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  • KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap: Bug, Fruit Fly, Gnat, Mosquito Killer - UV Light, Fan, Sticky Glue Boards Trap Even The Tiniest Flying Bugs - No Zapper - Child Safe, Non-Toxic

    Features: Easy to clean and maintain. and pesticide free. Durable and sturdy construction for long-term use and prevention! Ribbed outer walls to let bugs in, but a slick inner well that won't let them out. Superior, high-quality Insect Interceptor Kits are perfect for safely monitoring, detecting & eliminating Bed Bugs at home.
    Best Indoor Fly Trap

    • ASIN: B07B6RZP4H
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: KATCHY
    • UPC: 742833225518

  • Gardner FLY WEB FLY TRAP

    FlyWeb instruction: Once you receive your FlyWeb unit, please follow the following direction before use to ensure your FlyWeb unit will work properly. 1) The light bulb may have been jarred loose during shipping and handling. Check to see if the bulb is firmly seated in the socket by gently pressing the bulb straight down in the socket if bulb was loose you will hear a click. 2) Remove glue card and remove proactive paper covering the front of the card. Carefully replace glue card with the glue facing the bulb. If you get glue on your hands you can easily remove the glue by wiping your hands with vegetable oil. 3) Place the FlyWeb unit into a...
    Best Indoor Fly Trap

    • ASIN: B0006OIZN4
    • Brand: Gardner
    • UPC: 616639335392

  • Catchmaster 904 Bug & Fly Clear Window Fly Traps - 3 Packs of 4 Traps

    Flies are often annoying and uninvited guests in our homes that can easily contaminate food and spread disease. We often encounter a variety of flies in a typical household throughout the year. They are fast breeders and if left unchecked can establish large populations quickly. Bug & Fly Clear Window Traps will help you control nuisance flies and control fly populations.
    Best Indoor Fly Trap

    • ASIN: B001QBPP66
    • Brand: Catchmaster

  • DynaTrap DT3019 Indoor Insect Trap 2 AC Outlets, AtraktaGlo Light, StickyTech, Black

    Protect your family and pets from pesky flying insects with the DynaTrap DT3019 Flylight Indoor Insect Trap with 2 AC Outlets. Proven to attract, trap, and kill mosquitoes, fruit flies, moths, and more, this plug-in trap attracts flying insects with a warm AtraktaGlo UV light. The insects are then trapped by the non-toxic StickyTech glue card, which sits discreetly behind the decorative cover. This sticky trap plugs into any standard 120-volt outlet and covers up to 600 square feet of living space, making it ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, offices, bedrooms, and more. Additionally, the base of the fly trap has two AC outlets to plug in additio...
    Best Indoor Fly Trap

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: DynaTrap
    • UPC: 043256330194

  • Victor M380 Fly Magnet Reusable Trap with Bait

    The Victor Fly Magnet attracts and traps flies. The attractant lures them in, but doesn't let them escape! This patented non-poisonous bait, included with each trap, is the most effective bait on the market - it out-performs competitive products 20 to 1! The white color and diamond-shaped lid is also designed to attract more flies. For outdoor use. Safe around children, pets and the environment. Victor Fly Magnet bait can also be purchased separately.Baited system will last a long time. Effectiveness is not diminished with time. Bait will attract a broad range of species, including house and blowflies.Traps are re-usable. Once filled with fli...
    Best Indoor Fly Trap

    • ASIN: B00004RBDW
    • Color: -
    • Brand: Safer Brand
    • UPC: 072868133800

  • Black Flag Fly Stick, 1-Count, 6-Pack

    ⚫ Black Flag ⚑The first Black Flag product was sold in 1833. Since then, the brand has always stood for extremely effective insect control but the technology behind the brand has continuously evolved.◉ What is Black Flag Fly Stick?Black Flag Fly Stick is a really simple yet effective way to control insects in your home. When bugs lands on the surface of the strong sticky-coated cylinder, they would never be able to leave it. All you have to do is put it in a place where are sides of the cylinder are exposed and let it do the rest.◉ Make it More Effective!Black Flag Fly Stick will work more efficiently if you will add 1 tsp of honey or...
    Best Indoor Fly Trap

    • ASIN: B00IMHL9JO
    • Brand: Black Flag

  • KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap: Bug, Fruit Fly, Gnat, Mosquito Killer - Automated Sensor Switch, UV Light, Fan, Sticky Glue Boards Trap Even the Tiniest Flying Bugs - No Zapper - Child Safe, Non-Toxic

    Best Indoor Fly Trap

    • ASIN: B07H2JGSM6
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: KATCHY
    • UPC: 742833225617

  • RESCUE Indoor Non-Toxic TrapStik for Flies

    The RESCUE! TSF Non-Toxic TrapStik for Flies catches common house flies, cluster flies and fruit flies. It uses VisiLure technology to lure insects with appealing colors and a multi-dimensional pattern. Flies are attracted by the colors and patterns, then they get trapped on the sticky surface and eventually expire. Use anywhere around the house, or outdoors in a sheltered location protected from moisture. It's best to hang it right where there's a fly problem, such as around windows or in mud rooms and covered porches. RESCUE!'s goal is to design, manufacture and market the safest, most effective pest control solutions available. Our product...
    Best Indoor Fly Trap

    • ASIN: B00FGQ288K
    • Color: -
    • Brand: RESCUE
    • UPC: 042853400002

  • PIC Window Fly Traps, 4Count - FTRP

    Easy to apply, easy to release. New design catches more insects on a larger surface. No chemicals. No vapors.
    Best Indoor Fly Trap

    • ASIN: B01LYLA8Z2
    • Brand: PIC
    • UPC: 072477981205

  • DOUHE Mosquito Killer Insect Trap Intelligent Control Fly Trap, Indoor Insect Killer, Mosquito, Fruit Fly, Gnat, Bug Zapper - UV Light, USB Powered, Built-in Fan Upgraded 2019

    Intelligent light control Mosquito Killer Indoor Insect Trap, UV Light, Built-in Suction Fan - Child Safe, Non-Toxic Input: DC5V-1A Rated power: 3-5W Net Weight: 0.43kg Product size: 13.5*13.5*22cm Protect range: up to 500 sq.ft What's in the box? 1 x Intelligent light control Mosquito Trap 1 x USB cable 1 x User Manual How it works: 1. The UV Light of this mosquito fly trap attracts most insects to the device: fly gnat, mosquitos, even the tinist flying insects; 2. The built-in suction fan is strong enough to ingest flying insects and cause them to starve or dehydrate. Please wait 2-3 days until the insects are death before open th...
    Best Indoor Fly Trap

    • ASIN: B07RQJ339L
    • Brand: DOUHE
    • UPC: 742186847658

  • 2019 Best Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp w/ UV LED Light,Strongest Mosquito Catcher Insect Killer Bug Zapper Fly Trap Pest Control Non-Toxic Noiseless No Radiation - Indoor Outdoor Home Bedroom Camping

    The Mosquito killer trap is designed to spread light in all directions, thus being effective for a coverage area of up to 800 square feet to kill mosquitoes and other flying pests! This insect bug Mosquito zapper is easy standing for living room, kitchen, bedroom , basement, enclosed garage, café, restaurant, store, office, hospital etc. Buy Ryugogo Chemical-Free Non-Toxic Noiseless Odorless No Radiation mosquitoes killers Powerful Efficient Fly Pests Catcher Lamp, get rid of all flying insects and bugs right now!Feature:1. No poisons and harmful chemicals,environment friendly and safe.2. Soft light and no dazzling, UV Light Can Double As A Night
    Best Indoor Fly Trap
    SUPERIOR UV TECHNOLOGY - Purple UV bug light and forceful electronic grid of the Indoor bug zapper effectively allure, trap and kill mosquitoes, flies, gnats and other flying insects. The mosquito zapper covers a large indoor area up to 800 sq.ft - just sit peacefully in indoor or outdoor locations without worrying about any distractions and stinging bites.ULTRA SAFE FOR HUAMAN & PETS- This electronic Mosquito Killer is harmless to human bodies and pets (especially for babies and pregnant women.) - no chemicals, no Radiation and toxic-free. The indoor fly killer adopts high-end eco-friendly ABS for shell material to prevent

    • UPC: 279533856
    • Color: White
    • Size: 5.32* 2.36*5.32"5.32\"
    • Rating: 4.846

  • Terro Fruit Fly Traps, 2 ct

    A familiar problem for most homeowners, fruit flies are commonly spotted swarming around kitchen fruit bowls and near garbage storage areas. TERRO Fruit Fly Traps lure adult fruit flies into the trap using a non-toxic, food-based liquid lure. Once the flies enter the trap, they cannot escape to continue breeding and multiplying. And better yet, gone are the days of unsightly traps ? this attractive, apple-shaped trap looks right at home in any
    Best Indoor Fly Trap
    Product FeaturesReady-to-useFast actingPrevents trapped flies from breeding & multiplyingFast acting.Prevents trapped flies from breeding & multiplying.Mfg. for:Senoret Chemical Co., Inc.,69 North Locust Street,Lititz, PA,

    • UPC: 54778117
    • Model: T2503
    • Color: RedGreen
    • Rating: 2.866

  • 2 Packs Ranch Fly Trap Flay Catcher -New Fly Fishing Apparatus for Indoor or Outdoor Family Farms, Park, Restaurants (bait placement basin not included)

    2 Packs Ranch Fly Trap Flay Catcher with Pots-New Fly Fishing Apparatus for Indoor or Outdoor Family Farms, Park, RestaurantsDescription:Color:GreenMaterial:Iron wire + plasticCage diameter:23 cm/9.05'', high: 30 cm/11.81''Pot size:16*16*5 cm/6.29*6.29*1.96''Package Include:1 X Cage/1 X PotLayout method:In the spring and autumn season, it hangs in the sunny place, and it hangs in the sun where it can not be exposed to the sun in summer.(protect from light)Because flies are fond of stinking objects, it is suggested that bait should be selected- for food, such as fish intestines, rotten fruits, etc., as far as 20 centimeters away from the ground.This product is
    Best Indoor Fly Trap
    2 Packs Ranch Fly Trap Flay Catcher -New Fly Fishing Apparatus for Indoor or Outdoor Family Farms, Park, Restaurants (bait placement basin not

    • UPC: 191127350
    • Rating: 2.5

  • PIC FTRP-RAID Window Fly Trap

    Get rid of the annoying flies from inside your home with the 4-Count Raid Fly Traps. Featuring a transparent design for increased efficiency, these traps do not release harmful vapors or broadcast insecticides, making them safe for use around children and pets. These sticky fly traps catch over 100 flies
    Best Indoor Fly Trap
     Raid Window Fly Traps, 4 count:No Vapors or broadcast insecticides.Catches over 100 flies per trap.Window fly traps are trasparent in design and stick

    • UPC: 28660082
    • Model: FTRP-RAID
    • Color: Clear
    • Size: 9.5"x3.1"9.5\" x 3.1\"
    • Rating: 4.69

  • Terro T2502 Fruit Fly Trap, 2-Pack

    Trust Terro to bring you high quality products every time.
    Best Indoor Fly Trap
    Non-toxic outdoor fly trapsFast-acting60-day supplyReady-to-use trap prevents fruit flies from breeding and multiplyingDesigned to lure adult fruit flies, using a special non-toxic food-based liquid lureFlies that enter the trap can't escape to continue breedingTraps are most effective when placed near breeding sitesActive ingredient: sodium lauryl sulfate (soap)Red and green plasticNet contents: 1.0 fl oz2-packCardedModel number:

    • UPC: 55542124
    • Model: T2502
    • Color: N/AOther
    • Size: 11 Pack of 2
    • Rating: 4.0

  • Carnivorous Plant 3 Inch Pot 3 Small Venus Flytraps Fly Trap Indoor Best Gift

    • UPC: 172327913331
    • Category: Houseplants
    • Price: 28 USD

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