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  • Set of 1 Engine Oil Filter 11427833769 + 7 Liters Engine Oil Liqui Moly 2024 (1) 2068 (2) for BMW E36 E46 M3 Z3 Z4

    This kit Fits: BMW E36 E46 M3 Z3 Z4
    Best Oil For E36 M3

    • ASIN: B01IDTM5KM
    • Brand: Liqui Moly
    • UPC: 826732362861

  • OKAY MOTOR PCV Oil Separator Kit for E36 323i 328i M3 E39 528i Z3 M52 S52 2.5L 2.8L 3.2L

    Vehicle Application: BMW 323i 1999-1998 Veh Qty: 1 BMW 323is 1999-1998 Veh Qty: 1 BMW 328i 1999-1996 Veh Qty: 1 BMW 328is 1999-1996 Veh Qty: 1 BMW 528i 1998-1997 Veh Qty: 1 BMW M3 1999-1996 Veh Qty: 1 BMW Z3 2000-1998 3.2L L6 3152cc; Veh Qty: 1 BMW Z3 1998-1997 2.8L L6 2793cc; Veh Qty: 1
    Best Oil For E36 M3

    • ASIN: B01H1S7G50
    • Color: black
    • Brand: OKAY MOTOR

  • BMW OEM Engine Cylinder Head Oil Line - Vanos Unit E36 E39 E46 E60 E83 E85 Z3 323i 328i M3 3.2 525i 528i 530i 320i 323Ci 323i 325Ci 325i 325xi 328Ci 328i 330Ci 330i 330xi X5 3.0i 525i 530i X3 2.5i X3 3.0i Z4 2.5i Z4 3.0i Z3 2.5 Z3 2.5i Z3 2.8 Z3 3.0i

    E36-Convertible-323i-(1997-99)E36-Convertible-328i-(1994-99)E36-Convertible-M3 3.2-(1998-99)E36-Coupe-323i-(1997-99)E36-Coupe-328i-(1994-99)E36-Coupe-M3 3.2-(1996-99)E36-Sedan-328i-(1995-98)E36-Sedan-M3 3.2-(1996-98)E39-Sedan-525i-(2001-03)E39-Sedan-528i-(09/1998-00)E39-Sedan-528i-(1997-09/1998)E39-Sedan-530i-(2001-03)E39-Wagon-525i-(2001-03)E39-Wagon-528i-(09/1998-00)E46-Convertible-323Ci-(2000-00)E46-Convertible-325Ci-(2000-06)E46-Convertible-330Ci-(2000-06)E46-Coupe-323Ci-(2000-00)E46-Coupe-325Ci-(2000-06)E46-Coupe-325Ci-(2002-06)E46-Coupe-328Ci-(2000-00)E46-Coupe-330Ci-(2000-06)E46-Sedan-320i-(2000-04)E46-Sedan-323i-(1999-00)E46-Sedan-325...
    Best Oil For E36 M3

    • ASIN: B010MAAHE6
    • Brand: OEM
    • UPC: 713194137000

  • BMW Genuine Oil Filters E36 & E46 - M3 Z3 - M Roadster & M Coupe

    New Factory Original BMW Oil Filter. The package includes 2 filters.
    Best Oil For E36 M3

    • ASIN: B004XE6HB0
    • Brand: BMW

  • Set of 6 Liters Engine Oil - 10W-60 Synthetic Genuine 07510009420 & 1 Oil Filter Kit Mahle 11427833769 for: BMW E36 E46 M3 E85 E86 Z4

    Fits: BMW E36 E46 M3 E85 E86 Z4
    Best Oil For E36 M3

    • ASIN: B01IDY0AOA
    • Brand: Mahle / Genuine
    • UPC: 826732362861

  • VMS RACING BLUE OIL CAP Power BBR Emblem in Billet Aluminum Compatible with E21 E30 E36 E46 E83 E90 E92 E93 M3 X3 SAV 3 Series 318i 320i 323i 325ci 325es 325iX 328i 335i 75-13 1975-2013

    VMS RACING Billet Aluminum Oil Cap (NOT GENERIC) is made of High-Quality Aircraft T6061 Billet Aluminum and then Specially Hard Anodized for a Long-Lasting Finish. The Oil Cap also includes a High Quality Rubber Gasket to prevent Leakage. VMS Racing Oil Caps are the best looking and best quality oil caps at any price. Fits: E21 - BMW 3 Series - 1975 through 1983, E30 - BMW 3 Series and M3 - 1984 through 1991, E36 - BMW 3 Series and M3 - 1992 through 1998, E46 - BMW 3 Series - 1999 through 2006, E90 - BMW 3 series 2007 through 2011, E92/E93 BMW 3 Series Coupe/convertible 2007through 2013, E46 - BMW 3 Series Coupe, Sedan, Convertible and M3 - 1...
    Best Oil For E36 M3

    • ASIN: B07NDP8FYJ
    • Color: blue
    • Brand: VMS RACING
    • UPC: 748528524515

  • MAHLE Original OX 187D Oil Filter

    MAHLE Original air filters prevent dirt particles from entering the lubricant circuit and maintain quality, performance, and efficiency of the engine
    Best Oil For E36 M3

    • ASIN: B0080E7JFC
    • Brand: MAHLE Original
    • UPC: 826732362861

  • BMW 11-42-7-833-769 Set Oil-Filter Element

    BMW genuine parts are the exact original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part that your vehicle came with. When you select a genuine OEM part, you can rely on the high quality and effectiveness of the product and brand without having to guess if the product will work in sequence with your vehicle. Protecting your investment is important and choosing the right parts can be challenging. So don't risk another minute by searching and buying something that might work. Stick with what you know and choose a genuine OEM part.
    Best Oil For E36 M3

    • ASIN: B0062IWPY8
    • Brand: BMW

  • Genuine BMW E36 Z3 E46 M3 1998-2002 Engine Oil Filler Cap Cover M Power

    Item name: Engine Oil Filler Cap Cover M PowerPart brand: BMWOEM Number: 11121405452 / 11 12 1 405 452 / 1405452BMW E36 Z3 M Roadster 3.2L 1998-2002BMW E46 M3 Coupe/Cabrio 1999-2002
    Best Oil For E36 M3

    • ASIN: B00AGPFC9I
    • Brand: BMW

  • MTC Magnetic Oil Drain Plug

    MTC Oil Drain Plug, Magnetic; 1991-1997 BMW 318is; 1984-1985 BMW 318i; 1991-1998 BMW 318i; 1995-1999 BMW 318ti; 1980-1983 BMW 320i; 1998-1999 BMW 323is; 1998-1999 BMW 323i; 1999 BMW 323i, Convertible 2 Door; 2000 BMW 323i; 2000 BMW 323Ci; 1984-1987 BMW 32
    Best Oil For E36 M3

    • ASIN: B001G7L2Y4
    • Brand: MTC
    • UPC: 884379382512

  • (3 Pack) Shell Rotella T5 5W-40 Synthetic Blend Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil, 2.5 gal

    Shell Rotella® T5 15W-40 Synthetic Blend heavy duty diesel oil with Triple Protection Plus⢠technology delivers all the benefits youâve come to expect from Shell Rotella®, and then some. Triple Protection Plus is the unique combination of Triple Protection advanced additive technology and synthetic base oils. Triple Protection Plus represents protection against wear, deposits, oil breakdown plus better low temperature flow. This synthetic blend oil provides excellent equipment protection, long engine life and maintains viscosity control under high temperatures. It delivers: ⢠Excellent wear protection ⢠Exceptional deposit control/cleanliness ⢠Protection against oil breakdown ⢠Sustained emission control system durability
    Best Oil For E36 M3
    ⢠Triple Protection Plus⢠technology protects against wear, deposits and oil breakdown plus provides better low temperature flow compared to SAE 15W-40 oils⢠Helps control engine deposits for reliability at extended oil drain intervals1⢠Formulated to control engine wear, 37% better than the maximum wear requirements in API CK-4 engine wear tests2⢠Heavy duty engine oil formulated with synthetic base oil components â¢ Delivers improved oxidation performance for increased resistance to breakdown under high temperatures compared to the previous formulation1 Shell Rotella T5 maintains oil viscosity over the OEM recommended drain interval. Always follow the OEM's recommended oil drain interval2 Calculated

    • UPC: 163155762
    • Rating: 5.0

  • Castrol EDGE 0W-30 A3/B4 Full Synthetic Motor Oil, 1 QT

    Castrol EDGE is Castrol’s most advanced engine oil. It is a premium full synthetic oil that is designed for consumers who demand the best performance from their cars. Castrol EDGE is recommended by leading car manufacturers. Castrol EDGE is engineered with fluid titanium technology that physically changes the way the oil behaves under pressure. Castrol EDGE 0W-30 A3/B4 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil, 1 QT What makes Castrol EDGE the best motor oil for your hardworking engine? As a result of increased demand for performance and fuel economy, pressures in today’s engines have almost doubled over the last three decades.
    Best Oil For E36 M3
    Advanced premium full synthetic motor oil to offer strength under extreme pressureTitanium strong for maximum engine performanceReduces metal-to-metal contact across a range of different driving speedsProtects the engine for the entire drain interval even under extreme pressureDecreases engine deposit formation to help maximize engine responseBest full synthetic money can buyAPI SL/CF, ACEA A3/B3, ACEA A3/B4, MB-Approval 229.3/229.5, Volkswagen 505 00/ 502

    • UPC: 947430152
    • Model: 0W-30
    • Size: 1 qt
    • Rating: 5.0

  • Havoline 10W-30 High Mileage Synthetic Blend Motor Oil, 1 qt.

    Chevron Supreme High Mileage Motor Oils are specifically formulated for the needs of higher mileage engines. Over the life of your engine its performance changes, gaskets are compromised, seals deteriorate and oil consumption can increase. Regular use of Chevron Supreme High Mileage Motor Oils, which contain a special seal-conditioning agent, can help to maintain seals in proper condition and minimize oil leaks. Chevron Supreme High Mileage Motor Oils help to decrease oil consumption by decreasing evaporative losses at high
    Best Oil For E36 M3
    Chevron Havoline 10W30 High Mileage Synthetic Blend Motor Oil, 1 qt.:Helps prevent oil consumption through the use ofspecial conditioners for seals and gasketsAdditional cleansing agents that help maintainengine performance over time Helps control evaporative oil losses at hightemperatures relative to conventional motor oilsMeets “Resource Conserving” requirements for fueleconomy improvement, emission system andturbocharger protectionExcellent protection against thermal breakdown andoxidation• Outstanding anti-wear protection against enginedeposits, sludge and varnish formation that canresult from heavy load and stop-and-go drivingconditionsVery good low-temperature pumpability for protection during cold startsSatisfies warranty requirements of cars, light trucks,vans and sport utility vehicles that specify an API SNResource Conserving or ILSAC

    • UPC: 19613401
    • Model: 254646485
    • Size: 1 qt
    • Rating: 5.0

  • Tamanu Oil (4oz) - 100% Pure Unrefined Aromatherapy Carrier Oil for Skin Relief

    What do people in the South Pacific, Indonesia and Southeast Asia know about skincare that we donât? For centuries, they have used oil pressed from the large, golden nuts of the ati tree to heal skin conditions and to keep skin healthy. This oil is called Tamanu. ArtNaturals Tamanu Oil is cold-pressed from top-quality ati tree nuts. This makes it a powerful, effective treatment in healing cuts, scrapes, scratches and burns, as well as acne, wrinkles, dark spots, dry skin, eczema and psoriasis. Studies have shown that tamanu oil, which contains three classes of lipids (the building blocks of healthy
    Best Oil For E36 M3
    ArtNaturals Tamanu Oil is a natural, gentle and highly effective way to treat virtually any skin condition, including blemishes, lines and crowâs feet and conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.Tamanu oilâs innate germ-fighting and inflammation-fighting benefits help skin and scalp regenerate rapidly, as healthy new skin cell growth is

    • UPC: 779458004
    • Model: ANVA-0430
    • Rating: 4.5

  • (6 Pack) Castrol GTX MAGNATEC 0W-20 Full Synthetic Motor Oil, 1 QT

    Castrol GTX MAGNATEC 0W-20 Full Synthetic Motor Oil, 1 QT• Superior wear protection on critical engine parts• Unsurpassed level of protection against viscosity breakdown• Unique full synthetic technology to fight against harmful sludge build-up• High level of fuel economy based on US industry standards Did you know testing confirms that up to 75% of engine wear occurs during the first 20 minutes of warm up?* When your engine stops, oil drains off critical engine parts, but the intelligent molecules in Castrol GTX MAGNATEC don’t– they form an extra layer of protection during warm up, when your engine needs it most,
    Best Oil For E36 M3
    Keeps critical parts up to 4X smoother.*Unique full synthetic technology to fight against harmful sludge build-upSuperior GDI Formula - GDI formula with reduced calcium gives superior protection in gasoline direct injection engines (GDI, FSI, SIDI, EcoBoost â check your ownerâs manual for

    • UPC: 322891651
    • Rating: 5.0

  • For BMW E36 M3 1995 Tune Up Kit Filters Air & Oil & Engine & Oils Best Value

    • UPC: 352093332360
    • Category: Timing Components
    • Price: 154 USD

  • E36 Oil Change And Maintenance!

    Not performing the necessary service on your E36? GET TO IT! Here's some stuff to look at when you have your car up in the air, as well as changing the oil.
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    1995 BMW E36 M3 AMSOIL Engine flush Oil Change

    We followed up with Max after 1 year on his 1995 E36 M3 BMW and his engine ran great. He burned about half a quart of AMSOIL 100% Synthetic European 5W-40 Classic oil over 5,000 miles. We decided ...
    1995 BMW E36 M3 AMSOIL Engine flush Oil Change,1995 M3 oil change,BMW E36 oil change,1995 BMW E36...

    E36 Oil change DIY

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