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  • Cactus Succulent Mix | Transplant Kit | Potting Soil for Growing Cacti | Aeration & Balanced Nutrition Expands to 4 Quarts Bonus Transplant Scoop

    Grow Healthy, Beautiful Cactus Succulent Plants At Home, All Year Round with the Most Nutritious Potting Soil Mix by Daniel's Plants! Growing cacti is not as easy as it may seem!If you've tried it in the past only to end up with muddy soil and weak, ill looking plants, then you already know that high quality soil is paramount!Daniel's Plants cactus potting soil mix is specially formulated to help your rare, fleshy succulent plants thrive indoors or outdoors, all year round!Why Daniel's Plants Potting Soil Mix Is Exactly What You and Your Beautiful Succulents Need! Professionally formulated soil mix with pumise, coco coir and perliteProvides balanced nutritionProper aeration and water drainage protects your plants from excessive moistureMoney saving - The mix expands instantly to give 8 qua... [Read More]
    Best Commercial Potting Soil

    • ASIN: B06XKJ6MYX
    • UPC: 645905205084
    • ASIN: B06XKJ6MYX
    • Brand: Daniel's Plants
    • Size: 4 Quart Cactus Transplant Kit
    • Manufacturer: Daniel's Plants

  • Organic Succulent and Cactus Soil - 1 Gallon (4 Dry Quarts)

    Full of beneficial biological's for a great start to your desert plants! Our very own hand made soil mix for succulents and cacti that need that extra drainage. Comes in a one gallon bag, measured by volume not weight. You will not find a better succulent / cactus soil. Ingredients include: coconut coir, peat moss, perlite, worm castings, expanded clay / shale rocks, horticultural sand, horticultural charcoal, Mycorrhizae root inoculate.
    Best Commercial Potting Soil

    • ASIN: B00GA9YIHG
    • ASIN: B00GA9YIHG
    • Brand: Bliss Gardens
    • Size: 1 Gallon (4 Dry Quarts) Succulent Soil
    • Manufacturer: Bliss Gardens

  • Succulent & Cactus Soil Mix - Premium Pre-Mixed Fast Draining Blend (1.25 Dry Quarts)

    SuperFly Bonsai's Succulent & Cactus Soil Mix This mix is perfect for succulents and cacti of most types.  When watered this soil stays wet for just the right amount of time before drying.  The components promote air to the root system which makes roots happy.  Happy roots = Happy Plants.   Is It Dirt? No. Most Succulents and Cactus do not like "dirt" and will in most cases die if left in dirt over long periods of time. This is substrate. What Is In It? The primary components are Akadama, Pumice, Pine Bark and Haydite. These components have been found over time to provide the best drainage, water retention, nutrient retention and air circulation possible to promote healthy succulents and cacti. - 1/4 Japanese Hard Akadama - is a clay like component that is excellent at retaining water ... [Read More]
    Best Commercial Potting Soil

    • ASIN: B073Z5JFSZ
    • ASIN: B073Z5JFSZ
    • Brand: Superfly Bonsai
    • Size: 1.25 Dry Quarts
    • Manufacturer: Superfly Bonsai

  • Espoma AP2 Organic Potting Mix, 2 Cubic Feet

    Espoma AP2 Organic Potting Mix, 2 Cubic Feet
    Best Commercial Potting Soil

    • ASIN: B00553BLPA
    • UPC: 050197701020
    • ASIN: B00553BLPA
    • Brand: Espoma
    • Size: 2 Cubic Feet
    • Manufacturer: Espoma

  • Bonsai Jack Succulent and Cactus Soil Gritty Mix #111-2 Gallons - Fast Draining - Zero Root Rot - Optimized pH

    Another premium product offered by Bonsai Jack. This is a great acidic soil mix for succulents and other acid loving plants. Soil Mix: Bonsai Succulent and Cactus Soil Gritty Mix #111 Ingredients: 33% 1/4 Pine Bark Fines, 33% 1/4 Bonsai Block(calcined clay) and 33% Monto Clay(1/4 inch Turface). Bag Size: 2 Gallon (8 Quarts Dry) Bulk Density: .350 ounces per cubic inch Bag Volume: Net 536 cu in pH: 5.5 Re-water Days: Succulents 5-30 days. Bonsai Trees 1-5 days Average Particle Size: ¼ Inch Minimum Size: 1/8th Maximum Size: 3/8ths Application: Acid loving plants including succulents SKU: 799600830826 Condition: Sifted, Washed, Treated, Dried and Bagged. Did you know? All of our soil products are state inspected and tested on a regular basis in order to comply with multi-state regu... [Read More]
    Best Commercial Potting Soil

    • ASIN: B0194E9U0S
    • ASIN: B0194E9U0S
    • Brand: Bonsai Jack
    • Size: 2 Gallons (8 Dry Quarts)
    • Manufacturer: Bonsai Jack

  • ECOgardener Premium 5oz Pro Garden Weed Barrier Landscape Fabric Durable & Heavy-Duty Weed Block Gardening Mat, Easy Setup & Superior Weed Control, Eco-Friendly & Convenient Design, 3ft x 100ft

    When it comes to your precious home garden, you should not compromise. Having the most durable, eco-friendly and professional tools and accessories is absolutely essential to your success. That's why it's time to invest in a premium, pro weed barrier landscape fabric that will save you time, effort and your hard-earned money in the long run. The ECOgardener elite weed control mat is designed with great attention to detail, in order to make sure that your plants are protected from weeds and that your soil retains its value. By combining the advantages of woven and non-woven weed barrier fabric, ECOgardener has created the strongest, most advanced and most eco-friendly alternative for your home garden. We, at ECOgardener, have designed our exclusive weed barrier fabric with your maximum conv... [Read More]
    Best Commercial Potting Soil

    • ASIN: B06WRQF1SQ
    • UPC: 818479020098
    • ASIN: B06WRQF1SQ
    • Brand: ECOgardener
    • Size: 5oz - 3ft x 100ft
    • Manufacturer: ECOgardener

  • Gain Express Soil Ph & Moisture Meter 295mm Long Electrode

    This dual meter provides fast, simple and ACCURATELY CHECK the pH level (acidity and alkalinity) and the moisture level    Great for quick pH and Moisture reference in the following uses: Commercial use Vineyards Orchards Field Production Lawn Maintenance Home use Gardens Planters Lawn Maintenance Features: Longer and slender 295mm electrodeDurable and trouble-free lifeSelf-Powered, no battery is neededAccurate and reliableWaterproof metal electrode/probeFast pH & moisture measured reading   Specifications: Metal Electrode : 295mm Extra long 295mm metal electrode Soil pH measuring range : 3 - 8 pH Soil Moisture level : 1 - 8 Accuracy : ± 0.2 pH  Operating temperature : 5 - 50°C (41-122°F) Size : approx. 410 mm (total length) Weight : approx. 140g Shipping Weight: 0.18k... [Read More]
    Best Commercial Potting Soil

    • UPC: 701936212580
    • Brand: Gain Express
    • Manufacturer: Gain Express

  • GrowSure - Coco Coir/Coco Peat/Coco Fiber | Potting Mix | Potting Soil | 11 lbs Block expands to 2.5 Cubic Foot

    Healthy Soil=Healthy Plants. It's that simple. HortGrow's organic use listed cocopith transforms ordinary soil into a thriving growth medium. Light weight and suitable for in-ground, container and hydroponic gardens, this eco-friendly medium is the secret to hearty plant development. Adding sustainably-sourced GrowSure to your soil /fertilizer mix ensures a bountiful harvest season after season. Successful gardeners know "it's all about the base!" HortGrow gardeners depend on GrowSure to build the optimum root system to transform seedlings into amazing flowers or vegetables. And because GrowSure gardens require less water, fertilizer and maintain vibrancy years longer than peat-based soil enhancements, they reduce cost of materials and labor in both commercial and home gardens.Visit hortgr... [Read More]
    Best Commercial Potting Soil

    • ASIN: B07CGGFS26
    • ASIN: B07CGGFS26
    • Brand: HortGrow
    • Size: 2.5 cubic foot
    • Manufacturer: HortGrow Solutions LLC

  • 48 pcs Plastic Nursery Pot for Plants 2.75" Square x 3.25" Seed Starting/Transplant Plant Containers for Tomatoes Basil Peppers Mint with 48 Label Markers and Drain Holes for Germination with Ebook

    Why You Should Choose Our Nursery Pots? - Excellent for medicinal herb and vegetable seeds, basil, mints, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, carrots, lettuce, spinach, etc. - Great to germinate and start different types of seeds before moving the plants to larger containers. - The size (2.75 x 3.25 inch) perfect size for repotting plants. - The pots will simply pop or bend without breaking as you easily remove the seedling and it holds the soil and plant well. - Width of 1.9mm thick enough to move plants without disturbing the planting medium - These plant containers are made of premium PP materials - Stackable, reusable, and recyclable. - Each plant pot comes with great drainage holes at the bottom. - The holes are not too large to lose soil or too much water, but not too small to be ineffecti... [Read More]
    Best Commercial Potting Soil

    • ASIN: B0721KFQRV
    • ASIN: B0721KFQRV
    • Brand: IGGRO
    • Size: 48 Pots
    • Manufacturer: IGRRO

  • Espoma CA4 4-Quart Organic Cactus Mix

    Espoma CA4 4-Quart Organic Cactus Mix
    Best Commercial Potting Soil

    • ASIN: B002Y0CFNY
    • UPC: 050197703048
    • ASIN: B002Y0CFNY
    • Brand: Espoma
    • Size: 4 Quart
    • Manufacturer: Espoma

  • Miracle-Gro Potting Mix, 8 Quart (2 pack)

    Encourage healthier growth for all of your indoor and outdoor container plants with Miracle Gro Potting Mix. This fertilizer-enriched organic soil continuously supplies plants with nutrients for up to six months and is suitable for all species. When used as directed, the mix has been shown to double flower size and increase the number and color intensity of blossoms. Started in 1951 on the belief that "you don& 65533;t have to be an expert to create a beautiful garden", MiracleGro has grown to become the leading marketer of branded consumer lawn and garden products. Merging with Scotts, America's leading brand
    Best Commercial Potting Soil
    Grows Plants Twice as Big* *vs. unfed plantsFeeds up to 6 monthsMore blooms for more color* *vs. unfed plantsFor indoor and outdoor container plantsFor use in

    • UPC: 112140005
    • Rating: 4.074

  • Expert Gardener Organics Expanding Soil 2.25 Cu.Ft. Coir Block

    Expert Gardener's Expanding Soil is a convenient, compressed 100% Coconut Coir soil and CocoPeat soil amendment that expands to roughly 7 times its packaged size simply by adding water. The Expanding Soil holds water and nutrients, making moisture available for the roots to use as they begin to dry out, which also reduces how often you need water. The soil block is easy to handle unlike a traditional bag and does not dirty your hands. This block expands up to 2.25 Cubic Feet and lasts up to 2 years before breaking down and feeding your soil. The Expanding Soil is
    Best Commercial Potting Soil
    Retains Water and Easy to Re-HydrateExpands up to 2.25 Cubic FeetLasts up to 2 yearsQuickly Expands with Water100% Renewable and Sustainable Coconut Coir instead of Peat MossWorks wonderfully as a hydroponic soil mediumpH neutral and safe to grow food inPremium grade and washedImproves Aeration and DrainageIncreases richness of soilSterile growing medium to prevent damping off when starting seedlingsSecondary uses include reptile bedding for aquariums and a natural spill absorbent for

    • UPC: 926142788
    • Rating: 4.658

  • FoxFarm FX14000 Ocean Forest Plant Garden Potting Soil Mix 6.3-6.8 pH, 40 Pounds

    The Ocean Forest Potting Soil is perfect for containers and ready to use right out of the bag. Ocean Forest is pH adjusted at 6.3 to 6.8 to allow for optimum fertilizer uptake. There's no need for nitrogen fertilizers at first; instead try an blend like this to encourage strong branching and a sturdy, healthy growth habit. The Ocean Forest Potting Soil has everything your plants need, in one bag. Ocean Forest is a powerhouse blend of premium earthworm castings, bat guano, and Pacific Northwest sea-going fish and crab meal. Composted forest humus, sandy loam, and sphagnum peat moss give
    Best Commercial Potting Soil
    Ultimate potting soil that has everything your plants need in one bagBlend of earthworm castings, bat guano, sea-going fish & crab meal, forest humus, moss & moreOcean Forest is pH adjusted at 6.3 to 6.8 to allow for optimum fertilizer uptakeEncourages strong branching and a sturdy, healthy growth habitIdeal for containerized plantingsSpecifications:Weight: 39.4 lbs.Package Dimensions: 27.5L x 18.3W x 3.7HPart Number: FX14000Product Condition: Brand New1-year VMInnovations

    • UPC: 20594832
    • Model: FX14000
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Size: 1.5-Cubic Feet1.5
    • Rating: 4.781

  • Foxfarm FX14047 pH Adjusted Happy Frog Potting Soil Mix 2 Cubic Feet Bag

    **Happy Frog Potting Soil** is ready to use right out of the bag, and is pH adjusted to allow for maximum nutrient uptake. This unique mix is alive with beneficial soil microbes and mycorrhizal fungi that dramatically expand root development enabling plants to feed more aggressively.The benefits of this premium select **Happy Frog Potting Soil** are strong plant structure, vigorous vegetative growth, with enhanced fruit and flower production. This nutrient rich potting soil is highly recommended for container gardens. Enjoy the Fruits of Our Labor.2 cubic feet (51.4 dry quarts)Mix of beneficial soil microbes and mycorrhizal fungi that dramatically expand
    Best Commercial Potting Soil
    FoxFarm Happy Frog organic potting soil that has everything your plants needs in one bag2 cubic feet (51.4 dry quarts)Light textured and well aeratedReady to use right out of the bagpH adjusted to allow for maximum nutrient uptakeMix of beneficial soil microbes and mycorrhizal fungi that dramatically expand root developmentBenefits include vigorous vegetative growth, with enhanced fruit & flower productionSpecifications:Weight: 57 poundsDimensions (L x W x H)s: 29.5 x 18.2 x 4.5 inchesManufacturer warranty: 1-year

    • UPC: 20594718
    • Model: FX14047
    • Size: 4-Cubic Feet4
    • Rating: 4.929

  • Miracle-Gro Potting Mix, 1 cu ft

    Miracle-Gro Potting Mix is the right mix for success with all types of container plants. Grows Plants Twice as Big! Feeds for up to 6 months. More blooms for more color. For indoor and outdoor container plants. Available in the following sizes: 8 quart bag, one cubic foot bag, two cubic foot
    Best Commercial Potting Soil
    Miracle-Gro Potting Mix, 1 cu ft:Overview and Benefits:Available sizes: 8qt., 1 cu ft., 2 cu ft., 2 cu ftHow to Use:1: select a pot with a drain hole2: fill pot about 1/3 full3: loosen root ball, place in pot4: add mix, press lightly5: water, let drainWhen to Apply:Use when potting or repotting indoor or outdoor plants in containersHow Often to Apply:Use at time of plantingTo avoid soil compaction and replenish nutrient all plants should be repotted annually with fresh Miracle-Gro Potting MixWhere to Use:Indoor or outdoor container plantsWhere Not to Use:In-Ground GardensCoverage Area:The number of containers filled varies by bag

    • UPC: 34621243
    • Model: 75651300
    • Color: OverstockOther
    • Size: 11 cu ft
    • Rating: 4.023

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