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  • The Healing Crystals First Aid Manual: A Practical A to Z of Common Ailments and Illnesses and How They Can Be Best Treated with Crystal Therapy

    From acne and cataracts to sprains and vomiting, this reference lists more than 100 medical conditions and describes the physical symptoms, psychological ramifications, and correct healing gemstones for each. The most effective form of the gem is specified--a polished pocket stone rather than a necklace, for example--and in some cases more than one kind of crystal is described to be effective. A comprehensive appendix with color photos of all prescribed gemstones, a guide to assembling basic home crystal kits, and a bibliography are included....
    Best Herbal Medicine For Asthma

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  • Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Science, And The Fight Against Allergic Disease

    This book represents a new and hopeful paradigm for treatment of diseases that are spreading globally as countries adopt Western lifestyles and standards of living. It describes the phenomenal science and clinical efficacy of the work of Dr Xiu-Min Li across a broad array of immune and inflammatory diseases. These include food allergies, asthma, eczema, "new" diseases such as mast cell disorders, obesity, and mental health problems that are part of a worldwide "epidemic of progress". The most allergic people are caught in a cycle of medication, steroid dependency, emergency hospitalization, and curtailing their activities and diets to avoid t...
    Best Herbal Medicine For Asthma

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  • The Herbal Home Remedy Book: Simple Recipes for Tinctures, Teas, Salves, Tonics, and Syrups (Herbal Body)

    Best Herbal Medicine For Asthma

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  • Nature's Medicines: From Asthma to Weight Gain, from Colds to Heart Disease- The Most Powerful All-Natural Cures

    Nature's MedicinesMore than 2 years in the making, Nature's Medicines is the most responsible health-supplement guide ever written. Leading consumers through the ever-growing maze of vitamins, minerals, herbals, and brand-new natural supplements, this book covers every category of natural products--essential antioxidants like vitamins C and E and beta-carotene; immunity-building and mood-altering herbal medicines such as echinacea, ginkgo, and St. John's wort; and controversial, headline-making supplements such as bioflavonoids, gamma-linolenic acid, lecithin, choline, and phytonutrients.Each supplement has been scrutinized by the experienced...
    Best Herbal Medicine For Asthma

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  • Marijuana Medicine: A World Tour of the Healing and Visionary Powers of Cannabis

    A comprehensive survey of the therapeutic, historical, and cultural uses of cannabis in traditions around the world.• The most complete visual record of cannabis culture ever published.• Christian Ratsch is one of the world's foremost ethnopharmacologists and is the current president of the German Society for Ethnomedicine. Marijuana Medicine explores the role of hemp in medicinal systems spanning the globe. Cannabis has accompanied the development of human culture from its very beginnings and can be found in the healing traditions of cultures throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Even today it is an important part of many As...
    Best Herbal Medicine For Asthma

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  • Asthma-Free Naturally: Everything You Need to Know to Take Control of Your Asthma - Featuring the Buteyko Breathing Method Suitable for Adults and Children

    This revolutionary book teaches readers how to take control of their asthma safely and effectively without any side effects. The approach encompasses the Buteyko Breathing Method as well as guidance on diet, sleep, physical activity, and other lifestyle changes that can provide a natural alternative to Asthma medications. The author was a chronic asthmatic who applied the Buteyko Breathing Method to free himself from his asthma condition. In this book, he details the Buteyko Breathing Method and provides guidance on diet, sleep, physical activity, and other lifestyle changes that can provide a natural alternative to Asthma medications. The Bu...
    Best Herbal Medicine For Asthma

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  • Gaia Herbs Bronchial Wellness Herbal Syrup, Soothing Support for Throat and Respiratory Health with Eucalyptus Essential Oil, 5.4 Ounce

    Bronchial Wellness is a unique herbal syrup that helps support bronchial health all year long. The formula’s ability to support healthy mucous membranes makes it well-suited for people who are regularly exposed to smoky or polluted environments. The formula combines freeze-dried organic extracts of Grindelia, Plantain leaf, and Helichrysum, naturally processed to ensure the highest concentration and maximum absorption. A blend of honey and essential oils of Lemon, Eucalyptus and Star Anise, enhance the soothing benefits of this syrup and provide a pleasant taste. Enter the MeetYourHerbs ID# (found on your Gaia Herbs bottle) at our official ...
    Best Herbal Medicine For Asthma

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  • SafeBay Dog Supplement and Cat Supplement Premium Quality - 1200 Drops 2 Oz - Calendula for Dogs, Elderberry for Dogs and Cats Too! Made in USA - for Dry, Wet & Barky Pet Cough - Cruelty Free

    Most of us suffered or had bad moments with flu and cough - don't make your buddy go through same pains. Science-based formula allows natural extract to reduce coughs and supports healthy rejuvenation and immunity. No need to wait till it be too late - let us help you to aquire simple and natural solution to that. Specials: - Premium remedy for best results - Natural sole-purpose herbal blend - Relieves cough and boosts immunity - Made in USA - Best offer on the market Herbal Blend: - Marshmallow Root - Mellein Leaf - Angelica root - Calendula - Elderberry - Orange peel Click ADD TO CARD and don't worry - you can rely on us! ...
    Best Herbal Medicine For Asthma

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  • Respiratory Relief, VETERINARY Natural Alcohol-FREE Liquid Extract, Pet Herbal Supplement 2 oz

    This Respiratory Relief Veterinary Natural Alcohol-FREE Liquid Extract made from Dried Pinellia Rhizome, Armenica Seed, Platycodon Root, Fritillaria, Mori Cortex, and Rhododendron. This tincture contains a good combination of herbs that can aid in different pet respiratory disorders. It can ease breathing, reduce mucous production and clear it from the lungs. The tincture also protects from coughs, asthma and other respiratory difficulties. Any statements on this page have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is Herbal Supplement and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. We recommend ...
    Best Herbal Medicine For Asthma

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  • Breathe Sinus & Lungs Breathing - Seasonal Nasal Health, Open and Clear Airways, Bronchial Wellness, Healthy Chest - Quercetin, Nettle Leaf, Bromelain Pills - 60 Vegetarian Soft Capsules

    "Beyond grateful to have them" "Changed my life" "Something that finally works" "Highly recommended!" PROBLEM SOLVED! BREATHE by Eu Natural is the real solution to breathe deeply and easily, the natural way. Easily fight pollen, dust, chemicals, smoke, and other irritants. #1 VOTED! Clinically-researched ingredients like Quercetin, Nettle Leaf, and Boswellia provide long-term support by focusing on the root cause of nasal and lung irritation. VITAMIN ANGELS 1-FOR-1 MATCH! When you buy vitamins from Eu Natural, you aren't just helping yourself, you are also helping a child in need. Your purchase equals one year of life-saving vitamins to child...
    Best Herbal Medicine For Asthma

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  • Garden of Life Herbal Immune Balance Sinus 30 Veg Caps

    Garden of Life Herbal Immune Balance Sinus Vegetarian Capsules is the only product in the Garden of Life line that is specifically designed to provide natural support for sinus health.? The main active ingredient in this herbal formula is Wild Crafted Butterbur which has been validated in multiple human clinical studies. This is combined with a Herbal Immunity Support Blend of 8 wild?crafted herbs along with probiotics, enzymes and whole food vitamins and minerals and beta
    Best Herbal Medicine For Asthma
    Immune Balance™ Sinus from Garden of Life is a dynamic, broad-spectrum immunity formula that provides multidimensional support for seasonal sinus and respiratory health and wellness.† Immune Balance™ Sinus works naturally to support a balanced immune system response for seasonal protection of sinus and respiratory health.†Immune Balance™ Sinus:Supports Sinus Health†Supports a Healthy Respiratory Tract†Supports Effective Antioxidant Defense†Supports Nasal and Throat Health†Promotes Overall Immune HealthDuring Stress†Wild Crafted Butterbur extract, and its active component petasins, affect the function of immune components in the blood,

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  • Herbal Concepts Sinus Mask, Slate Blue

    The Herbal Concepts Sinus Mask is designed to gently cover your sinus, temple and eye area. The Sinus Mask features an adjustable elastic and Velcro strap that keeps the mask in place during use. Filled with 12 healing herbs and the highest quality, natural grains available. The herbs contour your body and help to relieve sinus pain, headaches, stress and tension. Use room temperature or cold, the Sinus Mask will help you relax, rejuvenate and restore your body and
    Best Herbal Medicine For Asthma
    Relax body; Release muscle pain around temples and forehead; Restore energy; Reduce stress; Relieve headaches; Soothe muscle pain; Improve ciculation; Alleviate cold and flu sysmptoms; Enhance emotioanl balance; Boost productivity;

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  • The Herbal Drugstore : The Best Natural Alternatives to Over-the-Counter and Prescription Medicines

    Profiles nearly sixty herbs, covering applications, dosage, medical equivalents, drug/herb and herb/herb interactions, safety, sources, and
    Best Herbal Medicine For Asthma
    Packed with hundreds of proven herbal remedies, this resource shows readers how to ease symptoms, fight disease, and super-charge immunitywithout drugs or chemicals.Includes:Pain relieversHeart health boostersCold and flu curesBlood pressure easersWeight loss helpersAllergy and Asthma remediesAntidepressantsand

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  • WishGarden Herbal Remedies WishGarden Herbs — Kick Ass Allergy Herbal Formula — Gluten Free — 4 oz Jigger Top

    Non-stimulating, non-sedating. Traditional southwestern herbs support a healthy upper respiratory system. Supports a healthy response to seasonal inflammation. WishGarden Herbs' Kick-Ass Allergy maintains a healthy inflammatory response to seasonal stressors. Your body thinks you have a nasty cold, and watery eyes, cough, and endless sniffles result. Kick-Ass Allergy helps to bring your body back into
    Best Herbal Medicine For Asthma
    Non-stimulating, non-sedating. Traditional southwestern herbs support a healthy upper respiratory system.Supports a healthy response to seasonal inflammation.WishGarden Herbs' Kick-Ass Allergy maintains a healthy inflammatory response to seasonal

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    • Size: 44 oz

  • How I Cured My Chronic Back Pain in 48Hours: with Best Herbal Medicines, Diets Plan, Aromatherapy…and Many Others That Give Quick and Permanent Relief of Back Pain - eBook

    It was a very sorrowful experience when I was having a severe back pain for over 10 years without getting absolute cure for it. I spent a lot of money to buy many pharmaceutical pain relievers to treat my chronic back pain but unfortunately, all I experienced was temporal relief for just 35 – 45 minutes not even up to one hour. In fact, I used several topical treatments like balm, creams, and lotions for it but there was no permanent relief, until I subsequently discovered easy-to-do Herbal medicine, Diets plan, Hydrotherapy, Aromatherapy of essential oils including Lavender, Peppermint, Frankincense,
    Best Herbal Medicine For Asthma
    How I Cured My Chronic Back Pain in 48Hours: with Best Herbal Medicines, Diets Plan, Aromatherapy…and Many Others That Give Quick and Permanent Relief of Back Pain -

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  • Alternative Medicine Herbal Remedies : Natural Treatments for Asthma Symptoms

    Natural treatments for asthma symptoms should always be approved by a doctor due to the dangerous nature of an asthma attack. Consider treating mild asthma attacks with herb teas that contain mulle...

    A Hot Treatment for Asthma

    Pollen, mold, even humidity can send asthma sufferers into a severe meltdown. But a relatively new outpatient procedure is offering hope for adults with extreme cases. “There’s a new technology in...
    Asthma,bronchial thermoplasty,asthma triggers,pollen,mold,humidity,treating asthma,severe asthma,...

    Natural At-Home Remedies : How to Treat Bronchitis Without Antibiotics

    The early stages of bronchitis can easily be treated with herbal remedies. Prepare the perfect decoction with the helpful tips provided by an expert herbalist in this free video on how to treat bro...
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