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  • The Ten Commandments of Corporate Leadership: A practical guide to reducing employee complaints of bias, retaining top talent, and attracting the best new candidates

    Are employees constantly complaining?Have challenges retaining the best talent?Have challenges attracting the best new talent? Pull back the veil on any organization today and you will find that the number one employee complaint is bias in the workplace. Real or imagined, bias erodes an organization’s most precious resource: its human capital. Hard working employees begin to believe they will not get the opportunities they deserve. They leave, resulting in additional hiring and training costs. Those who remain become unengaged and perform at minimal levels. You can change this cycle. Be a Force of Good in your company by learning skil...
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  • Rethinking Retention in Good Times and Bad: Breakthrough Ideas for Keeping your Best Workers

    Keep the workers you want - in good times and bad.How do organizations keep the workers they want? Until now, employee retention strategies have been based on instincts rather than research. With no firm body of knowledge to use as a guide, employee turnover has been a problem for all organizations. Rethinking Retention in Good Times and Bad is the first book to offer a top-to-bottom, organization-wide retention action plan. Many organizations lose employees and profits because they don't know which processes to put into place to cut employee turnover. They speak of building retention cultures but don't know who should do what and when. This ...
    Attracting And Retaining The Best Employees

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  • How to Speak Human: A Practical Guide to Getting the Best from the Humans You Work With

    'An instant classic—this book is so utterly relevant and needed. And it is hellishly refreshing to boot. I fucking love it, and heartily recommend it to all.' —Dr Jason Fox, best-selling author of How to Lead a Quest Take a practical approach to the communication challenges in your workplace. Through 11 strategies, 23 tactics and 15 stories this handy how-to will help curious humans: use the science of connection to create compelling communication translate mind-numbing complexity into captivating simplicity hijack attention, engage and influence others. Whether you're a leader looking to connect with your workforce; a member of a small...
    Attracting And Retaining The Best Employees

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  • Managing to Make a Difference: How to Engage, Retain, and Develop Talent for Maximum Performance

    A practical, real-world training manual for mid-level management Managing to Make a Difference presents a leadership guide for those in the middle. The C-suite has a wealth of resources for leadership guidance, but middle managers face a quandary: often given little guidance on how to excel, they are also under enormous pressure to do a variety of things other than "lead." This book provides much-needed tools and techniques for building a high-performing team—without letting your other duties suffer. Organized around a coherent philosophy and based on solid research, the discussion offers a roadmap to engagement, talent development, and ex...
    Attracting And Retaining The Best Employees

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  • Winning the Talent War: A Strategic Approach to Attracting, Developing and Retaining the Best People

    "High flyers" are high-potential employees expected to progress rapidly in their careers with the prospect of eventually filling senior positions. One cannot, however, simply recruit high flyers at will - to earn their status they must go through a necessary process of building an identity with the organization and developing loyalty to it. This book emphasizes the paradoxes involved in this process. It is a guide to the complex strategic issue of replenishing core leadership within the context of future uncertainty and within new organizational structures....
    Attracting And Retaining The Best Employees

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  • The Everything HR Kit: A Complete Guide to Attracting, Retaining, and Motivating High-Performance Employees

    With The Everthing HR Kit, whether you are a newcomer or a veteran, you can set up a stellar HR department from scratch. Packed with ready-to-go checklists, sample brochures, job descriptions, customizable forms, interview questions, performance review templates, and more, this one-stop book/CD combo puts tons of best practices at your fingertips---all instantly accessible and easy to implement.The book gets right to the heart of HR, and the heart of HR, and the heart of any successful business---your people. It avoids the theory, jargon, and over-analysis to bring you the core strategies and essential knowledge you need to bring quality peop...
    Attracting And Retaining The Best Employees

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  • Re-Engage: How America's Best Places to Work Inspire Extra Effort in Extraordinary Times

    WHY SHOULD I WORRY ABOUT KEEPING WORKERS HAPPY IN A TIME OF RISING UNEMPLOYMENT? Because you can't afford not to. In an eye-opening survey of 10,000 employers in 43 states, the Best Places to Work are not only the most engaging work environments for employees—they are also the most efficient, productive, and successful. Even in the toughest economic times. WHAT SEPARATES THE "BEST" FROM THE REST? These companies understand and utilize the six "universal drivers" of employee engagement: Caring, Competent, and Engaging Senior Leaders Effective Managers Who Keep Employees Aligned and Engaged Effective Teamwork at All Levels Job Enrichment and...
    Attracting And Retaining The Best Employees

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  • The Magnetic Organization: Attracting and Retaining the Best Talent

    The biggest challenge enterprises face today is attracting and retaining talent. Even if most companies succeed in attracting the best talent, most of them falter on the critical part which is retention. This book unravels the mystery behind ‘The Magnetic Organization’. It provides practical solutions that managers can use to address their employees’ real concerns and keep them actively engaged.
    Attracting And Retaining The Best Employees

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  • Developing a Corporate Culture: Leading HR Executives on Attracting, Retaining, and Inspiring Employees (Inside the Minds)

    Inside the Minds provides readers with proven business intelligence from C-Level executives (Chairman, CEO, CFO, CMO, Partner) from the world’s most respected companies nationwide, rather than third-party accounts from unknown authors and analysts. Each chapter is comparable to an essay/thought leadership piece and is a future-oriented look at where an industry, profession or topic is headed and the most important issues for the future. Through an exhaustive selection process, each author was hand-picked by the Inside the Minds editorial board to author a chapter for this book. Chapters Include: 1. Elyse A. Kaplan, Senior Vice President, Hu...
    Attracting And Retaining The Best Employees

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  • Pursuit of the Summit Attracting and Retaining the Best Employees and Customers

    Brand new.
    Attracting And Retaining The Best Employees

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  • Exceptional Talent : How to Attract, Acquire and Retain the Very Best Employees

    Maintain the competitive edge by attracting, hiring and engaging the talent you need with this
    Attracting And Retaining The Best Employees
    Attracting, hiring, developing and retaining the right people is crucial to an organization's success. The stakes have never been higher: a 2015 study by CAP suggests that the average cost of employee attrition is 20% of a mid-level employee's annual salary and up to 213% of a high-level executive's salary. In a business environment changing so rapidly that jobs which will be essential in 2020 don't even exist yet, Exceptional Talent examines how changes in technology, communication, and employee preferences are impacting the talent journey. It gives practical advice for how to build an effective recruitment and talent management strategy

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  • Attracting & Retaining Top Talent: Millennials in the Workplace

    This webinar explored the defining characteristics of the Millennial generation and how companies can utilize this information to successfully attract, recruit, and retain these employees. As emplo...
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    Employee Attraction Strategy | 5 Secrets For Attracting & Retaining Superior Employees

    http://www.EmployeeRetention.Expert Pat Healey coaches small business owners and managers how to implement the five secrets the best bosses use to attract and retain the best employees. With 10,00...
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    Employee Value Proposition Video - How to Attract and Retain the Best People

    EMPLOYER BRANDING Arguably, at no time in history has the attraction, communication and employee engagement of people been more important to organisational com...