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  • The Glycemic Load Diabetes Solution: Six Steps to Optimal Control of Your Adult-Onset (Type 2) Diabetes

    Take control of your diabetes and revitalize your health with this proven program For more than ten years, preventive cardiologist and champion of glycemic-load science Dr. Rob Thompson has kept his diabetes under control by targeting starch--not sugar--as the number-one cause behind this chronic condition. Now Dr. Thompson shares with you his easy-to-follow, low-starch diet-and-exercise program that promises to stabilize blood sugar and balance your glycemic load in just seven days. In six easy steps, you will learn to eliminate the harmful effects of dietary starch and keep your blood sugar levels perfect while enjoying satisfying amounts o...
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  • The Glycemic-Load Diet: A powerful new program for losing weight and reversing insulin resistance

    A cardiologist's revolutionary weight-loss plan that allows dieters to enjoy good carbs while still losing weight The glycemic index has been the basis of many popular diets. But it doesn't take into account the serving sizes people actually eat and eliminates too many foods for dieters to stick with it. Now Dr. Robert Thompson's breakthrough program uses the glycemic load--the glycemic index adjusted for serving size--to take the GI a step forward. The glycemic load is a more accurate and effective tool in controlling weight and insulin resistance, allowing dieters to eat more foods while still burning fat, cutting cravings, and speeding up ...
    Best Low Glycemic Foods List

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  • The Shopper's Guide to GI Values: The Authoritative Source of Glycemic Index Values for More Than 1,200 Foods (The New Glucose Revolution Series)

    Diet trends come and go, but eating according to the glycemic index (to avoid blood sugar spikes) is a consistent, scientifically proven way to manage your health through your eating habits. The Low GI Shopper's Guide to GIValues 2015 makes it easier than ever! This go-to reference has everything you need to know to use the glycemic index, whether you are trying to lose weight or manage a chronic condition like diabetes. The GI tables—comprehensive lists of foods and their glycemic index values—are the key to unlocking the health benefits of a low GI diet. The 2015 edition of the Shopper's Guide also offers: nutritional data for more than...
    Best Low Glycemic Foods List

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  • Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load of Foods

    This publication contains the Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load values for 3,775 food items. This is currently the largest food database with both the glycemic index and glycemic load values of common foods.A printed edition, ISBN 1463799713, is also available on Amazon starting August 2011.All glycemic data in this publication are available for free at the publisher's website. The online database allows easy searching for foods by names and sorting them by glycemic index and glycemic load values. There is no need to buy the book if you have convenient access to the internet. However, printed books have their own advantages. Please review samp...
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  • The Glycemic Load Counter: A Pocket Guide to GL and GI Values for over 800 Foods

    YOUR COMPLETE POCKET GUIDE TO GL VALUESBased on the proven science of the Glycemic Index (GI) but easier to use, Glycemic Load (GL) dieting is the easiest, most powerful tool for losing weight, controlling diabetes and following a healthy day-to-day diet. GL values give a more accurate measure of the way different foods affect your body by adjusting the GI score for portion size. For example, an orange is a much healthier snack than a candy bar, but the orange has a higher GI value (42) than the candy bar (41). But when adjusted to the real-world portion, the healthier snack becomes obvious—the orange has a low GL value of 4 compared to the...
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  • The Complete Book of Food Counts, 9th Edition: The Book That Counts It All

    The phenomenal bestseller! Newly revised and updated! Thousands of new listings!THE INDISPENSABLE ONE-VOLUME REFERENCE FROM CORINNE T. NETZER, AMERICA’S #1 AUTHORITY ON THE NUTRITIONAL CONTENT OF FOOD Are you counting your calories, carbs, or fat grams? Watching your cholesterol? Boosting protein or fiber? Whatever your nutritional needs, this completely revised and updated ninth edition of The Complete Book of Food Counts is the most authoritative, up-to-date reference you can buy. Featuring thousands more listings (and more choices) than ever before, this vital reference provides all the essential counts you need to know for generic and ...
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  • The 30-Minute Mediterranean Diet Cookbook: 101 Easy, Flavorful Recipes for Lifelong Health

    Fresh, flavorful, and fast recipes for lifelong health―the Mediterranean wayThe centuries-old Mediterranean diet―built on a foundation of fresh veggies and seafood―is one of the most tasty and nutritious methods of healthy eating. The 30-Minute Mediterranean Diet Cookbook offers more than a set of recipes, it shows you how to live a Mediterranean lifestyle in 30 minutes or less.From avocado toast to vanilla affogato, The 30-Minute Mediterranean Diet Cookbook explains what to eat, why, and how it fits within a low-carb, high-fat diet. These heart-healthy recipes also combat chronic disease and cater to allergy-restrictions so you can sha...
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  • Once Upon a Chef, the Cookbook: 100 Tested, Perfected, and Family-Approved Recipes (Easy Healthy Cookbook, Family Cookbook, American Cookbook)

    A Washington Post bestselling cookbookBecome the favorite family chef with 100 tested, perfected, and family-approved recipes.The healthy cookbook for every meal of the day: Once upon a time, Jenn Segal went to culinary school and worked in fancy restaurants. One marriage and two kids later she created Once Upon a Chef, the popular blog that applies her tried-and-true chef skills with delicious, fresh, and approachable ingredients for family-friendly meals. With the authority of a professional chef and the practicality of a busy working mom, Jenn shares 100 recipes that will up your kitchen game while surprising you with their ease.Helpful ti...
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  • Wired to Eat: Turn Off Cravings, Rewire Your Appetite for Weight Loss, and Determine the Foods That Work for You

    NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLEROne Month to Reset Your Metabolism for Lasting Fat Loss,One Week to Discover the Carbs that are Right for You. The surprising truth is that we are genetically wired to eat more and move less, the exact opposite of the advice we are often given.  Now there is a more customized weight loss solution that works with your body, a solution based not on arbitrary restriction of foods but on what works for YOU. Developed by former research biochemist, health expert, and bestselling author Robb Wolf, Wired to Eat offers an eating program, based on groundbreaking research, that will rewire your appetite for weight loss and...
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  • Never Binge Again(tm): Reprogram Yourself to Think Like a Permanently Thin Person(tm). Stop Overeating and Binge Eating and Stick to the Food Plan of Your Choice!

    If you struggle with binge eating, emotional eating, stress eating, or if you repeatedly manage to lose weight only to gain it all back, you may be approaching things with the wrong mindset.  Most contemporary thought on overeating and bingeing focuses on healing and self-love. But people who've overcome food addiction and weight issues often report it was more like capturing and caging a rabid dog than learning to love their inner child...Open the cage even an inch—or show that dog an ounce of fear—and it'll quickly burst out to shred your healthy eating plans, undoing all your progress in a heartbeat.From his perspective as a formerly ...
    Best Low Glycemic Foods List

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  • Low Glycemic Eating | Living Healthy Chicago

    Did you know that it's important to pay attention to where your food falls on the glycemic index, whether you have diabetes or not? Balanced Babe Sarah Baker explains why, and shows us how to make ...
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    Overall Diet Health May Trump Glycemic Index A new study found that a low glycemic index diet didn't improve heart health...
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    Low Glycemic Index Treatment: A New Dietary Therapy | Growing Up with Epilepsy

    Rose's first seizure was on Valentine's Day when she was 11 years old. That first seizure was a generalized tonic-clonic seizure. She was taken by ambulance to the hospital, where doctors ordered a...
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