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  • Banza Chickpea Pasta - High Protein Gluten Free Healthy Pasta - Variety Case (Shells, Elbows, Penne, Rotini) (Pack of 6)

    Chickpeas make delicious pasta, that's why we used them to create Banza. We took a household favorite and make it even better, turning the pasta you love into the pasta that loves you back, with 2x the protein, 4x the fiber and nearly half the net carbs, you can make every night pasta night. "My kids loved it. No one noticed the difference!" - Natalie Morales, Today Show Anchor/Host.
    Best Low Carb Pasta Substitute

    • ASIN: B01IBIOMJ2
    • Brand: BANZA
    • UPC: 857183005175

  • Carbquik Baking Biscuit Mix (48oz)

    Youre more likely to stick to your weight loss surgery diet when you dont have to eliminate the foods you love. You can have your cake and eat it too. Carbquik baking mix gives you the freedom to enjoy biscuits pancakes bread and other baked goods while you lose weight.Carbquik contains Carbalose which is made from wheat. That means it tastes better than other low-carb baking mixes that are made from soy protein. Whether its muffins pizza or chicken and biscuits you can lose weight and love every minute of it.90 calories per serving6 grams of protein14 grams dietary fiber (56% of the daily value)2 grams net carbsTrans fat-freeSuitable for the...
    Best Low Carb Pasta Substitute

    • ASIN: B005YVU6FY
    • Color: Original Version
    • Brand: Carbquik
    • UPC: 011283160138

  • The Only Bean - Organic Soy Bean Spaghetti Pasta, Gluten Free Noodles (8oz)

    pasta bean noodles organic cuisine asian carb protein gluten low mung non-gmo vegan paleo vegetarian chickpea chic-pea chick-pea chik-pea asia high cousine made groceries rice alternatives penne keto shirataki pack healthy cusine based soy tasty quinoa mung-bean grocery adzuki soybean zero peas bean-pasta sodium calorie substitute grain linguine sauce soba brown wheat elbow basmati lentil flour been rotini hearts beab beam paata besn angel hair super heart ronzoni greens chicpea eat garbanzo keto-genic cavatappi red shells basta cheakpeas chicapea chik chikpea green-bean almond lasanga palmeri linguini supergreens soaghetti spaggheti speghett...
    Best Low Carb Pasta Substitute

    • ASIN: B079BBRDNX
    • Brand: The Only Bean
    • UPC: 795622550421

  • Great Low Carb Bread Company - Fettuccine Pasta, 8 ounces

    Low Carb Pasta - Fettuccine 7 Net Carbs per 2 oz serving. Boil between 8-15 minutes for al dente Has a great mouth feel and is delicious!
    Best Low Carb Pasta Substitute

    • ASIN: B017DX0FQU
    • Brand: Great Low Carb Bread Co.
    • UPC: 753807540216

  • Holista Low Glycemic Spaghetti - 42oz box (3 x 14oz packs per box)

    A simply delicious healthy SLOW CARBS pasta wheat and egg based noodle that is so versatile can be used in both noodle and spaghetti recipes with perfect results every time + And with a certified Glycemic Index of 38 will keep your blood glucose levels steady and provide sustained energy. + It is slowly digested and feels good in your tummy while keeping you fuller longer. + Holista Low GI Spaghetti / Low GI Noodle is made with natural basic ingredients and contains a special blend of 4 plant based ingredients (barley, lentil, fenugreek and okra) scientifically proven to bring down the Glycemic Index of the spaghetti / noodle. + Foods that ca...
    Best Low Carb Pasta Substitute

    • ASIN: B07BHWWBZ2
    • Brand: Holista
    • UPC: 068761015213

  • Miracle Noodle Shirataki Konjac Angel Hair Pasta, 7 oz (Pack of 6), Zero Carbs, Zero Calories, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Keto Friendly

    Our Angel Hair Pasta is how it all began... This product is modeled after the original shape used in Japan for at least 1600 years. Used in sukiyaki and hot pots called Oden in Japan, they are also great for noodle stir-fries, Italian pasta dishes, or good ole fashioned super low carb Chicken Noodle Soup! These will continue to be the number one shape beloved by over 100k customers on this website only!!
    Best Low Carb Pasta Substitute

    • ASIN: B00BP36RTY
    • Brand: Miracle Noodle

  • Zero Calorie Wonder Noodles Combo Pack | Kosher, Vegan-Friendly, Carb-Free Noodles | No Sugar, No Fat | Ready to Eat Gluten Free Pasta Diet Food | Spaghetti (14oz), Fettuccine (14oz), Rice 14oz()

    Are you a pasta lover but your diet or health issues are their enemy? Not Anymore!➤ Do you have a gluten intolerance issue or follow a low carb, keto or paleo diet but want to enjoy pasta every once in a while?➤ Not having much luck finding a great tasting low calorie pasta substitute?If you answered YES to any of those questions,then our Wonder Noodles is the solution you’ve been searching far and wide for but came up empty.How General Nature Stands Out!Our goal was to create a zero-calorie diet food that is not only good for your health but tastes fantastic too.Through rigorous testing and trying different combinations, Wonder Noodles...
    Best Low Carb Pasta Substitute

    • ASIN: B07GL358XZ
    • Brand: General Nature
    • UPC: 613739975251

  • Palmini Low Carb Pasta | 4g of Carbs | As Seen On Shark Tank | 14 Oz. Can (6 Unit Case)

    Best Low Carb Pasta Substitute

    • ASIN: B079T9R4RP
    • Brand: Palmini
    • UPC: 855694004359

  • Miracle Noodle Shirataki Konjac Fettuccine Pasta, 7 oz (Pack of 6), Zero Carbs, Zero Calories, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Keto Friendly

    Miracle fettuccini is made of the same ingredients as miracle noodle shirataki but shaped into flat noodles. Having a calorie free substitute opens up new delicious possibilities in your low calorie, healthy cooking.
    Best Low Carb Pasta Substitute

    • ASIN: B016A272P2
    • Brand: Miracle Noodle

  • NEW Palmini Low Carb Pasta | 4g of Carbs | As Seen On Shark Tank | 1 Unit Pouch 12 Oz.

    Hearts of Palm Pasta
    Best Low Carb Pasta Substitute

    • ASIN: B07HY13T1M
    • Brand: Palmini
    • UPC: 855694004380

  • (4 pack) Dreamfield Healthy Carb Living Pasta, Spaghetti, 13.25 Oz

    Bring Pasta Back into Your Life: Dreamfields is the foundation to easy, delicious and nutritious meals. It is high in fiber and contains a unique prebiotic fiber, inulin, which helps promote healthy digestion. And, it has 7 grams of plant protein in every serving. With Dreamfields, you can keep up with your healthy lifestyle without sacrificing taste and texture. Plus, Dreamfields is made right here in America???s heartland, in a small North Dakota town. We???re passionate about our pasta so you can serve your family nutritious recipes you know they will
    Best Low Carb Pasta Substitute
    Dreamfield Healthy Carb Living Pasta, Spaghetti, 13.25 Oz

    • UPC: 708168789
    • Rating: 4.125

  • (4 pack) Dreamfields® Healthy Carb Living® Angel Hair Pasta 13.25 oz. Box

    Bring Pasta Back into Your Life. Delicious, nutritious and easy! Our fiber-rich Dreamfields pasta makes a flavorful and healthy meal in minutes. Prepare it with your choice of colorful vegetables, lean meat or fish, grated cheese, and a savory
    Best Low Carb Pasta Substitute
    Nutritious & DeliciousGreat Taste5 grams of Fiber7 grams of Protein

    • UPC: 169663078
    • Rating: 4.947

  • (4 pack) No Yolks Enriched Egg White Pasta Broad, 12.0 OZ

    Best Low Carb Pasta Substitute
    No Yolks Enriched Egg White Pasta Broad, 12.0 OZ

    • UPC: 150262089
    • Rating: 4.909

  • Palmini Hearts Of Palm Pasta

    Palmini Hearts Of Palm Pasta
    Best Low Carb Pasta Substitute
    Palmini Hearts Of Palm Pasta

    • UPC: 709746005
    • Rating: 4.0

  • (2 pack) Lensi 100% Chickpea Casarecce Pasta, 10 oz

    Made with flour ground from chickpeas, our Pasta Lensi Chickpea Casarecce reflects the flavor and sandy color of its single ingredient. It pairs well with fresh, chunky sauces, provides 22 grams of protein and 12 grams of fiber per 100 g portion* It is also gluten free, vegan, low fat, low in sodium, cholesterol free, and a good source of potassium and iron per serving. The Casarecce shape originated on the island of Sicily, and its name means ?local? or ?homemade? owing to its relatively simple design made from short lengths of flat pasta that were easy to
    Best Low Carb Pasta Substitute
    Pasta Lensi Chickpea Pasta, 10 Oz

    • UPC: 611923571
    • Rating: 4.077

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