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  • Dr. Elsey's Cleanprotein Grain Free High Protein, Low Carb Dry Cat Food, Chicken

    Dr. Elsey’s clean protein was inspired by the protein levels found in natural prey, and is a high protein kibble that optimizes your cat’s appetite and body mass through simple, high quality ingredients, therefore promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for all cats.
    Best High Protein Low Carb Foods

    • Brand: Dr. Elsey's
    • UPC: 000338022002

  • HighKey Snacks Keto Instant Maple Hot Cereal Breakfast - Gluten & Grain Free - Perfect Ketogenic Friendly Food - Low Carb, High Protein Products - Good for Desserts, Atkins and Diabetic Diets - 9oz

    Start your day with a smart choice. A unique blend of Plant Protein, Coconut, Natural Sweetener, Pecans, Sunflower Seeds, Milk Protein, Flax Seeds, Chia Seeds and Collagen creates a delicious hot cereal that keeps you feeling energized all day long. Your body will thank you.
    Best High Protein Low Carb Foods

    • ASIN: B07P7X6DKF
    • Color: 9 Ounce
    • UPC: 850004801116

  • Ketona Chicken Recipe Dry Food for Adult Dogs - Low Carb, High Protein, Grain-Free Dog Food (4.2 lb)

    Ketogenic diets are revolutionizing nutrition, both for humans and for dogs. And now there's a truly low carbohydrate, keto dry dog food. Ketona is a truly first-of-its-kind product, with the low carbohydrate content of a raw-ingredient diet, but the cost and convenience of a kibble. Ketona contains more than 85% less carbohydrate than leading "grain-free" kibbles (less than 5% total carbohydrate on an as-fed basis). It also contains more than 46% protein, just like mother nature intended. Made with pride in the USA using natural ingredients (with added vitamins and minerals) and sustainably sourced, non-GMO chicken. Complete and balanced for...
    Best High Protein Low Carb Foods

    • ASIN: B078WX37D7
    • Brand: Ketona
    • UPC: 710552065753

  • think! (thinkThin) High Protein Bars - Chunky Peanut Butter, 20g Protein, 0g Sugar, No Artificial Sweeteners, Gluten Free, GMO Free, 2.1 oz bar (10 Count - packaging may vary)

    Each think! bar blends delicious, crave-worthy flavors with the hunger-fighting protein you need to accomplish your goals. So, whether you are on the go, need a snack halfway up the trail, or crave a pick-me-up before your workout, grab a think! bar.
    Best High Protein Low Carb Foods

    • ASIN: B000CRHQN0
    • Color: Brown
    • Brand: think!
    • UPC: 753656701486

  • Shrewd Food Low Carb Keto Protein Puffs Brickoven Pizza 8 Pack | 112g Protein (14g per Serving), 2g Carbs | High Protein, Gluten Free Snacks, Real Cheese, No Artificial Flavors | Soy Free, Peanut Free

    Snacking just got a Whole! Lot! Healthier! We've reimagined our protein crisps to bring you an even more delicious taste and texture! Real cheese coating, satisfying crunch, and zippier Italian pizza spices give this snack the perfect amount of taste and protein. We like to call this our 3, 2,1 Go! 3g of fat, 2g of Carbs and 1g of Sugar with plenty of Go from 14g Protein (67% daily value). Our crisps are always baked, never fried. With nutrients like that, why snack on anything else?Other Shrewd protein crisp benefits include: NO soy, NO gluten, NO egg, NO peanuts or tree nuts, NO corn syrup, NO artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Wi...
    Best High Protein Low Carb Foods

    • ASIN: B079ZLLNG7
    • Brand: Shrewd Food
    • UPC: 811307024237

  • HighKey Snacks Keto Instant Hot Cereal Breakfast - Gluten & Grain Free - Perfect Ketogenic Friendly Food - Low Carb, High Protein Products - Good for Desserts, Atkins and Diabetic Diets - 9oz

    Made with natural ingredients, HighKey Instant Hot Cereal helps you greet the morning with the energy you need to tackle your busiest days without slowing down. Indulge in this seed and nut based hot cereal with a burst of cinnamon flavor without the guilt. Gluten free, grain free, and keto friendly, this oatmeal alternative is just 1g net carbs, but is packed with 9g protein and 4g fiber. Tastes great and keeps you going! HighKey proudly works with local farms and companies to produce gluten-free, keto-friendly snacks. From the packaging all the way down to the ingredients, we can proudly say, "Made in the USA."!...
    Best High Protein Low Carb Foods

    • ASIN: B07JP79VQZ
    • UPC: 856002006881

  • Crave Grain Free With Protein From Chicken & Salmon Dry Indoor Adult Cat Food, 4 Pound Bag

    Real chicken is the #1 ingredient in CRAVE protein-rich dry cat foods. Our recipes aren’t based on trends or buzzwords. Our recipes are based on primal, ancestral diets—inspired by wild cats, but formulated for little cats. With 40% protein, you can feed your indoor tabby’s inner wild cat the high protein, complete and balanced diet with essential nutrients for developing muscle, aiding in digestion, providing energy, and supporting healthy immune systems. Grain free—with NO corn, NO wheat, and NO soy protein.
    Best High Protein Low Carb Foods

    • ASIN: B072BJ9VWM
    • Brand: CRAVE
    • UPC: 023100123424

  • HighKey Snacks Cheese Crunch - Cheese & Egg White High Protein Cheese Crisps - Low Carb, Keto Friendly, Gluten Free, Healthy Snack - Ketogenic Food For Any Diet with Natural Ingredients - Variety

    Made with natural ingredients, HighKey's Cheese Crunch satisfies your savory snack craving without the guilt. Naturally gluten-free and an excellent source of calcium, these versatile crisps are great on the go, paired with your favorite meal, or topping soups or salads for that extra tasty crunch. Try one of each flavor: Cheddar & Egg; Parmesan, Cheddar & Egg; Parmesan, Cheddar & Everything; and Cheddar & Bacon. Any way you crunch 'em, you're sure to love 'em.
    Best High Protein Low Carb Foods

    • ASIN: B07DFGLL2W
    • UPC: 850004801086

  • Pure Protein Bars, High Protein, Nutritious Snacks to Support Energy, Low Sugar, Gluten Free, Variety Pack, 1.76oz, 18 Pack

    Pure Protein High Protein Bars feature the winning combination of high-quality protein and great taste. The delicious Chewy Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Deluxe and Chocolate Peanut Butter bars are all loaded with 20 grams of protein to help fuel your busy day. Take your Pure Protein Bar with you anywhere for a sensationally nutritious snack you can enjoy whenever hunger strikes
    Best High Protein Low Carb Foods

    • ASIN: B01126O3OY
    • Color: 2 Boxes (18 Bars)
    • Brand: Pure Protein
    • UPC: 749826256450

  • HighKey Snacks Keto Mini Low Carb Cookies - Chocolate Chip, Pack of 3, 2.25oz Bags - Keto Friendly, Gluten Free, Healthy Snack - Sweet, Diet Friendly Dessert - Ketogenic Food with Natural Ingredients

    Made with natural ingredients, each purchase of HighKey Snacks Keto Mini Cookies comes with a box of 3 bags that will satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt. Naturally gluten free and keto friendly, these chocolate chip treats are great as a wholesome on-the-go snack or as the perfect end to a good meal. With 3g of protein and 2g net carbs, feel free to indulge your cravings - anywhere, any time!
    Best High Protein Low Carb Foods

    • ASIN: B07JYS45BT
    • UPC: 856002006874

  • Protein Chips, 14g Protein, 3g-4g Net Carbs, Gluten Free, Keto Snacks, Low Carb Snacks, Protein Crisps, Keto-Friendly, Made in USA (Barbecue, 1 Pack)

    One crispy bite of our new Wholesome Provisions Barbecue or Sea Salt Vinegar Protein Chips and you'll be hooked! These protein chips are every bit as tasty as deep fried and greasy alternatives, but these low-carb snack chips provide 14 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber in every perfectly sized single-serving bag. With only 3g-4g of net carbs, our Protein Chips will be a perfect addition to your Keto-friendly
    Best High Protein Low Carb Foods
    1.31 oz. sized packages makes for easy storage, on-the-go, and macro-controlled diets. Ideal for high performance athletes, active lifestyle, exercise enthusiasts, and dieters. Both adults and kids will love the taste and crunch!Crispy and crunchy to satisfy your snack cravings! Excellent flavor and texture without the guilt. Clean and delicious finish without any weird aftertaste. Tastes just like regular potato chips.High performance and functioning food. HIGH PROTEIN (14g), LOW CARB (3-4g net carbs), and HIGH IN FIBER (4g-5g).SUGAR FREE and GLUTEN FREE. Only 120 calories per package. 100% Made in USA.Try our other Wholesome Provisions products: Protein Cereal, Keto Sweetener,

    • UPC: 198795314
    • Size: 1
    • Rating: 2.3

  • Quest Protein Cookie, Chocolate Chip, 15g Protein, 4 Ct

    Chocolate Chip Cookie
    Best High Protein Low Carb Foods
    Quest Protein Cookie - 4pk Chocolate Chip. Sometimes you just need to have a cookie. We get it, cravings are a real struggle. That's why we made Quest Protein Cookies: soft baked, sweet indulgences you can enjoy

    • UPC: 554117134
    • Model: QPCCC4
    • Size: 8
    • Rating: 4.0

  • Pure Protein® Chocolate Peanut Butter, 50 gram, 6 count Multipack

    Protein never tasted so good! Pure Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter bar is delicious and has 20 grams of protein per serving. It provides quality protein and great taste that is essential to a healthy, balanced diet and important for supporting lean muscle and an active
    Best High Protein Low Carb Foods
    Pure Protein® Chocolate Peanut Butter, 50 gram, 6 count Multipack:Pure Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter protein bar is filled with 20 grams of protein. This bar is the perfect combination of high protein for lean muscle and strength along with genuine great taste.Pure Protein Bars feature the winning combination of high quality protein & great taste. This delicious, gluten free, chocolate peanut butter bar is loaded with 20 grams of protein, and provides vitamins and minerals to help fuel your super busy day.Pure Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bars provide high-quality protein essential to a nutritious, balanced diet & important for

    • UPC: 10422933
    • Model: 00056
    • Color: White
    • Size: 10
    • Rating: 4.4

  • Pure Protein® Chocolate Deluxe, 50 gram, 6 count Multipack

    Satisfy your sweet tooth the healthy way by munching on the Pure Protein Bar Chocolate Deluxe. This product features the winning combination of high-quality nutrients and delicious taste. The Pure Protein protein bars are each loaded with 21 grams of protein and are packed with vitamins and minerals to help fuel your busy day. They're also gluten-free. Each bar contains 3 grams of sugar and only 180 calories. Place a few in your bag daily to conveniently enjoy a nutritionally loaded snack before or after workouts or while on the go. So whenever hunger strikes, you can count on the
    Best High Protein Low Carb Foods
    Pure Protein Bar Chocolate Deluxe, 6-Count:Each contains 21 grams of proteinDelicious gluten-free Pure Protein bars contains only 180 calories and 3 grams of sugarHigh-protein snack for lean muscle and strengthConvenient on-the-go, pre- or post-workout treatPack of 6 Pure Protein Chocolate Deluxe flavorFor adults; for optimal results, drink 8 fl oz of water or other liquid with this productPure Protein protein bars contain milk, soy, peanut and tree nut (almond)

    • UPC: 10423029
    • Model: 428391
    • Size: 1
    • Rating: 4.6

  • thinkThin Creamy Peanut Butter High Protein Bars, 2.1 Oz., 5 Count

    The thinkThin High Protein Bar is a nutritional go-to meal replacement option for an on the go lifestyle. It's loaded with 20g hunger-fighting protein and absolutely no gluten or added sugars. This meal replacement bar features a savory combination of smooth peanut butter dipped in creamy milk chocolate to satisfy a sweet tooth while nourishing your body. This gluten-free bar is packed with protein and has a low glycemic index to help prevent sugar spikes and crashes. It offers a more health-conscious snack option to help fuel your body throughout the day. It's a guilt-free way to get the energy
    Best High Protein Low Carb Foods
    Keep some in your desk when for those days you don't have time to stop for lunch or need to work late. Stash some in your camping or hiking gear to munch on as you enjoy the outdoors. Whenever and wherever you want to enjoy it, the thinkThin high protein bar is a go-to option for a busy life. Each box contains a 5-count of 2.1 oz bars.thinkThin High Protein Bars Creamy Peanut Butter:Chocolate dipped20g protein0g sugar per servingLow GIGluten-free creamy peanut butter barNot a low-calorie food5-count of 2.1 oz (60g) barsNet wt: 10.5 oz (300g)Made with non-GMO soy

    • UPC: 24028090
    • Model: MCLANE500203984
    • Size: 10
    • Rating: 4.4

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