards. DGT Easy Game Timer Feature List: Ergonomic *
    Best Opening Chess Moves
    Complete set of 32 chess pieces PLUS two extra Queens - Durable plastic chess pieces with 3 3/4 king"Play Chess - Have Fun!" E-Book a great interactive introduction to chessThe chess board is made of tear-resistant vinyl, which rolls up and fits perfectly in the tube bag. The board is 20 x 20inches with algebraic notation.DGT Easy Chess & Game Timer is the perfect clock for chess beginners and chess players who are budget consciousPerfect chess set for kids and adults. Meet all tournament

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    • Color: Black

  • Travel Chess Set Game Compact Folding Board For Portable Play

    PLAY CHESS ANYWHERE - The compact travel chess game is fun for all ages. The classic game of strategy & skill on the go. Whether at home, outdoors, vacation, or parks the collapsible chess board is for play anywhere you want.FUN FOR ALL AGES - Teach your kids how to play chess or brush up on your own chess strategy with this classic travel chess set. The large 11" x 11" chessboard with chess pieces folds for travel so there are no limits to where you can checkmate your opponent.MAKES A GREAT GIFT - Contains all 32 chess pieces (not
    Best Opening Chess Moves
    The classic game of strategy & skill on the go. Whether at home, outdoors, vacation, or parks the collapsible chess board is for play anywhere you want.The large 11" x 11" chessboard with chess pieces folds for travel so there are no limits to where you can checkmate your opponent.Contains all 32 chess pieces (not magnetic). Start your children on the path towards grandmaster level with this time-honored game of skill. (Instructions Not

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    • Model: BCCG2796
    • Color: Brown
    • Rating: 2.0

  • Top 7 Aggressive Chess Openings

    Everyone loves an aggressive chess opening so I thought I would create a list of my top 7 aggressive openings. Enjoy. #7 Danish Gambit #6 Cochrane Gambit #5 Scotch Gambit #4 King's Gambit #3 Hal...

    Top 10 Chess Openings

    The most common question I get asked is the top chess openings a player should learn in chess so I thought I'd create a video to answer that question. In semi-order we have: 10. Slav Defense 9. L...
    top chess openings,chess openings,best chess openings

    Halosar Trap: Chess Opening TRICK to Win Fast & PUZZLE |Best Checkmate Moves, Game Strategy & Ideas

    Check out the Halosar Trap or the Ryder Gambit. This is another Chess Opening Trick to Win Fast. Plus, I also have an interesting Chess Puzzle for you. As you know, openings are the most exciting p...
    chess tricks,chess opening strategy,chess opening moves,chess opening tricks,chess tricks to win ...