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  • Sid Meier's Civilization - A New Dawn

    Rule the world and build an empire to withstand the test of time in Sid Meier's civilization: a new Dawn! this new tabletop game based on the groundbreaking video game series lets players become some of history greatest leaders as they try to advance their people through the ages, from ancient history to the modern era. TRADE, battle, build, and pursue your agendas to become the premier world power!.
    Best New Pc Strategy Games

    • ASIN: B074YN5CKM
    • Color: Multi-colored
    • Brand: Fantasy Flight Games
    • UPC: 841333104719

  • Frost Punk Victorian Edition - PC

    Become a leader of a steam-powered City, the last bastion of humanity. Oversee your society, manage resources and make difficult, ambiguous choices. But whatever you do, always remember: The City Must Survive. Frostpunk takes on what people are capable of when pushed to the limits. What interests us is what society do to survive and how it changes in the process. How survival in the end leaves us different beings. If worse, better, stronger, weaker or, last but not least, more or less humane - that is debatable.
    Best New Pc Strategy Games

    • ASIN: B07BHS4CNQ
    • Brand: Merge Games
    • UPC: 819335020146

  • Minecraft - Nintendo Switch

    Minecraft is bigger, better and more beautiful than ever! Build anything you can imagine in Creative mode, or go on grand expeditions in Survival across mysterious lands and into the depths of your own infinite worlds. Discover tons of community creations and share the adventure with friends across different platforms! Mojang 2009-2018. "Minecraft" is a trademark of Mojang Synergies AB. Online multiplayer requires a subscription to online service (sold separately) and a network connection. Online multiplayer will be free until the Nintendo Switch Online service launches in 2018....
    Best New Pc Strategy Games

    • ASIN: B07D13QGXM
    • Color: Original Version
    • Brand: Nintendo
    • UPC: 045496591779

  • Stronghold Games Survive Escape from Atlantis 30th Anniversary Edition

    Best New Pc Strategy Games

    • ASIN: B0084M8UE4
    • Brand: Stronghold Games
    • UPC: 885227770765

  • Eagle Games Fleet Expansion Artic Bounty

    Fleet: Arctic Bounty expands the award-winning card game Fleet with 120+ new cards including: New Premium Licenses, Base Licenses, and Boat Cards with all-new bonuses New Dock cards with more ways to build your Fleet All new Crewman cards and Gone Fishin' Brand new one-player and two-player variant cards and rules An updated rulebook Fleet: Arctic Bounty is designed to integrate with Fleet and give players the ability to choose which License and Boat cards to play with in any given game, creating endless possibilities of card and power combinations and replayability. Want to try a game without Processing Vessel and Shrimp? Then take them out ...
    Best New Pc Strategy Games

    • ASIN: B00J43SYKM
    • Brand: Eagle Games
    • UPC: 609456646840

  • Heroes of Might and Magic IV & V Complete

    An Epic 2-Pack Adventure! Including Heroes of Might & Magic IV & V, Plus, Hammers of Fate, Tribes of the East, The Gathering Storm & Winds of War Expansion Packs! Legends Are Reborn. An Era In Strategy Returns. Heroes of Might & Magic IV Command armies comprising skillful warriors and fantastic creatures. Strategic planning and tactical cunning are instrumental in your goal to be the undisputed ruler of the new world! Choose from 11 starting hero classes, each with unique abilities Progress to 37 advanced hero classes Bring multiple heroes into combat. Complete quests involving over 400 individual adventure structures. Heroes of Might & Magic...
    Best New Pc Strategy Games

    • ASIN: B00G6DYCUO
    • Brand: Encore
    • UPC: 705381364009

  • Scrabble Game

    Put letters together, build words, add up your points and win! This classic game features the classic Scrabble equipment for a big-time word-on-word showdown. Do you see a word your opponent hasn't seen. A double or triple letter or word space that will let you earn big points. Could the luck of the draw win you the game. Use your letters to score points and challenge your family and friends. It’s your word against theirs! Scrabble and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.
    Best New Pc Strategy Games

    • ASIN: B00IL5XY9K
    • Color: Multi
    • Brand: Hasbro Gaming
    • UPC: 653569973720

  • Sid Meier's Civilization VI - PC

    Sid Meier’s Civilization VI, winner of 15 E3 awards including Best PC Game and Best Strategy Game, is the next entry in the popular Civilization franchise, which has sold in over 34 million units worldwide, including more than 8 million units of Civilization V.   Originally created by legendary game designer Sid Meier, Civilization is a turn-based strategy game in which you attempt to build an empire to stand the test of time. Become Ruler of the World by establishing and leading a civilization from the Stone Age to the Information Age. Wage war, conduct diplomacy, advance your culture, and go head-to-head with history’s greatest leaders...
    Best New Pc Strategy Games

    • Brand: 2K
    • UPC: 710425418297

  • Melissa & Doug Suspend Family Game - The Original (Classic Games, Exciting Balancing Game, Develops Hand-Eye Coordination, Great Gift for Girls and Boys - Best for 8, 9, 10 Year Olds and Up)

    This award winning “teetering, wobbling, shifting, tipping, unbalanced, balance game” is a must have for family game night! Take turns hanging the notched, rubber tipped wire pieces from the tabletop stand. With each added piece, the balance shifts and the sculpture transforms. But watch out! One wrong move could send it all crashing down! Suited for 1 4 players, this game is guaranteed to appeal to kids and grownups alike! Besides being an exciting game to play, Suspend helps promote important developmental skills. Retrieving and placing the wire pieces helps refine fine motor skills and hand eye coordination, while the strategic thinkin...
    Best New Pc Strategy Games

    • ASIN: B007EA4UBY
    • Color: Multi
    • Brand: Melissa & Doug
    • UPC: 092211559682

  • Othello Classic Game (2 Player)

    A minute to learn...a lifetime to master! This classic, internationally-acclaimed two-player light strategy game challenges you to out-think your opponent. Trap and capture your opponent’s pieces by placing your disks on the board. Every time you "sandwich" one or more of your opponent's pieces you flip those disks to your color. But look out—your opponent will try do the same to you! The lead can change with a flip of a disk in this classic, fast-paced strategy game that’s often not decided until the very last move.
    Best New Pc Strategy Games

    • Brand: Cardinal
    • UPC: 778988681299

  • World of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth, Blizzard Entertainment, PC, 0047875730410

    Azeroth paid a terrible price to end the apocalyptic march of the Legions crusadebut even as the worlds wounds are tended, it is the shattered trust between the Alliance and Horde that may prove hardest to mend. As this age-old conflict reignites, gather your allies and champion your factions causefor Azeroths future will be forged in the fires of
    Best New Pc Strategy Games
    Enter a World Divided Experience the relentless conflict at the heart of the Warcraft saga. Quest to level 120, play through six new zones filled with new World Quests, new World Bosses, new raids and more. You determine whether the Horde or Alliance will shape Azeroths future.Recruit Allied RacesExplore Azeroth as one of six new playable Allied Races, including four you've encountered in your campaign against the Legion. Embark on a quest to earn their favor and unlock each race, adding their strength to your faction. Create a new character and complete the full leveling experience to earn a distinctive

    • UPC: 855317217
    • Model: 73041
    • Rating: 3.0

  • Atari Rollercoaster Tycoon Mega-Pack 9 PC Games

    RollerCoaster Tycoon Mega-Pack  The best-selling them park sim ever!Includes RollerCoaster 1, 2, 3 and all the expansions9 Classic gamesOne unique bundle!Rated "E" for EveryoneDVD Game for Windows
    Best New Pc Strategy Games
    Rollercoaster Tycoon Mega-Pack 9 PC Games

    • UPC: 502775185
    • Rating: 2.7

  • The Sims 4 Parenthood Game Pack (Email Delivery)

    Develop your Sim's parenting skills to help shape their children's lives into adulthood with The Sims 4 Parenthood. Choose when to discipline or encourage child behaviors, teach life values and leave a lasting impact on their future. Experience fun family activities and personalise your household with new home decor and family fashion.If someone claims you should pay them in Walmart gift cards, please report it at  FTC Complaint Assistant. Read more at Gift Card Fraud
    Best New Pc Strategy Games
    Electronic Arts The Sims 4 Parenthood ESD:Gaming software (email delivery)Rating: TeenRequires Windows

    • UPC: 55855209
    • Model: Electronic Arts 1030927
    • Rating: 3.0

  • Sid Meier's Civilization VI Digital Deluxe Edition (PC)

    Expand your empire further with the Civilization VI Digital Deluxe which includes the full base game, the 25th Anniversary Digital Soundtrack, and access to six DLC packs* that will add new civilizations, leaders, scenarios, and more for a bundled discount: • Civilization VI – Vikings Scenario Pack • Civilization VI – Poland Civilization & Scenario Pack • Civilization VI – Australia Civilization & Scenario Pack • Civilization VI – Persia and Macedon Civilization & Scenario Pack • Civilization VI – Nubia Civilization & Scenario Pack • Civilization VI – Khmer and Indonesia Civilization & Scenario
    Best New Pc Strategy Games
    EXPANSIVE EMPIRES: See the marvels of your empire spread across the map like never before. Each city spans multiple tiles so you can custom build your cities to take full advantage of the local terrain.ACTIVE RESEARCH: Unlock boosts that speed your civilization’s progress through history. To advance more quickly, use your units to actively explore, develop your environment, and discover new cultures. DYNAMIC DIPLOMACY: Interactions with other civilizations change over the course of the game, from primitive first interactions where conflict is a fact of life, to late game alliances and negotiations. COMBINED ARMS: Expanding on the “one unit per tile” design,

    • UPC: 55806506
    • Model: 5010217

  • Age of Mythology Gold Edition w/The Titans Expansion PC Game

    Age of Mythology Gold Edition PC GameIncludes Age of Mythology plus Titans ExpansionWhen  History meets MythologyRated "T" for TeenCD-Rom Software for Windows XP/2000/ME/98seImported from the
    Best New Pc Strategy Games
    Age of Mythology Gold Edition w/The Titans Expansion PC Game

    • UPC: 526785893
    • Rating: 5.0

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