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  • The New Male Sexuality, Revised Edition

    The New Male Sexuality addresses the most urgent questions of men today--and of the women who love them.  Bernie Zilbergeld reports findings from his twenty years as a psychologist specializing in human sexuality, as well as those other experts in the field, and shares his own and his clients' experiences.  the result is the most comprehensive guide ever to enhancing desire and arousal, focusing on pleasure rather than performance, and keeping sex exciting and fulfilling.Clear, comprehensive, witty, and refreshingly realistic, The New Male Sexuality is destined to be a classic of the nineties and beyond....
    Best Herbs For Male Sexuality

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  • Men Plus King Power Tea (20 tea bags) - 1 box

    Promotes men's optimal energy and vitality. Ingredients: Dried Indian bread, longan pulp, herb of desert living cistanche, fruit of cherokee rose, fruit of chinese magnoliavine, fruit of common cnidium, twig of chinese taxillus, root of indian mulberry and root of mangolian milkvetch.
    Best Herbs For Male Sexuality

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    • Brand: Royal King
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  • Intimacy On The Plate: 200+ Aphrodisiac Recipes to Spice Up Your Love Life at Home Tonight

    Every couple knows that the key to a harmonious home is a healthy love life, but keeping your time in bed spicy isn’t enough – you need to turn to the kitchen and amp up the flavor.Olga Petrenko is a housewife who dedicated years of her life to crafting original dishes that combine tradition with innovation, creating new tastes that everyone can enjoy. In the process, she discovered something new: by applying scientific research to her recipes and by using the correct ingredients, all meals had the potential to be the perfect aphrodisiac. After a decade of hard work and experimentation, she finally had an extensive collection of recipes d...
    Best Herbs For Male Sexuality

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  • Cartographies of Desire

    In this sweeping study of the mapping and remapping of male-male sexuality over four centuries of Japanese history, Gregory Pflugfelder explores the languages of medicine, law, and popular culture from the seventeenth century through the American Occupation.Pflugfelder opens with fascinating speculations about how an Edo translator might grapple with a twentieth-century text on homosexuality, then turns to law, literature, newspaper articles, medical tracts, and other sources to discover Japanese attitudes toward sexuality over the centuries. During each of three major eras, he argues, one field dominated discourse on male-male sexual relatio...
    Best Herbs For Male Sexuality

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  • The Male Dancer: Bodies, Spectacle, Sexualities

    In this challenging and lively book, Burt examines the representation of masculinity in twentieth century dance. The Male Dancer has proven to be essential reading for anyone interested in dance and the cultural construction of gender.
    Best Herbs For Male Sexuality

    • ASIN: 041597576X

  • Male Bodies, Women's Souls: Personal Narratives of Thailand's Transgendered Youth (Human Sexuality (Paperback))

    Get a detailed look at the Thai sex/gender system—through analysis of the personal stories from transgendered youth in ThailandThe Thai term sao braphet song (a “second type of woman”) describes males who reject the gender of masculinity for femininity. Male Bodies, Women’s Souls: Personal Narratives of Thailand’s Transgendered Youth uses the narrative method, stories in the words of these “second type of women” to analyze these transgendered experiences. This previously ignored perspective of the Thai sex/gender system gained through this theoretical and methodological approach offers students and general readers a rich, more readil...
    Best Herbs For Male Sexuality

    • ASIN: 0789031159
    • Brand: Brand: Routledge

  • Male Sexuality Kit - Energizer + Proflex + Extend - Male Health 100% Natural Dietary Supplement

    Several factors are involved in the process of achieving a satisfactory and pleasant life partner, including blood circulation, energy and masculine vigor, prostate health and of course sexual desire. It is composed of 3 formulas whose ingredients help improve your life partner completely naturally. PROSFLEX: is a good source of Macca and Saw Palmetto, herbs that have been used for prostate inflammation. ENERGIZER: Energizer is a good source of "Noni" and "Guarana" herbs that are used for energy and male performance. EXTEND: is a good source of "Yohimbe" which is used to promote circulation and nerve impulses that go to the penis by increasin...
    Best Herbs For Male Sexuality

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    • Brand: Organic Farms Vitamins
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  • Como Tener Una Erección Más Dura, Firme, Fuerte y Potente - Ereccion Duradera y Firme: Como Prolongar La Ereccion Naturalmente, Como Tener Una Buena Ereccion ... para mejorar la ereccion) (Spanish Edition)

    En este libro Luigi compartirá con nosotros como podemos mejorar nuestras erecciones naturalmenteEtiquetas: andropausia, aumentar testosterona, mejorar la ereccion, impotencia, disfuncion erectil, sintomas de andropausia en el hombre, sintomas del andropausia, para potenciar la ereccion, como prolongar la ereccion naturalmente, te para la ereccion, andropausia sintomas psicologicos, remedios para mejorar la ereccion, como generar testosterona, problemas de ereccion en jovenes causas, como provocar una ereccion rapidamente, mejorar erección, como tener una buena ereccion rapida, buena ereccion consejos, sintomas de andropausia edad, sintomas...
    Best Herbs For Male Sexuality

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  • Talk on the Wilde Side

    First published in 1993. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
    Best Herbs For Male Sexuality

    • ASIN: 0415902304

  • What Men Really Want (Signet)

    The definitive guide to love and intimacy in the 1990's.
    Best Herbs For Male Sexuality

    • ASIN: 0451169727

  • Best Botanicals Male Fern Herb Cut 8 oz.

    Best Botanicals Male Fern Herb Cut 8 oz.
    Best Herbs For Male Sexuality
    Best Botanicals Male Fern Herb Cut 8 oz.

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  • The Absolutely Best Male Masturbation Technique: - eBook

    This male masturbation technique is revolutionary! All males must know about this!This technique is a bunch easier on your body and the sexual pleasure typically is just as good or better. The technique is called "The PG Technique". This book shows you how to do it.If youre a senior citizen male you especially must learn about this technique!This ebook includes four additional books which are normally sold separately. Your ebooks are presented in this order:1. THE PS-SPOT ORGASM: Dont Wait Any Longer For This Kind of Pleasure2. The Absolutely Best Male Masturbation Technique3. The A-spot Orgasm: The Elusive Super Orgasm4.
    Best Herbs For Male Sexuality
    The Absolutely Best Male Masturbation Technique: - eBook

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  • The Best Gay Sex Positions: The Effective Men Sex With Men Positions Fit For Every Gay Fantasy - eBook

    Do you ever wonder why he is not that enthusiastic in having sex with you?Is your partner lacking satisfaction in his time in bed with you?Then probably it is a case of wanting for more in sex.This book will surely give you the hottest and most satisfying positions that for you and your partner to enjoy! There are a lot of variety of sex positions to choose from. So hurry! Get this book
    Best Herbs For Male Sexuality
    The Best Gay Sex Positions: The Effective Men Sex With Men Positions Fit For Every Gay Fantasy -

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  • Foods That Increase Blood Flow & Increase Libido

    Carolyn Snyder, RD, registered dietitian at Cleveland Clinic explains how some foods have the power to put you in the loving mood. Foods like hot chili peppers and chocolate have shown to increase ...
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    Causes and Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction Video – Brigham and Women’s Hospital

    The Men’s Sexual Health Clinic at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) treats men with a range of sexual problems, including erectile dysfunction and ejaculatory dysfunction. Michael P. O’Leary, MD, ...
    Brigham and Women’s Hospital,erectile dysfunction,ejaculatory dysfunction,men’s sexual health,Mic...

    Erectile Dysfunction 101 | #UCLAMDChat Webinars

    Join UCLA urologist Caroline Wallner, MD, as she discusses erectile dysfunction, including risk factors to develop the condition, as well as targeted therapies and surgical treatments. Learn more ...
    Sexual Dysfunction (Symptom),Health (Industry),Erectile Dysfunction (Disease Or Medical Condition...