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  • Rolling Mouse Catch Kit with Accessories: Multi Catch Bucket-Roller System for Mice, Rats, Chipmunks and Other Rodents - Sanitary No Touch Disposal Solution - No Chemicals, Safe for Kids and Pets

    PROVEN & EFFECTIVE Mice, rats and other rodents are pesky nuisances that can cause extensive damage to your property. From chewing electrical wires and tunneling inside walls to spreading diseases, these pests pose all sorts of problems and can be difficult to remove - until now. The My.Casa rolling mouse catch system makes it easier than ever to rid your home or workplace of rodents. Use it in a garage, barn, basement, attic, crawlspace or anywhere else you have an infestation! HOW IT WORKS Mice run up the ramps placed by the bucket and attempt to reach the tasty bait on the roller bar. Rubber rings act as obstacles for the mice, causing...
    Best Homemade Rat Trap

    • ASIN: B07RDGB9SZ
    • Brand: My.Casa
    • UPC: 643412400114

  • Odesos Mouse Trap, Live Catch and Release Bucket Spin Roller With An Original Ring For Mice Rats Rodents. Humane. Auto Rolling Reset. Safe for Children and Pets Works Outdoors and Indoors

    MICE & RATS BOTHERING YOU? Are they in your house? In the basement, or attic, or even in the kitchen? In the garage? Or outside in your yard or farmland? CATCH THEM BY THE BUCKET! This mouse trap is ultra light and engineered to spin perfectly so even very small mice fall down in the bucket. The ring in the middle doubles its effectiveness - even the most "athletic" mice cannot jump over it without falling. No reset needed, this multi-catch device will work as long as there is space in the bucket. It is a great indoor and outdoor mice control tool even for chipmunks and other small rodents. SAFE for pets & kids AND HUMANE for the mice. There ...
    Best Homemade Rat Trap

    • ASIN: B07FTQ6SM1
    • Brand: Odesos
    • UPC: 781155287088

  • PAWMATE Rolling Mouse Trap, Live Catch and Release Bucket Spin Roller With A Ring For Mice Rats Rodents. Humane. Auto Reset. Safe for Children and Pets. Works Outdoors and Indoors

    Do you have MICE & RATS, or CHIPMUNKS? Are they infesting your house? Chicken coop? Basement? Attic? Or even the kitchen? Are they in the garage? Or outside in your yard or farmland? TAKE THEM DOWN! And humane for the mice. There are no springs to load, no electricity used. So children, cats, dogs and bunnies are safe. This rolling mouse trap uses pet & kids-safe bait such as peanut butter. You can choose to fill the bucket with water, or not. So you can catch and release the mice alive if you want. KID and PET SAFE! It works with a standard 5-gallon bucket, which you can get from any hardware store (please note: not all 5-gallon bucket hav...
    Best Homemade Rat Trap

    • ASIN: B078GC624P
    • Brand: PAWMATE
    • UPC: 643412400046

  • Rolling Mouse Trap - Rodent Traps Mouse Control - Kill or No Contain Trap for Mice,Rats & Other Pests & Rodents - PLAN LIFE

    RODENT PROBLEMS FROM MOUSE Do you see small tracks and tail trails in dusty areas? Do you see areas where wood has been gnawed? Do you see smears along baseboards and other areas? Is there a heavy musky odor in the house? Can you see rodent droppings? Then it's time for you to get new design Mouse Traps to solve the issue FAST! Rolling Mouse Trap The Rolling Mouse Trap is easy to install and use. 1) Drill 2 holes on opposite sides of the bucket. 2) Insert both ends of the 'Rolling Mouse Trap' into the holes 3) Check that trap spins freely 4) Add ramps on either side of the bucket in order for the mice to climb up to reach the bait. Fill bucke...
    Best Homemade Rat Trap

    • ASIN: B0728KX71V
    • Brand: PLAN LIFE
    • UPC: 713153999458

  • StarRoad PVC high-Speed Rolling Mouse Trap Bucket Mousetrap Continuous Capture Log Catch Mice Rat Traps Include No Need Drilling Required Fit 5 Gallon Buckets (White)

    Precautions: 1: We only sell the drum, not sell buckets, please ready a bucket and ladder by yourself. 2: The total length of the mousetrap is: 11.4 inches, the drum length is:10.5inches, width: 0.98inches 3: If you want to achieve the desired effect of the mouse, please make sure add water to one-third ways of the bucket and the bucket deep enough. 4: the mouse jump height about 15in or up,bucket need to be more than 15inches high 5: Please bring some mouse trap's bait, reference bait: cream, peanut butter, bread and so on.If your bait can not be smeared, Please use a rubber band to make it fixed 6: In order to achieve better catching effect...
    Best Homemade Rat Trap

    • ASIN: B01J10WMQO
    • Color: White
    • Brand: StarRoad
    • UPC: 710525511546

  • Rolling Log Mouse Trap The Original Perfect Kill/No Kill Trap for Mice, Rats & Other Pests & Rodents - Humane, Non Poison - Caught 11 Mice in 1 Night!

    This is the Original "Rolling Log Mouse Trap" (Patent Pending). It is Professionally manufactured and is Not a homemade version of the original. This is the Trap shown on YouTube by Shawn Woods, and it is the "only one" that caught the "11 mice in one night." All of the other traps seen on the internet are copy's of this trap using heavier material. This trap works because it is very light in weight; the rolling element is 2-4 oz. lighter than the average mouse. When the mouse either turns around or sits to eat, the mouse's center of gravity extends over the circumference of the roller and the mouse's feet exert torque onto the roller. This t...
    Best Homemade Rat Trap

    • ASIN: B071ZF2VZJ
    • Brand: The Original "Rolling Log Mouse Trap"
    • UPC: 659257818304

  • Walk The Plank Mouse Trap ( EXTRA WIDE PLANK/ NATURAL WOOD ) - Pirate Plank Mouse Trap Auto Reset - Humane Bucket Rat Trap - No Drilling Required - Kill or Live Catch Mice, Rodents

    WHY YOU SHOULD AND MUST CHOOSE AFORCLI’S MOUSE TRAP Common mouse and rat traps are dangerous, messy, or sticky.  No more glue traps, snap traps, or toxic bait.  No more non-humane mouse traps – can catch dead or alive.  Set the Walk On Plank trap once and catch multiple mice and rats. Easy to empty, clean, and maintain HOW TO USE Find a suitable bucket and remove the walk on plank trap from its package Fit the trap to the lip of the bucket Place the bucket and trap in an area you suspect mice or rats to travel through Find a long stick or other object to make a ramp, providing a path for the mice onto the plank Bait the end of the pl...
    Best Homemade Rat Trap

    • ASIN: B07B9GQG3R
    • Brand: Aforcli
    • UPC: 611856654875

  • Humane Mouse Catching Kit for Rats, Rodents, Chipmunks, Natural Solution, No Touch Disposal, Reusable Pet and Kid Safe Rolling System, No Chemicals or Dirt

    Protect Your Home from Mice, Rats, and Rodents with a Humane Rolling Catch System by Recio  If you’ve got mice running around your home getting into cabinets, contaminating food, or leaving behind surprises on the floor, you don’t want to put down dangerous or inhumane control methods that contain chemicals or could damage animals, pets, or even children. That’s why we created the Recio Rolling Mouse Catch System that uses a simple bucket (not included) and roller that entices rodents to climb up and then drops them in without harming them. Better yet, you don’t have to worry about cleanup or disposal. Product Details:- Complete Mi...
    Best Homemade Rat Trap

    • ASIN: B07RRQZH53
    • Brand: Recio
    • UPC: 643412400169

  • The Original - Walk the Plank Mouse Trap - Exact Trap from YouTube - Handcrafted In The USA - Kill / No Kill Trap For Mice, Rats, Rodents & Other Pests - Humane Non Poison - Best Trap Ever Tested

    YOU ONLY GET ONE TRAP, 2 TRAPS WERE USED IN THE YouTube VIDEO! As Seen On YouTube with Shawn Woods. This is the Original "Walk The plank" mouse trap (Patent-Pending). The Best Mouse Trap made. Simple to use mouse trap that will catch multiple rodents in one night. It dumps the mouse in the bucket and resets for the next mouse. It has a magnet that holds it steady until the mouse gets close to end of the plank. Then it dumps him in. There is an adjustment screw to adjust the weight needed to dump the trap. It comes preset to catch most mice. It will not work on rats, they are to big for this trap. We have a farm and now use these in our b...
    Best Homemade Rat Trap

    • ASIN: B074HF1QLX
    • Brand: Original Walk The Plank Mouse Trap
    • UPC: 092624206975

  • Rinne Traps Log Mouse Trap - Multi Catch - with Rust Proof Bearings - Easy Setup- No Drilling(1)

    Rust Proof Bearings And Weather Proof! No more drilling into your buckets. (Put our clip hangers on the bucket and put the Rolling log Mouse Trap on Top) Our simple yet effective design will catch your mice no problem, remember to put at least a little bit of water in the bucket to keep them from jumping out or chewing there way out. BUCKET NOT INCLUDED 1x Weather Proof Log Rolling Mouse TrapManual and User Guide Included Customer Support Available 24/7
    Best Homemade Rat Trap

    • ASIN: B0786NLW4P
    • Color: Off White
    • Brand: Rinne Traps
    • UPC: 688949982078

  • Bell Trapper T-Rex Rat Snap Trap

    Jagged Rat Snap Traps are a superior trap that combines special trigger sensitivity with the exact speed for capturing and securing rats. Setting with the hand or foot (like a pedal) makes it much easier and safer than traditional
    Best Homemade Rat Trap
    Bell Trapper T-Rex Rat Snap Trap

    • UPC: 350886000
    • Size: L
    • Rating: 4.0

  • d-CON No View, No Touch Covered Mouse Trap, 4 Traps

    d-CON No View No Touch Covered Mouse Trap is safer than traditional mouse traps & much easier to use â just bait, twist and set! This discreet covered trap conceals the dead mouse 100%. The No View, No Touch trap is safe around children & pets. Never see a dead mouse again! Once a mouse is caught, just dispose of the entire trap. To use: insert bait in bait compartment, twist & set trap, and place the trap in a high traffic mouse area. Ideal for: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, pantry, and living
    Best Homemade Rat Trap
    Discreet covered trap that conceals the dead mouse 100%.Safer than traditional mouse traps & much easier to use â just bait, twist and set!Safe around children & petsNo messy cleanup. Just dispose of the entire trap.Ideal for: kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, pantry, and living

    • UPC: 372422635
    • Rating: 3.097

  • Amdro Rat Trap, Chemical Free, Kills 12 Rats

    AMDRO Rat Trap is an innovative product that has significant benefits over other devices. Attracted by lure, the rodent enters the trap thus releasing a powerful rubber latex ring onto the neck/chest area. The rodent is expelled from the trap being crushed by the ring and dies quickly next to the trap. No blood, no mess, no maimed animal and no contaminated trap to clean. The AMDRO reusable rodent trap is easy and safer to use and will give a lifetime of a rodent free
    Best Homemade Rat Trap
    Kills quickly!No poisonNo blood, no messNo snapped fingersKills 12 rats

    • UPC: 247518594
    • Model: 1357600447
    • Rating: 4.25

  • Marainbow Snapping Trap Mouse Rats Stick Spin Traps

    Marainbow Roll Into bucket Mice Trap Rolling Mouse Rats Stick Rodent Spin TrapDescription:It is a rolling log mouse trap.Take a regular five gallon bucket, cut two small slots on the top of the bucket, put about 4" to 6" of water in the bucket.Put peanut butter on rolling log and a little vegetable oil or spray on the ends and place in the slots.Mice will try to walk across and fall in the water, then all you have to do is flush them, no more touching those nasty traps.Features:Length: 30cm (fit bucket diameter 30cm-33cm )Diameter: 2.5cmMaterial: stainless steelQuantity: 1 x
    Best Homemade Rat Trap
    Marainbow Snapping Trap Mouse Rats Stick Spin Traps

    • UPC: 959706543
    • Rating: 4.0

  • RatX Mouse and Rat Bait, 8oz

    Designed for safe use around pets and livestock, the RatX Rat Control Rodenticide Pellets includes non-toxic ingredients that specifically target rodents. These rodenticide pellets contain ingredients that are derived from naturally occurring sources, so you know they're a safe choice for eliminating mice and rats from your home. Boasting products that are non-toxic, biodegradable, and naturally derived, RatX provides rat and mouse elimination solutions that are safe and effective. Their efficient formula can be applied both indoors and outdoors, and won't harm people, pets, livestock, wildlife, or the environment.
    Best Homemade Rat Trap
    For the effective control of rats and mice. Formulated for indoor and outdoor use. Non-toxic.

    • UPC: 198013918
    • Model: 620100
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Size: 8 oz8 fl oz
    • Rating: 3.069

  • PVC Water Bottle Mouse Trap/DIY make A Mouse Trap Homemade/Mouse Reject/Idea Mouse Trap

    PVC Water Bottle Mouse Trap/DIY make A Mouse Trap Homemade/Mouse Reject/Idea Mouse Trap #mousetrap #electricmousetrap #MouseReject
    PVC Water Bottle Mouse Trap,Rat trap,mouse trap,water bottle,mice,rat,mouse,mouse channel,rat cha...

    5 Easy Mouse/Rat Trap

    water bottle art,mouse trap,bird trap,paper mouse trap,Imaginative Guy,패트병쥐덫,쥐덫만드는방법,...

    No More Rats! Easy Homemade Rat Trap

    I have discovered a rat in our barn and I need to get rid of it before it starts eating all of our animal feed. Today I am building an easy rat trap using a Duke 110 Conibear trap. This box trap ...
    Living Traditions Homestead,Missouri,Ozark's,homesteading,Ozarks,self-sufficient,homesteaders,unj...