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  • 501 Free Websites You Can Use To Earn Extra Money In Your Spare Time (#29 Is Almost Too Good To Be True!)

    "Perfect! This book told me more than the internet had to offer.""Solid list of websites to earn extra money. Included a lot I hadn't heard of before."If you want to make extra money in your free time without getting scammed and without spending a dime, this book is for you. It lists 420 websites that you can use for free to earn some extra cash (although there are some sites in the list that can be used to make a living with). It has an option for almost anyone out there who needs and wants to make extra cash easily and quickly.Don't get this book if you don't want extra money!...
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  • The Business of Being a Writer (Chicago Guides to Writing, Editing, and Publishing)

    Writers talk about their work in many ways: as an art, as a calling, as a lifestyle. Too often missing from these conversations is the fact that writing is also a business. The reality is, those who want to make a full- or part-time job out of writing are going to have a more positive and productive career if they understand the basic business principles underlying the industry. The Business of Being a Writer offers the business education writers need but so rarely receive. It is meant for early-career writers looking to develop a realistic set of expectations about making money from their work or for working writers who want a better unders...
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  • Curses! (The Gideon Oliver Mysteries Book 5)

    On an archeological excavation in Mexico, the Skeleton Detective must solve an ancient riddle and a modern murder: “A series that never disappoints.” —Philadelphia Inquirer   Mayan ruins in the Yucatán . . . a secret room in a tomb . . . age‑old skeletons. To anthropologist Gideon Oliver, the renowned Skeleton Detective, the invitation to join the archaeological excavation of Tlaloc promises two months of paradise on Earth. That is, until an ancient series of Mayan curses against desecrators of the site is unearthed. When the first one comes to pass (“The bloodsucking kinkajou will come freely among them”), it is taken by all as...
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  • How To Make Money From Home: 2 Manuscripts - Make Money Blogging: A Proven Method to 6 Figures A Year + SEO Marketing: How to Rank #1 When You Are Just an Average Joe

    2 books in 1 - How to make at least $10,000 a month while working from the comfort of your homeBook nr.1: Make Money Blogging: A Proven Method to 6 Figures A YearBlogging has been a powerful source of income for many for the past several years. Since the rise of the internet, blogging has been an opportunity for people to share their thoughts, knowledge, and experiences. As a result of this consistent sharing, many of them are making an incredible income from it. Some have even become millionaires!The lifestyle that you can earn from blogging is phenomenal. Picture this: earning six figures, or multiple six figures per year, remotely. You hav...
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  • Turn Your Photography/Art into Income Online

    This book focuses on ways to make income with your photography/art online. It goes into Zazzle, Fine Art America and other sites. This is not a technical how to book (the sites have all that info for you there) but more of what has worked to generate sales for my photo-art. I am also very excited to include interviews with 3 other photographers that have met with success selling on these P.O.D. (print on demand) sites. This book is designed to give you examples of best sellers, a few do's and don'ts, and will hopefully give you ideas of what may work for you and your photography/art on these sites! Although this is based on photography, a...
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  • Social Media Marketing Strategy (For Facebook, YouTube, Affiliate Marketing, and Google Book 1)

    Are You Ready To Get Thousands Followers?Social Media Marketing is the best method to gain an immediate large number of followers! This guide will take you step-by-step to get started with Social Media for: Facebook, YouTube, Fiverr, Affiliate Marketing sites such as Clickbank, and Google!Here are a few of the topics covered in this book:- How To Create An Traffic-Driven Facebook Business Page- How To Make Money With Your Social Media Sites- How To Get Started With Facebook Advertising, YouTube, Fiverr, Clickbank, and Google- How To Get Your Audience Engaged & Compelled To Visit Your Page- The Power Of Videos, Photos, Links, & Give-Aways- How...
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  • The Yahoo! Style Guide: The Ultimate Sourcebook for Writing, Editing, and Creating Content for the Digital World

    WWW may be an acronym for the World Wide Web, but no one could fault you for thinking it stands for wild, wild West. The rapid growth of the Web has meant having to rely on style guides intended for print publishing, but these guides do not address the new challenges of communicating online. Enter The Yahoo! Style Guide. From Yahoo!, a leader in online content and one of the most visited Internet destinations in the world, comes the definitive reference on the essential elements of Web style for writers, editors, bloggers, and students. With topics that range from the basics of grammar and punctuation to Web-specific ways to improve your writ...
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  • HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE WRITING: Ultimate list of 800+ Websites & Magazines that Pay Writers and Contributors Good Money: Write, Make Money Online and Grow Rich

    Can you produce any type of high quality content? You could be the next millionaire in waiting. Then you can make money writing & creating all manner of content and grow rich.This book is all you need to get published and make money online ($$$).The book contains a list of proven and tested high paying clients, the content they publish, payment ranges and a submission link. These are Websites, Magazines and Companies that Pay You to Write or deliver any type of content.With this book, you can pay all debts & kick poverty as you effortlessly make money from home, even from your bedroom!Who does not want freedom? I use only 3 websites and I ear...
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  • Retirement: 2 in 1 Book: Retirement: Learn How to: Retire Early and Wealthy. Make More Money Now: Proven Strategies to Quickly Make Extra Income!

    What do you think of early retirement? You may not know this yet, but more and more people are interested in ways of saving money so they can afford to retire early and live in luxury. That’s why we’ve decided to publish this 2-in-1 book; It teaches you everything you should know regarding early retirement and ways of making/saving money in the long run.=============================================================== Retirement: Money Management & Investing Are you worried about your retirement?Do you want to know more about investing your money?Do you want a proven way of ensuring comfortable & rich retirement?If yes, this is the book you...
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  • Writer's Market Deluxe Edition 2016: The Most Trusted Guide to Getting Published

    THE MOST TRUSTED GUIDE TO GETTING PUBLISHEDWriter's Market Deluxe Edition 2016 includes everything you expect in a regular copy of Writer's Market, PLUS a one-year subscription to (note: subscription comes with print version ONLY). With it, you'll gain instant access to more than 7,500 listings for book publishers, magazines, contests, literary agents, and more--with daily updates.Beyond the listings, you'll find all-new material devoted to the business and promotion of writing. Discover the secrets of six-figure freelancers, how to create a productive home office, and apps that make freelancing easier. Plus, you'll learn ho...
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  • How To Get An Online Freelance Writing Job - eBook

    ABOUT THE BOOK So, you want to become a professional writer? It might seem to be a daunting task, but luckily, it’s more attainable than you think. Many publications, websites, and companies, from niche magazines to large corporations, hire professional writers. Much of the writing you read on the web, in fact, is done by professionalrs. If you have a flair for words, a responsible attitude, and persistence, this is a great way to develop your career or earn extra money on the side. If you’re a skilled writer, getting professional writing work is not difficult; it’s just a matter
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    How To Get An Online Freelance Writing Job - eBook

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  • My Best Pop Up Construction Site Book (Board Book)

    Welcome to the work zone!My Best Pop-Up Construction Site Book is a large format sturdy, noisy board book that takes young readers on a pop-up surprise journey through a construction site filled with diggers, cranes, bulldozers, dump trucks, and
    Best Freelance Writing Sites
    Welcome to the work zone!My Best Pop-Up Construction Site Book is a large format sturdy, noisy board book that takes young readers on a pop-up surprise journey through a construction site filled with diggers, cranes, bulldozers, dump trucks, and more. Press the button after each page to hear a building site sound.With age-appropriate text and clearly labeled photography, My Best Pop-up Construction Site Book incorporates play and fun into hands-on

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  • Get a Freelance Life :'s Insider Guide to Freelance Writing

    The experts at, the popular online media community, provide freelance writers of all stripes with a must-have guide to successfully navigating the world of
    Best Freelance Writing Sites
    Write Your Own CheckConsidering a career in freelance writing? Already a freelancer but seeking practical, solid advice on the basics of the business? Get a Freelance Life is the complete guide to all aspects of a freelance writing career, straight from the creators of—the nation’s most connected, authoritative source for media professionals. Learn how to:• Write compelling pitch letters • Network with the best in the magazine and newspaper industry• Understand the freelance market and detect its changes• Self-edit and rewrite your work• Manage tight deadlines• Negotiate contracts• Survive the financial ups and downs of the freelance lifeWith plenty

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  • The Best American Travel Writing 2014

    Presents an anthology of the best travel writing published in 2014, selected from magazines, newspapers, and web
    Best Freelance Writing Sites
    “Travel connoisseurs divide the world into those places they’ve been dying to visit or revisit and places they’d never set foot in but are glad someone else did. This year’s volume of travel writing . . . focuses mostly on the latter with derring-do dispatches.” — USA TodayA far-ranging collection of the best travel writing pieces published in 2013, collected by guest editor Paul Theroux. The Best American Travel Writing consistently includes a wide variety of pieces, illuminating the wonder, humor, fear, and exhilaration that greets all of us when we embark on a journey to a new place. Readers know that

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  • Amy the Red Panda Is Writing the Best Story in the World

    Amy the Red Panda is trying to tell a story to her best friend, Mervin the Sloth, but the enthusiastic contributions of other animals threaten to spoil
    Best Freelance Writing Sites
    An exuberant, hilarious guessing game about storytelling, creativity, friendship, and patience--with the most adorable animal menagerie you'll find anywhere!Amy the Red Panda starts to tell her best friend Mervin the Sloth a story when--uh-oh--a rainstorm of letters pours down! When it stops, Amy reads a sentence in the sky: Amy the Red Panda is writing the best story in the world.The BEST story in the WORLD? That's a tall order. Especially when all of the other animals have their own opinions on what the story should be about. Big animals or small ones? Acrobats? A pirate bird flying the Seven

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  • 32 Highest Paying Websites For Writers | 2019

    Hello Friends! It's Money Monday! YAY! I use to do a lot of freelance writing back in the day and too many websites pay you only $20-$40 here and there! A lot of work for little coins, then I searc...
    32 Highest Paying Websites For Writers | 2019,Highest Paying Websites For Writers,get paid to wri...


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    10 Sites Paying Per Post You Write

    My #1 Recommendation To Make a Full-Time Income Online. CLICK HERE ➜ ➜ ➜ 10 Websites Paying $50 to $3000 Per Post You Write. Work at home by writing articles for webs...
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