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  • 21-Day Alkaline Diet Challenge: Best Meal Plan for Weight Loss and Balancing Your pH Levels

    ★★★ Buy The Paperback Version And Get The Kindle Book Version Of This Book For FREE ★★★Here comes the 21-Day Alkaline Diet Challenge you’ve always longed for!NOTE: You’ll have better health and weight if you follow this book! Don’t miss out.When it comes to deciding what foods you eat, there are a wide variety of choices you can make. Some choices are acidic while some others will help to alkalize your body and boost your health. Alkaline diets help to balance the pH level of the fluids (blood and urine) in your body.How does pH work in the body? What is the effect of eating alkaline food? Find the answers here!GRAB YOUR COP...
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  • Genius Diet Pills - The Smart Appetite Suppressant That Works Fast for Safe Weight Loss, Natural 5-HTP & Saffron Supplement Proven for Women & Men - Cortisol Manger + Thyroid Support, 50 Veggie Caps

    GENIUS DIET PILLS - THE SMART APPETITE SUPPRESSANT. Efficacious doses of SATIEREAL Saffron + 5-HTP = THE SMART APPETITE SUPPRESSANT. Dr Oz once called SATIEREAL Saffron the Miracle Appetite Suppressant. He was 100% wrong about Garcinia Cambogia & Raspberry Ketones so while his recommendation is “cool” we still prefer to rely on science & the research backing SATIEREAL validates his claims. Several recent clinical studies have demonstrated the efficiency of SATIEREAL. Reported feeling of hunger between meals : appetite decrease of 84% versus 52% for the placebo group. - During 8 weeks of supplementation, it demonstrated a significant ...
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  • Chalene Johnson's PiYo Base Kit - DVD Workout with Exercise Videos + Fitness Tools and Nutrition Guide

    Who says you have to jump, grunt, strain and punish your body to get amazing results from your workout? Not with PiYo. PiYo combines the muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility advantages of yoga. And, we crank up the speed to deliver a true fat-burning, low impact workout that leaves your body looking long, lean and incredibly defined.
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  • Keto Diet for Beginners: TOP 51 Amazing and Simple Recipes in One Ketogenic Cookbook, Any Recipes on Your Choice for Any Meal Time

    Would you like to feel young, healthy, attractive and sexy?Would you want to lose weight in a short time with no risk to your health, but continuing enjoying delicious food?Then keep reading...2nd edition, updated on May 2019; all flaws noted in customers' reviews were fixedDear reader!Thank you for your interest to my book. Before you start reading, I'd like to tell you a little about what awaits you on the pages of the book.Do you suffer from obesity? The rising incidence of obesity is taking its toll on the health of a large population segment. While we do believe that people of all sizes are beautiful, you must pay heed to a growing waist...
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  • FAT BURNER SUPERIOR Weight Loss Supplements - Garcinia Cambogia BioPerine Blend - Thermogenic Fat Burners Without Crash - Vegan, Non GMO, Veggie Diet Pills For Men & Women - 120 Capsules

    PREMIUM METABOLISM-FRIENDLY FORMULA Only the highest quality Garcinia Cambogia, Raspberry Ketones, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Green Tea, L-carnitine, and Chromium go into our optimized formula to support your diet and exercise-based weight management goals.TRIPLE STOKE YOUR INNER FURNACE Active ingredient HCA blocks a fat cell storing enzyme. An 8-week study of 2 groups with identical diet and exercise, 1 group used FBS and 1 group used a placebo. The FBS group lost an average of 14.77 pounds and the placebo group lost 4.01 pounds. Note: results are not guaranteed and depend on many variable factors.DON'T RIDE THE CAFFEINE ROLLER COASTER Many...
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  • Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome

    This is an incredibly informative and reader-friendly book about a common debilitating medical condition that goes largely undiagnosed and untreated. ADRENAL FATIGUE: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome is a very empowering work cram-packed with vital information about a condition that very likely affects millions of people.
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  • The Real Food Grocery Guide: Navigate the Grocery Store, Ditch Artificial and Unsafe Ingredients, Bust Nutritional Myths, and Select the Healthiest Foods Possible

    Everyone wants to eat healthy. But with the thousands of products lining the grocery store shelves it can be overwhelming. Is fat-free or gluten-free healthier? What are food labels really saying? What does "natural" truly mean and is organic produce and grass-fed meat worth the extra cost? It can be confusing, not to mention expensive. It doesn't have to be that way. The Real Food Grocery Guide helps you navigate every aisle of the grocery store clearly outlining what foods are truly the healthiest, the freshest, and the most economical (and which ones belong in the garbage rather than your grocery cart!)   The Real Food Grocery Guide i...
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  • Matcha Green Tea Powder - Superior Culinary - USDA Organic From Japan -Natural Energy & Focus Booster Packed With Antioxidants. (Starter Bag - 30g (1.05oz))

    Your search for the best organic matcha tea from Japan stops right here…   Authentic Matcha Green Tea Powder, Not All Matcha Is Created Equal: Our matcha tea is authentic stone-ground “Tencha” leaves which is a true matcha. Tencha is shaded from sunlight 3-4 weeks before harvest which produces the bright green color of matcha that is filled with “umami” flavor from the rich amino acids in the green tea leaves. Many “matcha” found on the market is actually ground “Sencha” & not a true matcha powder. Sencha is not shaded & is made from ground stems & buds which leaves it dull in color & bitter in taste. Experience The Differe...
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  • Habit Nest Nutrition Sidekick Journal, Food Diary, Weight Loss Journal, 66-Day Food Planner for Tracking Meals & Calorie Counter, Science-Based Life Coach Notebook

    WHAT IT IS: The Fat Loss & Nutrition Sidekick Journal is a book and journal that guides you through understanding how fat loss works, how to structure your diet optimally for health and weight loss, and keeps you on track during the process! HOW TO USE THE FAT LOSS & NUTRITION SIDEKICK JOURNAL: The journal is split into three phases. Each phase provides a tracking page and daily content specifically tailored to help you defeat the struggle associated with the phase you're in of the habit-building process. Step 1: Learning The introduction to the journal guides you through having a fundamentally sound understanding of how you can cause your bo...
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  • Natural Guarana Powder Extract Supplement - Slow Release Natural Coffee Caffeine Pills with No Crash; Increased Focus, Fat Burning, Metabolism; Energy Drink Alternative & Weight Loss Aid; 1000mg

    Need coffee to wake up & focus but tired of 2pm caffeine crashes? LFI Guarana Complex includes Tannins to slowly deliver caffeine for NO crash & longer lasting effects. Click ADD TO CART now to get the "energy drink" effect the clean & natural way. TIPS ON SUSTAINED FOCUS Listen to chill music you don't really like. It blocks out distractions & the music itself won't cause one. Do "Pomodoro" breaks of 2-5 mins every 20-45 mins. It's easier to delay distractions for short periods. Single-tasking. Build your pride around this instead of multi-tasking. It's much harder & far more effective. Do Not Disturb. For long tasks, put the phone on airp...
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  • Triathlete Magazine's Complete Triathlon Book : The Training, Diet, Health, Equipment, and Safety Tips You Need to Do Your Best

    A comprehensive, illustrated guide to the triathlon draws on expert advice from leading coaches and athletes on essential training, diet and nutrition programs, health and fitness, equipment, and safety for athletes at all levels.
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    Training, diet, health, equipment, & safety tips - this book has the information needed to participate safely & competitively in triathlete

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  • Super Foods: The Ultimate Guide To Super Foods As Health Food Or Super Foods For Health With Tips For The Super Foods List For Your Super Food Diet Which Are Best Foods For Weight Loss! - eBook

    It has been said over time that “you are what you eat” …this has virtually become a refrain among diet conscious individuals or the weight watchers if you like! Well, I need not tell you that every part of that statement is true. Yes, and you need to take it seriously! As a matter of fact, in recent times, research on diets has brought 14 diverse foods that are nutrient concentrated, which have over and over again been known to improve the human general well-being. Guess what… they are also referred to as “super foods”, because they are known to possess higher
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    Super Foods: The Ultimate Guide To Super Foods As Health Food Or Super Foods For Health With Tips For The Super Foods List For Your Super Food Diet Which Are Best Foods For Weight Loss! -

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  • Vegan Diet for Beginners: The Best Vegan Diet Ultimate Guide With Healthy Vega Diet Food Tips and Vegan Diet Benefits! - eBook

    Vegetarian is a term for a person who does not take anything from animal products. Well, that includes sea and land animals of any kind. However, some vegetarians may consume milk, dairy, and eggs products.A person who does not consume anything from animal like Honey, dairy and eggs is known aa a Vegan. However, there are people who may be called vegetarian but they still take things like fish even when they shy away from meat and it derivatives.By and large, there are four types of vegetarianism. They are Lacto-vegetarians who consume eggs or dairy products. Yes, some may take
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    Vegan Diet for Beginners: The Best Vegan Diet Ultimate Guide With Healthy Vega Diet Food Tips and Vegan Diet Benefits! -

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  • Diet Foods - What Are the Best Low Calorie Food and Drinks? - And Much More - 101 World Class Expert Facts, Hints, Tips and Advice on Low Calorie Food and Drinks - eBook

    Information is power, you know that. But, how do you research the best Low Calorie Food and Drinks strategies, without spending too much of your time (and money) on it? The average person earns $ 1100 per week, which equates to $ 27 per hour. Trying to do the research yourself would take you at least 5 hours to come up with the best information, AND you would have to do this on a regular basis to come up with the most up to date and current information. There has to be a different way to find the info you
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    Diet Foods - What Are the Best Low Calorie Food and Drinks? - And Much More - 101 World Class Expert Facts, Hints, Tips and Advice on Low Calorie Food and Drinks -

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  • Conscious Online Marketing for the Modern Healer: Best Practice Tips for Yoga Teachers and Natural Medicine Practitioners - eBook

    The conscious online marketer is educated in the workings of online marketing and engages with it without compromising integrity or passion. There are no hard sells. There are no aggressive, pushy tactics or desperation in the approach.There’s a wholesome drive to create an online community of like-minded people and to have your soulful messages reach across the globe. There’s a natural style and beauty in your online marketing and your passion will resonate throughout your offerings.That’s conscious online marketing. It’s letting go of the need and desperation for money; instead it’s about a real connection with your inner voice. Be
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    Conscious Online Marketing for the Modern Healer: Best Practice Tips for Yoga Teachers and Natural Medicine Practitioners -

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  • Crash Diet

    What actually happens inside your body when you start a "crash diet"? Even if the scale gives your some initial good news, it turns out the lasting impact is ineffective and harmful to your health....

    Dr. Oz Discusses the Total 10 Rapid Weight-Loss Plan

    Dr. Oz explains the Total 10 Rapid Weight-Loss Plan, a diet plan that's protein-fueled to help you rev up your metabolism and shed pounds.
    Mehmet Öz (Organization Leader),The Dr. Oz Show (TV Program),The Total 10 Rapid Weight-Loss Plan,...

    How to Lose Weight in Just One Week

    Core expert and fitness trainer Chris Powell explains how weight loss is possible in just one week. Subscribe to Dr. Oz's official YouTube channel: Like Dr. Oz on Facebook: ...
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