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  • Sheep Hunting in Alaska (2nd Edition)

    The updated reference book for Dall sheep hunters. Every stage of hunting is covered within these pages--from conditioning to hunting strategies to selecting a taxidermist. Caloric content of backpacking foods and field-judging the three styles of sheep horns are examples of the specific topics presented. Experienced sheep hunters as well as novices will benefit tremendously from this comprehensive guide. This second edition of the classic how-to book on Dall sheep hunting goes far beyond what was achieved in the first edition. This edition contains extensive instruction for attaining every sheep hunter's goal of being in "sheep shape" before...
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  • Alone in the Fortress of the Bears: 70 Days Surviving Wilderness Alaska: Foraging, Fishing, Hunting

    On the last day of June, my bush pilot left me alone and without food in a wilderness rainforest of Southeast Alaska. He would return in September. For the next ten weeks my survival would depend on foraging, hunting and fishing on an island I would share with 1,600 brown bears.This is my story of hunger and solitude, salmon fishing and stormy seas, torrential rains and mountain sunsets, giant halibut and deer hunting, campfires and killer whales.Illustrated with nearly fifty photos and a map.
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  • The Final Frontiersman: Heimo Korth and His Family, Alone in Alaska's Arctic Wilderness

    The inspiration for The Last Alaskans—the eight-part documentary series on the Discovery Channel! Called “[one of] the greatest life-or-death-tales ever told” (Esquire), James Campbell’s inimitable insider account of a family’s nomadic life in the unshaped Arctic wilderness “is an icily gripping, intimate profile that stands up well beside Krakauer’s classic [Into the Wild], and it stands too, as a kind of testament to the rough beauty of improbably wild dreams” (Men’s Journal).Hundreds of hardy people have tried to carve a living in the Alaskan bush, but few have succeeded as consistently as Heimo Korth. Originally from Wis...
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  • Hunting Hard...In Alaska!: Prepare Yourself To Hunt The Last Frontier

    A necessary reference guide for any hunter planning a big game hunt in the Great State of Alaska. These pages are packed with practical information and tips that only experience can convey.
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    • ASIN: 097266680X
    • Brand: Brand: Hunting Hard - Alaska Adventures

  • Kingbird Highway: The Biggest Year in the Life of an Extreme Birder

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    • ASIN: B003K16P46

  • American Buffalo: In Search of a Lost Icon

    From the host of the Travel Channel’s “The Wild Within.”A hunt for the American buffalo—an adventurous, fascinating examination of an animal that has haunted the American imagination. In 2005, Steven Rinella won a lottery permit to hunt for a wild buffalo, or American bison, in the Alaskan wilderness. Despite the odds—there’s only a 2 percent chance of drawing the permit, and fewer than 20 percent of those hunters are successful—Rinella managed to kill a buffalo on a snow-covered mountainside and then raft the meat back to civilization while being trailed by grizzly bears and suffering from hypothermia. Throughout these advent...
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  • Alaska's Wolf Man: The 1915-55 Wilderness Adventures of Frank Glaser

    For forty years Frank Glaser trekked across wilderness Alaska on Foot, by wolf-dog team, and eventually by airplane. In his career he was a market hunter, trapper, roadhouse owner, professional dog team musher, and a federal predator agent. He was a legend in his own time, respected and admired for his sill as a woodsman and hunter by fellow sourdoughs and by his many Eskimo friends.
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    • ASIN: 1575100479

  • Operation Grizzly Camp: An edge-of-your-seat survival thriller in the savage wilderness of Alaska (Poppy McVie Mysteries Book 3)

    In the wilds of Alaska an animal lover confronts an impossible choice.Kill an innocent creature or expose a top secret operation.Shaking, she shoulders her rifle and fingers the trigger…Special Agent Poppy McVie goes deep undercover and finds herself surrounded by the worst people on Earth—wealthy poachers who shoot bears for sport. Her mission is to dismantle the bloody game and drag its masterminds to justice. To earn their trust, she has to join the twisted fun and take aim at one of the majestic beasts herself.Even with the help of her handsome partner, Poppy has to fight to stay in character. But the cracks in her facade put the poac...
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  • Stories I've Heard, Characters I've Met, & Lies We've Told in My 44 Alaskan Years

    Ask anyone traveling through his neck of the Alaskan Bush—Tom Brion of Bentalit Lodge is a natural-born storyteller. An Off the Grid lodge owner in Fish Lakes, Alaska, Tom enthralls roomfuls of guests every year from the Lower 48 and around the world with tales of his adventures, foibles, and SNAFUs in 44 years living in the Alaskan wilderness. From his start as a Pennsylvania farmboy who ran off to join the United States Air Force, to his arrival in Alaska with less than a hundred dollars in his wallet and a growing family in his back seat, to his forty years as a Bush pilot and his accidental introduction to the fishing lodge business, ...
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  • The Night Sky 30°-40° (Large; North Latitude)

    The Night Sky is a rotating star finder (planisphere) that allows the user to recognize the constellations for any time of night, any day of the year. The sky appears to rotate (due to the rotation and orbital motion of the earth), so to be successful recognizing the constellations a beginner needs to know which stars are above the horizon at any time. This is the full-sized version of The Night Sky suitable for the 30°-40° latitude zone (southern half of the US, North Africa, Middle East, etc.). There are editions for the following latitude zones: 50°-60°, 40°-50°, 30°-40°, 20°-30°, and the Southern Hemisphere. There are also pocke...
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  • Alaska's Greatest Outdoor Legends : Colorful Characters Who Built the Fishing and Hunting Industries

    Thousands of tourists flock to Alaska to hunt and fish in dramatic landscapes and on pristine waters. A network of guides and lodges caters to those men and women, and wildlife biologists track the animals to insure healthy populations. The Last Frontier has nurtured homegrown fishing and hunting legends for generations. The more than two dozen colorful characters highlighted in the book transcend the act of merely catching fish or shooting game. While the men and women are celebrated due to their incredible skills, it s their ability to raise positive awareness or help others to gain a greater appreciation
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    Outdoor tourism is one of Alaska’s biggest industries, and the thousands of people who flock to the state’s dramatic landscapes and pristine waters to hunt and fish are supported by a large and growing network of guides, lodges, outfitters, and wildlife biologists.This book honors more than sixty of those remarkably colorful characters, past and present, people whose incredible skills were their calling cards, but whose larger-than-life personalities were what people remember after the trip is over.  Taken together, these portraits offer a history of outdoor life in Alaska and celebrate its incredible natural beauty—and the people who devote their lives

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  • Never Cry Halibut : And Other Alaska Hunting and Fishing Tales

    From the sharp, comic voice behind "Haunted Inside Passage" comes this follow-up--a collection of humorous and thoughtful short essays about hunting and fishing in Alaska. Accompanied by photos, each story reflects the author's three-decade relationship with the wildest places left in North
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    From the sharp, comic voice of Haunted Inside Passage, Never Cry Halibut is a collection of humorous and thoughtful short essays about hunting and fishing in Alaska.Accompanied by photographs, each story reflects the author's three-decade relationship with the wildest places left in North America as he interacts with brown bears, wolves, wilderness, commercial fishing, and the nearly forgotten act of harvesting food from the wild. From hilarious tales of his nieces outfishing him to reflective ruminations on the human connection to nature, Bjorn captures the liveliness that comes from living so close to the Southeast Alaska

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  • Alaskan Adventures Internship Handbook: How to become an Alaska Fishing or Hunting Guide - eBook

    What does it take to be an Alaska Fishing or Hunting Guide? Or wilderness culinary expert and/or acquire lodge mechanic capabilities? Let Rocky, who is a longtime Master Alaskan fishing guide, registered Alaskan hunting guide, as well as an outstanding wild game chef, teach you the skills sets for each. Learn about his tough but lifesaving training programs and how he develops the guides he selects to learn the essential tools to be successful. Although not specifically listed, his fishing interns learn how to be hunting guides, including animal regulations, hunting tactics, weapons training, people skills and much more. His
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    Alaskan Adventures Internship Handbook: How to become an Alaska Fishing or Hunting Guide - eBook

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  • Alaska “...Having the Best Time I Ever Had” - eBook

    As a boy, I was lucky enough to be introduced an elderly gentleman by the name of Robert R. (Bob) Huttle (Mr. Huttle to me). I remember Mr. Huttle as a man of many interesting stories, and experiences. Mr. Huttle was a good friend of my father, and for quite a number of years was sort of an informal member of our family, being in attendance for Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays, and any other family gatherings. His little home, along with its menagerie of exotic fowl in a little community called Annapolis, Washington was always a most fun place to visit.
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    Alaska “...Having the Best Time I Ever Had” - eBook

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  • Alaska Hunting - eBook

    Alaska Hunting: Earthworms to Elephants, a collection of 39 stories, is intended to be seasoning for a Hunters' pie, rural Alaska style. Most hunters extol the charismatic mega fauna, but pursuit of lesser game often takes center stage. Occasionally hunting discoveries lead to other endeavors, from jade mining to gold prospecting and fossil recovery. Possibilities are limitless. As we engage in hunting and fishing pursuits memories are laced with the big ones--the exceptional, genetically endowed giants--but some of the brightest memories are of average representatives of their species. What made them so memorable was the combination of circumstances under which
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    Alaska Hunting - eBook

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  • Alaskan brown bear hunt in the fall: Conservation Explained

    Alaskan Return | Episode 4 | Bear Horizon by Bear Hunting Magazine Documented in spectacular cinematic fashion, Clay Newcomb heads to Alaska to complete some unfinished business by taking a brown ...
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    Best Alaskan Moose Hunting Ever

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    GIANT Alaskan Moose RUNS OVER hunter!!!!! The Journey Part 2

    We learn a valuable lesson on this hunt, like they say in Africa, "it's the dead ones that kill you." Shane almost gets gored by Ben's aggressive bull as it comes back to life in this once-in-a-li...
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