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  • Advil Allergy & Congestion Relief, Pain Reliever / Fever Reducer, 50 Count, Pack of 1

    When environmental elements trigger your allergies, relief can come in just one pill of multi-symptom Advil Allergy and Congestion Relief. Available without a prescription, Advil Allergy and Congestion Relief takes on the toughest allergy symptoms from sneezing, itchy, wateryeyesand headachesto nasal congestion.Advil adult allergy medicine combines the pain blocking ability of ibuprofen, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID),with an antihistamine(Chlorpheniramine maleate)anda nasal decongestant (Phenylephrine HCI) to relieve upper respiratory symptoms caused by allergies. With the power of Advil, one coated tablet of this allergy and...
    Best Allergy Treatments Severe Allergies

    • ASIN: B00AQKGP4O
    • Brand: Advil Sinus Congestion
    • UPC: 305730196017

  • Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiparasitic and Antiseborrheic Medicated Shampoo for Dogs - Veterinary Recommended, Fast-Acting Shampoo For Mange, Parasitic Infections, Seborrhea, and Fungal and Bacterial Skin Infections in Dogs (16 oz bottle)

    Finding an effective treatment for skin infections in dogs can take many expensive trips to the vet with even more expensive treatments, with no end in sight to your pet’s discomfort. Not anymore. Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiparasitic and Antiseborrheic Medicated Shampoo for Dogs is an effective and affordable treatment for skin scaling caused by seborrhea, mange and other parasitic infections, and fungal and bacterial infections. With an easy treatment regimen of shampooing 2-3 times per week initially and then less frequently as skin improves, you can give your pet relief from hair loss, flaking skin, red skin rashes, inflamed sc...
    Best Allergy Treatments Severe Allergies

    • ASIN: B0037Z6VK8
    • Color: White
    • Brand: Veterinary Formula Clinical Care
    • UPC: 736990013156

  • Best Natural Moisturizer for Face Body Anti Itch Lotion Moisturizing Cream Eczema Psoriasis Therapy, Soothe Itching Rashes Seborrheic Dermatitis Rosacea Redness Irritated Cracked Scaly Skin

    Best Allergy Treatments Severe Allergies

    • ASIN: B07CV6GKM7
    • Brand: THENA Natural Wellness
    • UPC: 738964870086

  • Flonase Allergy Relief Nasal Spray, Allergy Medicine Nose Spray, 24 Hour Non-Drowsy, 120 Sprays

    FLONASE Allergy Relief nasal spray gives you more complete allergy relief than most over-the-counter allergy pills and tablets.* FLONASE helps block 6 key allergic substances. Most allergy pills only block histamine.** Full prescription strength FLONASE provides 24-hour relief from nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, itchy nose, and itchy, watery eyes all allergy season long. Plus, when used once daily, it outperforms the number 1 non-drowsy allergy pill!† It’s no wonder why FLONASE Allergy Relief is the number 1 doctor recommended allergy brand.†† *vs. single-ingredient antihistamines which do not treat nasal congestion. **Mechan...
    Best Allergy Treatments Severe Allergies

    • ASIN: B00MXOVBO0
    • Brand: Flonase
    • UPC: 353100200208

  • Psoriasis Treatment,Psoriasis Cream for Dermatitis, Eczema,Natural Chinese Herbal Cream Eczema Dermatitis Psoriasis Vitiligo Skin Disease Treatment,1 Tube/Box (1)

    【User Guide】: External use, apply right amount of this product to affected skin area, 2 to 3 times a day, in order to prevent recurrence, This herbal cream can be used again one to two weeks after symptoms disappear. It can be used to treat psoriasis,eczema,pruritus,itchiness,and vairous skin problems 【Helpful Hints】: Patients should eat less all kinds of wine, seafood, spicy food. 【Warning】: 1. This product is for external use only avoid is oral, not used for large area wound surface. 2. Children should be used under the supervision of adult. 3. Do not Use if you have allergy to any component of this product. Packing Inc...
    Best Allergy Treatments Severe Allergies

    • ASIN: B075MC221Y
    • Brand: Cherioll
    • UPC: 041388002378

  • OCuSOFT Lid Scrub Plus, Pre-Moistened Pads, 30 Count

    Best Allergy Treatments Severe Allergies

    • ASIN: B000US084U
    • Color: 30 Ct
    • Brand: OCuSOFT
    • UPC: 015718104308

  • The Ecology Works - Dust Mite and Flea Control 2 lbs

    This 2 pound bag of dust mite and flea control branded by Ecology Works will eliminate dust mites and fleas from all areas of carpet and furniture. This will also prevent them from returning by creating an environment which will kill them if they are in the presence of this treatment. Completely harmless to pets and humans, this treatment dissolves in water and barely leaves a trace. It is best to use twice a year for optimal performance.
    Best Allergy Treatments Severe Allergies

    • ASIN: B006G8YJXE
    • Brand: The Ecology Works
    • UPC: 725680000064

  • Dr. Dans CortiBalm Lip Balm, .14 oz

    Dr. Dans CortiBalm Lip Balm.14 oz
    Best Allergy Treatments Severe Allergies

    • ASIN: B000S2LT9Q
    • Brand: Dr. Dans
    • UPC: 675160100145

  • EcoEars | Natural Dog Ear Cleaner - Infection Formula for Itch, Head Shaking, Discharge & Smell. Multi-Symptom Ear Treatment Cleans Away Most Dog Ear Problems.No Chemicals or Drugs-100% Guaranteed

    Use our safe and highly effective dog ear cleaner to aid in the treatment of acute and chronic odor, itching and discharge in your pet's external ear. EcoEars washes away pathogens and restores the ears to their natural, healthful state. Our natural ear cleaner for dogs contains only safe ingredients including Organic Mullein Leaf, Tea Tree Oil and Rosemary Extracts. It is very simple to use and there are no harsh chemicals, no pharmaceuticals/antibiotics, no cortisone/ steroids, and no enzymes. Our dog ear infection formula is highly effective for cleaning the ears of dogs with chronic ear infections as well and has saved many pet owners fro...
    Best Allergy Treatments Severe Allergies

    • ASIN: B008QYVL1Y
    • Brand: Vet Organics
    • UPC: 802679529864

  • Breathe Healthy Dust, Allergy & Flu Mask, Mini Flowers Design

    Mask specifications, care, and fit - breathe healthy microbe shield masks utilize the state of the art, hospital safe, non allergenic aegis hi-tech performance antimicrobial treatment that lasts for the life of the mask. Breathe healthy masks have been tested by a leading lab to filter down to 1.0 micron. When adjusted to fit snugly, breathe healthy masks help to protect against germs, pollen, dust, pet hair & dander, allergens, mold spores, many bacteria, effluents from coughs and sneezes (containing flu viruses), and many of the particles that pollute the air (all 1.0 micron or larger). This filtration, along with the hydrophobic/hydrophili...
    Best Allergy Treatments Severe Allergies

    • ASIN: B009R9P988
    • Brand: Breathe Healthy® Masks
    • UPC: 704660915710

  • Mucinex Fast-Max Severe Congestion & Cough Caplets, 20ct

    Help relieve severe congestion and cold symptoms with Mucinex Fast-Max Maximum Strength Severe Congestion & Cough Relief Caplets that combine the mucus busting power of Mucinex and maximum strength medicines. It's a whole new day for relief in a caplet from
    Best Allergy Treatments Severe Allergies
    Fast Acting Maximum Strength FormulaMulti-symptom Relief in 1 DoseControls CoughRelieves Nasal & Chest CongestionThins & Loosens

    • UPC: 32265572
    • Model: 63824-19320
    • Color: Tinted Adult TreatmentOther
    • Size: 20 ct.20
    • Rating: 5.0

  • What Are Pollen Allergies and How Can You Manage Them?

    Tree, grass and weed pollens can cause allergy symptoms. National Jewish Health Allergist Flavia Hoyte, MD, explains the symptoms, diagnosis, treatments and how to manage pollen allergies. Allerg...
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    Antihistamines and severe allergic reactions - Choosing Wisely

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    Runny nose? Itchy eyes? Allergies, arise!

    Warmer weather means that trees, flowers, and grasses are blooming and sprouting – and with that, allergy season. This can mean misery for people allergic to all the pollen floating through the air...
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