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  • The Black Academic's Guide to Winning Tenure--Without Losing Your Soul

    For an African American scholar, who may be the lone minority in a department, navigating the tenure minefield can be a particularly harrowing process. Kerry Ann Rockquemore and Tracey Laszloffy go beyond standard professional resources to serve up practical advice for black faculty intent on playing and winning the tenure game.Addressing head-on how power and the thorny politics of race converge in the academy, The Black Academic s Guide is full of invaluable tips and hard-earned wisdom. It is an essential handbook that will help black faculty survive and thrive in academia without losing their voices, or their integrity....
    Best Jobs Without College Education

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  • Beating the College Debt Trap: Getting a Degree without Going Broke

    Beating the College Debt Trap presents students with a better way to do college. The radically counter-cultural truth is that students don't have to be totally dependent on Mom, Dad, or Uncle Sam to get the most out of college. Graduation on a solid financial foundation is possible. But it will require intentionality, creativity, hard work, and a willingness to delay gratification.Chediak gets into the nitty-gritty of how to pay less for college, get meaningful work during college (while setting yourself up for success after college), pay off any loans quickly, spend less, save more, and stay out of debt for good. He also unpacks how to tran...
    Best Jobs Without College Education

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  • Getting Past Procrastination: How to Get Your Kids Organized, Focused, and Motivated...Without Being the Bad Guy

    Like any good parent, you want your child to succeed. The problem is, otherwise smart and capable kids frequently find themselves stuck in a tumultuous, never-ending struggle with procrastination, motivation, and staying organized. In her latest book, Ann Dolin gives us a practical guide that cuts to the root of the issue: procrastination isn’t a character flaw, instead it is behavior that you and your child can address and improve. In Getting Past Procrastination you’ll discover the hidden emotional causes of procrastination, how to put good behavior on autopilot using the power of habit, The Organizational Arsenal: Tools and strategies ...
    Best Jobs Without College Education

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  • Columbine

    A masterpiece of reportage, this is the definitive account of the Columbine massacre, its aftermath, and its significance, from the acclaimed journalist who followed the story from the outset."The tragedies keep coming. As we reel from the latest horror . . ."So begins a new epilogue, illustrating how Columbine became the template for nearly two decades of "spectacle murders." It is a false script, seized upon by a generation of new killers. In the wake of Parkland, Charleston, Newtown, Aurora, and Virginia Tech, the imperative to understand the crime that sparked this plague grows more urgent every year.What really happened April 20, 1999? T...
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  • Lila Unruled Blank Notebook, 100 pages, Marble, Large (8.5 x 11 inches)

    This minimalist and classic notebook is a wonderful multi-purpose journal for sketching, jotting down thoughts, and writing notes. The notebook is made with flexible matte laminated softback cover, which helps repel liquids. Therefore, the notebook is durable to withstand any adventure. Check out the specifications for more information. If you would like to see a sample of the notebook, click on the "Look Inside" feature. 
Specifications:Layout: UnlinedDimensions: 8.5" x 11" Soft, matte laminated paperback coverCover color: Marble106 pages or 53 sheetsPages are numberedPaper Weight: 50lb text / 74 GSMAcid Free PaperBinding: PerfectMade w...
    Best Jobs Without College Education

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  • The Dumbest Generation: How the Digital Age Stupefies Young Americans and Jeopardizes Our Future(Or, Don 't Trust Anyone Under 30)

    This shocking, surprisingly entertaining romp into the intellectual nether regions of today's underthirty set reveals the disturbing and, ultimately, incontrovertible truth: cyberculture is turning us into a society of know-nothings.The Dumbest Generation is a dire report on the intellectual life of young adults and a timely warning of its impact on American democracy and culture. For decades, concern has been brewing about the dumbed-down popular culture available to young people and the impact it has on their futures. But at the dawn of the digital age, many thought they saw an answer: the internet, email, blogs, and interactive and hyper-...
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  • 48 Liberal Lies About American History: (That You Probably Learned in School)

    A historian debunks four-dozen PC myths about our nation?s past. Over the last forty years, history textbooks have become more and more politically correct and distorted about our country?s past, argues professor Larry Schweikart. The result, he says, is that students graduate from high school and even college with twisted beliefs about economics, foreign policy, war, religion, race relations, and many other subjects. As he did in his popular A Patriot?s History of the United States, Professor Schweikart corrects liberal bias by rediscovering facts that were once widely known. He challenges distorted books by name and debunks forty-eight comm...
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  • Pay for College Without Sacrificing Your Retirement: A Guide to Your Financial Future

    Pay for College Without Sacrificing Your Retirement is the only book of its kind that weighs the cost of college within the framework of an overall family financial plan. With a range of practical strategies for families at all income and savings levels, common scenarios show how to maximize your resources, evaluate colleges and financial aid opportunities, avoid crushing student debt, make the tax system work for you, and save for retirement.
    Best Jobs Without College Education

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  • College Ruled Notebook: Architectural tools for drafting Gorgeous Student Composition Book Daily Journal Diary Notepad for researching how to become an architect

    What better home for your notes, thoughts, plans and doodles than this journal? Wondering how to start journaling? Buy this book, pick up a pen or pencil and start your personal journey. 110 writing pages provide plenty of space to write and doodle. Medium ruled size 8.5'' wide x 11'' high; ideal to fit in purses, backpacks, and totes. 8.5x11
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  • Paying for College Without Going Broke, 2017 Edition: How to Pay Less for College (College Admissions Guides)

    The only annual college financial aid guide with line-by-line instructions for completing the FAFSA and CSS PROFILE aid forms!As seen in USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, Money, and the Los Angeles Times, Paying for College Without Going Broke will help you:  • Navigate the recent changes to the FAFSA• Use line-by-line strategies for filling out the FAFSA and CSS PROFILE to maximum effect• Increase your chances of receiving aid • Compare aid offers and learn how to appeal if needed • Calculate the actual costs of college • Plan strategically as an independent student or a divorced or single parent • Avoid...
    Best Jobs Without College Education

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  • Best Dang Job in the World : A Leadership Guide for College and University Administrators

    In The Best Dang Job in the World, Bill Rezak creates a fictional campus to highlight characteristics, attributes, and behaviors helpful to success in leading an institution of higher learning. This is a must read for anyone aspiring to or currently in academic
    Best Jobs Without College Education
    The Best Dang Job in the World

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  • 9 Highest Paying Jobs Without A College Degree (2019)

    In this video, we will take a look at 9 different jobs that do not require a four-year college degree! All of the statistics mentioned in this video can be found on The cost of attending s...
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    6 High Paying Jobs With No College Degree Required

    In this video, we will discuss 6 jobs that do not require a college degree. The average 2016 college graduate had an average of $37,172 in student loan debt. If you want to avoid spending thousands...
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    10 Highest Paying Jobs Without A College Degree

    Don't have a college degree, but want a high paying job? 💰 CLICK HERE TO MAKE MONEY 👉 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 👉 START EARNING PASSIVE INCOME TODAY! FREE Amazon Training...
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