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  • Eshu Laroye The Best of Afro Cuban Music

    Best Afro Cuban Music

    • ASIN: B07T1T6H8T

  • Soy Latino (My Best Compositions of Afro-Cuban Music)

    Best Afro Cuban Music

    • ASIN: B00B5CESTQ

  • The Essence of Afro-Cuban Percussion & Drum Set: Includes the Rhythm Section Parts for Bass, Piano, Guitar, Horns & Strings, Book & Online Audio

    An in-depth study (324 pages) of all the percussion instruments, rhythms and song styles of Afro-Cuban music, along with their applications to the drumset. Detailed technical studies of each instrument are presented along with notations of many rhythm styles. The entire rhythm section (parts for bass, piano, horn section, string section, tres, and guitar) is also studied in detail. The book comes with online audio that includes performances of each percussion instrument, drumset, all rhythm section instruments, as well as examples of all musical styles with full instrumentation in score form....
    Best Afro Cuban Music

    • ASIN: 1576236196
    • Brand: Alfred Music
    • UPC: 029156272062

  • Best Of Afro Cuban Jazz

    Best Afro Cuban Music

    • ASIN: B00FXL2DZG

  • Uptempo Latin Music

    Fast, uptempo Latin music to get your day moving.
    Best Afro Cuban Music

    • ASIN: B078T1582R

  • Latin Salsa: Best Of Machito & His Afro-Cubans

    Best Afro Cuban Music

    • ASIN: B012JWKP38

  • Jazz Radio Fm - The Very Best in Smooth Jazz Music, Nu Jazz, Afro-Cuban Jazz, Ethno Jazz, Jazz Fusion

    Best Afro Cuban Music

    • ASIN: B07FD8J9RG

  • The Best of Latin Lounge Jazz - Afro Cuban Dance

    Best Afro Cuban Music

    • ASIN: B079YXWRTD

  • The Best Of Cuba: Rumba, Santeria, Afro-Cuban

    Best Afro Cuban Music

    • ASIN: B00YTGJQ6A

  • Tomas Cruz Conga Method Volume 2 - Intermediate: Essential Cuban Conga Rhythms

    Volume II is aimed at two distinct categories of readers: 1) Intermediate players who are ready for a wider range of rhythms to study and use in live playing situations; and 2) Experienced congueros who have digested Volume I and now seek to understand the roots of the modern Cuban conga style. Having assimilated the material in Volume I, the student should be able to play basic Son Montuno, Salsa, Chachacha, and Bolero. Volume II moves on to Guaguanco, Iyesa, 6/8, Changui, Afro, Mozambique, Pilon, Songo, Merengue, Bomba, Cumbia and other rhythms that a professional conguero will be expected to know. Each rhythm is accompanied by an article r...
    Best Afro Cuban Music

    • ASIN: 0786690356

  • Best of Afro-Cuban Music

    Details Coming Soon
    Best Afro Cuban Music
    Best of Afro-Cuban Music

    • UPC: 29576643

  • Afro-Cuban (Vinyl)

    2014 vinyl LP reissue of the jazz trumpeters 1957 album. It was initially released as a 4 song ten inch vinyl pressing in 1955. Musicians include J.J. Johnson, Hank Mobley, Cecil Payne, Horace Silver, Percy Heath, Art Blakey & more.. This release is part of the classic jazz labels 75th anniversary vinyl reissue series spearheaded by Blue Note Records President, Don
    Best Afro Cuban Music
    Afro-Cuban (Vinyl)

    • UPC: 55905216

  • Diggin' the Crates for Afro Cuban Funk (CD)

    Rare tracks exploring the influence of Afro Cuban funk in a variety of settings including Salsa, Cuban Rock, Latin Jazz and other forms. Featuring popular Cuban artists including Willy Chirino, Patato Valdes, Gina Martin and many others, Digitally remastered. [Note: This product is an authorized CD-R and is manufactured on
    Best Afro Cuban Music
    Diggin' the Crates for Afro Cuban Funk (CD)

    • UPC: 34711421

  • Tanga: King of Afro Cuban Jazz

    2016 collection. Baritone vocalist, percussionist, bandleader Machito and his brother-in-law, the arranger Mario Bauzá were first to create a musical dialogue between Cuban music and jazz. Bauzá, it was, who in 1938 persuaded Machito to follow him to New York in search of opportunities which were not available at home in Havana. It was a bold move. quot;If we have to starve, well starve together,quot; Bauza wrote. Machitos orchestra - an extraordinary aggregation of gifted, mostly Cuban and Puerto Rican musicians - confounded the stereotypical view of Cuban music as being facile and unsophisticated. They were as good as the
    Best Afro Cuban Music
    Tanga: King of Afro Cuban Jazz

    • UPC: 103037310

  • Afro Cuban Jazz Sound of

    Cándido de Guerra Camero, generally known as Candido, is credited with being the first percussionist to introduce conga drums into jazz. Indeed, without Candido there would probably not have been the craze for bongos which sprang up in the late Fifties and early Sixties. Although crossover music genres dont always work, this marriage of Cuban Latin rhythms and modern jazz is one that was made in heaven, as our set of CDs amply
    Best Afro Cuban Music
    Afro Cuban Jazz Sound of

    • UPC: 159055953

  • Afro Cuban All Stars - Distinto Diferente (Full Album)

    Click here to subscribe to World Circuit - Distinto Diferente - 0:00 Tumba Pala Cocuyé - 7:04 Tributo al Niño Rivera - 13:55 Reconciliación - 19:51 Variaciones ...
    Afro Cuban All Stars,World,World Circuit,Distinto Diferente,full album,world music,african music,...

    Buena Vista Social Club - Full album (Official Audio)

    Click here to subscribe to World Circuit - Buy on CD/LP, download or stream now: Chan Chan - 0:00 De Camino a...
    Full album,Buena Vista Social Club,World,Cuba / Caribbean,World Circuit Records,World Circuit,Ali...

    Afro Cuban All Stars - A Toda Cuba Le Gusta (Full Album)

    Click here to subscribe to World Circuit - Amor Verdadero - 0:00 Alto Songo - 6:39 Habana Del Este - 13:25 A Toda Cuba Le Gusta - 20:04 Fiesta De La Rumba - 25...
    World Circuit,World,A Toda Cuba Le Gusta,Full Album,Afro Cuban All Stars,Buena Vista Social Club,...